How To Run Fallout 1 With DosBox Turbo On Android

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How to run Fallout 1 with DosBox Turbo on Android
How to run Fallout 1 with DosBox Turbo on Android
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How To Play PC Games on Android With DosBox Turbo
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Fallout 1 Dosbox Turbo on Android TF201
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How to run Fallout 1 & 2 on Android with QEMU
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Preston Snyder: were do you go to download fallout ?

ZwerrZ Gaming: I have no acess to a pc can u please give us gamefiles

y.mithra Kanth: i had an exe file in my sd(external) card,
 how can i give a path for it..? bro please resolve it

Hassan X: How can I improve the performance on a nexus 7 2013 edition it lags 

Roland Deschain: Checkout new fully updated video for Playing Fallout 1 on Android.
How to Play Fallout 1 on Android with DosBox Turbo:

James Corbett: i followed your directions and is working good.
i tried the dosbox turbo manager but it wont work any sugestions?

Tetsuo315: Love the user the name!

neeedleinahaystack: Can you show us how to set up Windows on dosbox using only our android?

Roland Deschain: Yes watch my other videos about how to play pc games on Android or how to play fallout 1 and 2 on android.

Angelos Procopos: Is works with Dos Box I want to play fallout 1 and 2?

Roland Deschain: Hey, you need to use Killaps manual patches and configure if for windows 98. The instructions are in the guide for each fallout games setup. You can also find it in the forum links, have fun.

Wladislaw Deck: thanks for the reply. i followed your guide again and i managed to fire up f2 with your pre-configured setup. but how do i launch f1 ?? if i try to mount the image and find the location (at D;) it only showes me the folder of fallout(1), but no known image type. do i have to start it via dosbox (manager) ? (video in f2 works surprisingly well. the sound is better than i anticipated, but its kindof a dia show, which adds to the wasteland feel xD)

kubmari: First of all thanks for help. Secondly it was on dosbox turbo, but changing cpu to normal fixed any instabilities I had. I have another problem tho.. after running windows98 from image you linked, fallout keeps on saying I need windows 95 with directx3.0 or windows nt with service pack 4 to run the game, which makes no sense since w98 has directx5.0 installed by default.

Roland Deschain: Which version are you running? This page is for running fallout 1 from Dos. I also have videos explaining how to play Fallout 1, 2 and tactics with either QEMU or DosBox Turbo. Look at my main video page and find the Fallout for Android video section.

kubmari: Thanks I managed to get this to work, but when I leave windows running by itself without me doing anything it just locks and i am unable to control it anymore. Any ideas?

Roland Deschain: Explain why you can't start the game, ie what happens when you try to launch it. Did you read my guide? You will need to apply Killaps manual patch for Fallout 2 and win98 compatibility. .

Wladislaw Deck: i still dont know whats the problem. (everything seems to be as it should now) because i manage to get windows to boot now (fallout launcher as you called it) but i cannot fire up f1 or f2 after that.

Roland Deschain: This is the Dos Method video, you're talking about the qemu version. I will have a new video out today or tonight about using DosBox Turbo to emulate windows. I've been beta testing the app. Voodoo 1 emulation is now supported. So you will probably want that method instead, watch my fallout tactics video for now. If you were subscribed already, you'd know;) For qemu everything has to be in the right place, if anything is off it will crash to home screen. Data must be in the internal memory!

Wladislaw Deck: i cant get this to work on my galaxy s 4 (gt-9505). i have done all the steps multiple times. googled the problem and watched all your vids more than i care to actually xD. pls. could anyone help me. once i start the libSDL.apk and install it (sucessfully of course) the screen just turns black real quick and i get to my homescreen. i cannot start windows as is stated in point 11 of your tutorial. ((11)Run the libSDL.apk and start windows...))

Roland Deschain: Try adjusting the mouse sensitivity in the fallout game preferences menu.
How to run Fallout 1 with DosBox Turbo on Android 5 out of 5

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How to run Fallout 1 with DosBox Turbo on Android