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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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eric chao: 好想看你介紹L級鐵皮鐵皮!! 蕭大趕快入手吧!!
Rucsko: Desire owns Galaxy.....
meena noor: Can I just take an oral laxative and not do the salt water flush or tea laxative? I cant seem to get either drink down. Its making me vomit. I have a bad reflux with drinking things I don't like the taste of.
jack riahi: i like the BMW not the girl 
katriver3: I liked 1 & 2
nick coke: Great game , but the reputation and alignment system is messed up. Any normal gamer playing this game for the first time will almost always get the evil ending with out using guides. You pretty much have to save state before each town capture ( or restart the whole level on consoles ) and never use your main hero after once you get his alignment high enough.
Kirk Heideman: I think they upgraded the handle since you posted this video, the one I got has a rubber wrapped handle like their drills.

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