Fuse Box Locations On A '04-'08 Chevy Malibu

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Fuse box locations on a '04-'08 Chevy Malibu
Fuse box locations on a '04-'08 Chevy Malibu
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Eric Walker: Looking for the fuse with the power locks minds keep jumping all crazy like I'm trying to turn them off for now

Eric Britt: is there a purpose to this video??? seems dumb

Gloria Benson: what is the fuse for the taillights located in a 07 Malibu? the brake lights work and u have changed the bulbs

Remeka Jackson: I have a 2006 Malibu and then have after factory lights and the head lights are out low beam and high beam I had the relays checked their all good so what's wrong is it a fuse if so where is it located at #HEEELLLLPPPP MEPLZZZZ.....

Danilo Magalhaes: really useful information! I am a mechanic and I didn't know myself

BittersweetRemix: Thank you very much! I was trying to figure out where the fuses were so I could replace the ones for my power outlets. Other sites listed where they were located, but since I'm pretty much car/mechanically illiterate, it's way more helpful to be shown these things. So again, thank you! =]

malika toepfer: Thank you!! my horn has been broken for two weeks, i had to use my finger :-)

© Maxxtruck9906: No problem! Glad it helped

Ricardo Gonzales: Very helpful....Thanks
Fuse box locations on a '04-'08 Chevy Malibu 5 out of 5

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Fuse box locations on a '04-'08 Chevy Malibu