Best Nexus 7 Cases Comparison

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MrBlaziner: this case looks like crap

prbhtsngr1: from what i ve heard the leather case wears off too fast. i mean like in 2 weeks

PATTY PERRY: i like the rubbeery type one,looks like the one i have on my android cell phone,very cool ,looks like its easier to use and not heavy at all,yayyy i want one ;)

Anton Luna: Don't get too case Velcro wears out

John O'Keefe: He didn't mention if the magnet is going to be a nuisance in "book" mode. He showed with the Asus case that you could fold the cover back and read, but what if you want to do that with the $10 case. Does the magnet turn off the tablet?

Vishu Viswanathan: Does the book case like cover with the magnetic flap affect the magnetic sensor in the Nexus7. Does the compass go haywire. I got one with the magnet flap and found it disturbs the conpass, Google Sky in compass mode. The distrubance remains for quite some time even after removing the unit form the cover.

hellsbaby127: I bought a great case for my smart phone, but it had a magnet? and whilst viewing the compass it totally went off course, really bad idea, holds the case closed very well but screws with the phone?

Dave93UK: Does the magnet at all have any effect on the screen excluding the compass. For example if you put a magnet to your TV it will mess with the colour and you will have colour patches. Is this the case with the Nexus?

Eric Jaakkola: Does it wreak havoc on the compass?

C0MPUT3RTUTS: you realise that this is a copy off andrew melders vid. but its alright since youtube lets u

aephix73: The problem with magnetic latches on Nexus 7 cases, are they mess with the internal compass. You have to remove the Nexus 7 from the case to use the map compass features.

ToddinNC: Great demo and review of these two options!!! I prefer the black one as well. I saw it on eBay, but I said it can be found on amazon as well. So I think I will price compare. Thanks for the thoroughness of your review.

EvanDog24: Lol "Title Text"

Anthony Wakefield: One feature not covered by both cases is that you can use it as a phone with a VOIP app I use 'Sipdroid' you turn phone and place speaker slot over right hand ear and then the mic's are in the correct place to speak. Both cases when you fold back the cover will block the speaker slot. You could cut an additional slot. The 3G version is out in some country's as well. The $10 leather one would be easy to modify but i am not sure if the cover flap will fold back flat? I am still looking.
best Nexus 7 Cases comparison 5 out of 5

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best Nexus 7 Cases comparison