WOW! Results In For Dr Oz 3 Day Detox

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WOW! Results in for  Dr Oz 3 day detox
WOW! Results in for Dr Oz 3 day detox
Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse Review
Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse Review
Dr.Oz 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review
Dr.Oz 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review
Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse
Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

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Ladell P: okay, I gotta ask. Are you married? Good Lord, You're Beautiful....

Tone B: Good work sister.

losing weight is the easy part. Eating fried foods which have convinced many of us that hey are somehow tradition is the hard part. The secret is to stay active and committed. Along with deep mediation or prayer(i.e. same thing)
It's all mental. Keep it simple.

Dejah Myers: Are you allow to drink water during the journey ??!!

morenaso1: You are absolutely gorgeous

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esra binici: Did you do the baths all 3 days. I wonder what will happen if you skip it?

Cledra Gross: FrancesaDonnaMarie.....we ALL struggle with going back to old habits without SUPPORT! Feel free to come over to my free support on Facebook I also have a closed group that's free for even more accountability.

FrancescaDonnaMarie: I finished it. I really enjoyed it and am glad I stuck with it. HOWEVER, I went right back to my old habits within a few days. I wish I could stay on it longer. I did like it. I look forward to doing it again in March. That's my New Year. Thanks for getting back to me.

Cledra Gross: I did make 3 drinks to take to work each day. When I do the detox again i will do it Friday, Sat, Sun to avoid having to travel with the shakes but you can travel and be okay.

Cledra Gross: Hello and thanks for watching! YES! I did drink about 3 L of water per day between the 4 drinks.

krazieoveru: Oh and do you think I Can pre blend drinks and take to work? It would be so much easier

krazieoveru: Hi. I'm starting detox today. Did you drink water I between. I usually drink a lot of water during day thanks

Cledra Gross: YES! There was a lot more liquid in each drink beyond breakfast. It took me a LONG time to get it down but it was very filling. What day are you on now?

FrancescaDonnaMarie: When you did the lunch and dinner drinks, did they come out to more (about twice as much) as related to the breakfast drink? My lunch drink came out to about 4 cups of beverage, and my dinner drink came out to about 3 cups of beverage. Am Ii supposed to drink all of that in one sitting? I didn't. I used the extra lunch for my snack one day, and the extra dinner for my snack the next day. What that right? Did this happen to anyone else?

Cledra Gross: I'll be honest the dinner drink was a challenge but I wouldn't trade the benefits for the temporary dislike of the shakes. I haven't regained the weight! I made a video about regain and how it did NOT happen. Thanks for watching!

Cledra Gross: I would do it the way it's written to get the intended results. Thanks for watching!

SuckmyCouture: I have everything except stevia, coconut oil, almond butter and probiotic. Can I still do it or no ?

shawnta2002191: I'm afraid I'm not going to like the drinks. I just want to push through the 3 days. I start this friday with a friend. Have u gained any of the weight back since u lost it?

Cledra Gross: Absolutely WAY beyond weight loss. I needed to reset my taste buds and not just for food but for my BEst life. I was starting to be a little too relaxed for my taste!
WOW! Results in for Dr Oz 3 day detox 5 out of 5

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WOW! Results in for  Dr Oz 3 day detox