GLETCHER BRT 92FS Airgun Cal .177

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Никиточка: nice english, komrad

Free Bond: Жду, заказал))).
GLETCHER © BRT 92FS Airgun cal .177 5 out of 5

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OverPowerization: Like a thousand Times better than WII haha :p seems to run smoothly!
mustafa bidani: Should i buy him of Suarez 86 rated. I have a 4-3-3 with sterling and sturrige both if upfront
Abi: What kid would like to see the stupid ad!?!?!
Alpatriod: Great shop radio
Thomas Mihelick: I happened to pick up the same exact machine last week. Do you know what year it is? or approximately what year?
Alicea Gray: Batman
км //уσυlα// •ѕlумє gυяl•: Hello im a new fan

GLETCHER © BRT 92FS Airgun cal .177