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D Dziki: I swear this girl in the back ground talking crap about lumirecia ...... lumi is the only monster that can solo drag b10......

TheGameboyreviewer: I'm not a rip-off of AVGN nor even trying to. You are just one of those Youtube n00bs who try to make people feel bad for giving their opinion on things. You seriously need to get a life, find a job, and move out of you Mom's basement.
ActiqueRS: Ty for info! Like I said, I gathered the info from forums and such so it was obvious some mistakes would sneak in!
youngstarJ: en dan bedoel ik de muziek
Claymarf: That wasn't... VERY NICE!
Allen Bunt: I actually have an 81 , that is all original shape and in excellent shape and have been thinking of selling it, but it's gonna be hard to let it go if I do
Eddi Mønsdal: Is this a stock sr20det 200hp? Great driving!

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