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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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dontwithit6: To be fair... you shouln't be happy about this english dub =\ on the other side; i wouldnt even get close to this if i were to cover this xD .. i faild :D great job for your courage to do this :D
Cody “s10cody” Castro: Hello Mark watch a few of your videos an I felt like I still have to ask an to be sure with what I'm trying to do. .
I'm trying to make a mobile solar generator an plan on putting everything in a large tool chest.
Ok I bought a 100w mono crystalline from . Plan on buying for sure 2 deep cycle batteries.
All I'm trying to power an not all the same time an for at less for about 8 hours for sure is , batteries from cordless drill, shop vac, an 2 hanging lights on mybe 2hrs at a time, corded polisher on & off for 8 hours, an ( if possible but not needed nor a necessity ) a 13 amp 20 gallon or less air compressor.
If I have to nuy a second panel I will. Just noteing that.

rijane empleo: nabu died because he save the winx and specialist ecpecialy morgana(mother of roxy) nebula and other fairies
Dash Lambda (Dash600): How would you machine glass on a lathe? Pretty much the same methodology?
Rick Scarlowe: The most Zen gun review ever. But very thourough and enjoyable nonetheless.
DigiCube4: Shame it looks so good, hope it's not an exclusive
2531137: Thank you for your work and specifically health concerns
Good job
I eill follow up on your projects and others to see how to make one unit with positive et quality results
Thanks again!

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