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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jimmy Mcrustle: In a world where blacks commit twenty five times more violent crimes against whites than whites on black, this is a difficult video to justify. Blacks are five times more likely to commit homicides, and despite being only 13% of the population, commit around 52% of all murders. Are facts racist? Is it surprising when people are suspicious or frightened of Blacks? The true problem is the existence of a violent Black subculture, which in turn, exacerbates racism. Look at the Asian population. They were also oppressed, but now commit fewer crimes than whites or Blacks, and on average beat both in IQ tests. Using racism as an excuse for all problems within the Black community is a tiresome distraction from the real issues at hand.
Rosângela Melo: TÁ SEM AUDIO!
DirtRider500R: Glad to see my knife is still going strong! 
ทินภัทธ์ สุขแก้ว: ลาว สึส
มีเจ็ท เซนไท: แพง
sifu joel: 2:24 !! Crank arm grind on sprocket side?! Yes!
Haythm Atef: انا دخلت على الاعدادات ومسحت جميع البيانات بعدين قفل الجوال وظل يحمل من امس وهو باقي في 0% ايش اسوي لا هو راضي يعديد التشغيل وما اقدر الغي العمليه عندك حل .؟؟ 

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