GLETCHER BRT 92FS Airgun Cal .177

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Никиточка: nice english, komrad

Free Bond: Жду, заказал))).
GLETCHER © BRT 92FS Airgun cal .177 5 out of 5

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PFanatic: love it
Joyze Titong: wow thats good cotton candy but whers ryan
Fish Ed: 0:22 RIP headphone users.
Mae Cornwell: SO TRUE.
Bewear Gaymer: Heh... I'm getting nostalgic from this game already. Me and my husband Stahl wrecking everyone...
Kim Williams: take that big ass stall out put a 2800 it will move way faster
Tippy Ty: Can u get macro line for extcy

GLETCHER © BRT 92FS Airgun cal .177