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Matt Geibel: it seems that all poeple say that mordekaiser needs a rework want him nerfed. I main mordekaiser (used to main him mid but fizz is gosh dang mobile lol XD) so i went to top lane and i have had multiple ganks and i can sufficiently use flash to escape and not die bout 80% of the time and for all the morde mains i build haunting guise first then sorc boots then WOTA (revolver first) now here is where it varies i can go void staff+rylai's+rabadan's which this depends on the amount of AD they have if not then its linandry's+sorc boots+WOTA+thornmail+warmog's+rabadan's. with the first combo it has alot of kill potential enough that i have 1v4 twice and lived. the second one still has the kill potential ( alot of scaling ap runes) but makes you harder to kill with the thornmail damaging them the regen and additional health from warmog's combined with lifesteal almost makes you unkillable, solo'd many a vayne's with this strategy lol.
MarkaNLNL: My true heroes of making LOTR trilogy come to life are these people. You really rocked with your vision of Middle-Earth. Respect guys! Thanks alot :) I get really frustrated when reviewers and people are praising the actors, producers and writers but forget to mention those people who REALLY are responsible for bringing Middle-Earth to life. WETA YOU ROCK!
yobaby janet: when does wen get to my house, i ordered it last thursday :(?
Kowpoke Kev: Can you show more detail on the reed? There is a plug on the end it looks like...where you blow. I understand the two pieces of rod, but it looks like a plug.
Geoff Hope: Is mine.....tomorrow. Lucky me
Patrycja Nosek: Hi. I wanted to create a collage 26,7cmx26,7cm. The problem is the quality of the pics after putting them into the collage. Although I used pictures in jpg 4080 × 2720px and set the collage to 300dpi after developing the collage it showed pixels :( Can you help me solve the problem? I really wanted to create the collages for Christmas presents.
Uncle Benja: Very cool! You should put on another twist grip for zooming!

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