Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner's Review

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Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review
Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review
Test Riding the Piaggio MP3 500 LT Sport
Test Riding the Piaggio MP3 500 LT Sport
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2014 Piaggio MP3 500 Sport ABS in Paris - Full review
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Piaggio mp3 500 LT business review
Piaggio MP3 LT - Review (Consumentenbond)
Piaggio MP3 LT - Review (Consumentenbond)

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Tibor LaszLo: I will!! And you too!! be safe out there..!!!

Tibor LaszLo: Motorbiker -)) Thank you too .. its true but I ride bikes before.so for me was obvious that I go with more security as I am getting older. (40) now.

Tibor LaszLo: Thank You!! ( just reading the comment's below, MP3 it's more safer then the other bikes, think snow ice rain and other hazard's where other bikes have no chance ....MP 3 is well loaded against... In my opinion....Just recommend to anyone to visit the dealer and take out the demo bike u will be surprised..)

Tibor LaszLo: Following yours And other reviews I pick up mine tomorrow..)) 500 cc ABS /ASR ..Thanks for the review))-))

Opin-Eon: I've been looking at these for a while now. I find the concept, and the engineering behind it, very interesting.
Question : Could you actually ride it without ever putting your feet down?

A good, honest review, I found it very useful. I especially like the blind spot mirror and will look at getting one on my ZZR1100. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

johnofypres: Nice review . Thank you for posting.

Bob Preston: Been riding bikes of every type for 55 years. Have a sports bike and a 600 twist & go, and this was a great review. Like you my commute on the scoot became a highlight. There is a snobbish view of scooters by sports bikers, which is stupid,probably because they have not tried them. Anyway. Nice video.

6Twisted: You don't sound 50, more early 20s.

Gearjammer: Someone might have already mentioned this but do a police run bike awareness course. You will learn lots and it's fun.

Neil Carr: I like the aprilia mana my wife was intrested in one as she's American (doesn't like gears) plus weak ankles just like a scooter but a motorbike

Neil Carr: road congestion charge should be exempt after all what's 2 inches..... when in all its a scooter regardless of licence.nice video seems cheap to ride.

luuk341: I agree on a lot of things about this machine. And though I personally wouldnt want to own one I can see the appeal.

One thing I do not agree on is the comment about the stopping distance.
Any halfway descent motorcycle has 2 disk brakes at the front and one in the rear. Combined with engine braking it will come to a halt way easier than the MP3 partially because 2 wheelers are generally a lot lighter and the brakes are more powerful.

Just my 2 cents on the matter
Ride safe! :)

Shaun Foster: I'm a biker of 25 years and until recently have only had bikes for fun and the odd trip to work when the weather has been nice. However, I'm now faced with a 35 mile commute to work following my office closure in the next 12 months so recently did a week of travelling to the new office on my 600 suzuki just to gauge the traffic etc. While it was completely do-able, I did conclude that I'd prefer to do it on a twist and go. So I've been weighing up my options and am considering the mp3 as an all year option given the stability it offers with having 3 wheels. I really enjoyed your video and found it very informative, to the extent that I think my mind is made up, I'll be looking to buy one once work moves and will keep the 600 for sunny days of fun. Good job 👍

John Future: cut down on the millage its far to dangerous. 35 MILES A DAY IS SUISIDE motorbikes are only designed for passive use of 3000 miles a year max. to exstend to 6k is another machine design entirely
Cars are designed for 12000 miles a year.
This is why motorbikes are allowed to filter through traffic because they do 3k a year not 6000 miles.

Is your bike a motorbike?
I am not convinced it is because it needs tilt lock to balance the bike so therfore it is not a trike so therforenyou can conclude it is a atempt a a trike.
Meaning maybe the idea is to fade these motorbikes with three wheels in gradually over time to comply with passive road use and keep the systems as we know as as motorbiking going forever and ever. it surly will.
Will these three wheeled motorbike make motorbiking safer?
Not yet but maybe be made EU law in the future, but only when the old health amd safty act has expired as introducing them to soon is purly an nanny state with alteria motives

Is the MP3 safe to ride with no helmet?
No dangerous. even before the law of 1973 making it compulsory for all riders to ware helmets in the UK people did anyway before that date.
Itsna example of maybe what is to come and these three wheel bikes are made law to maintain passive road use .Since half of bike deaths are head injury related so the next a width of the wheel space will maintain the health and safty act in the future when the old health and safty act regarding the safty of passive road users heads expires and is decommissioned for a new update on head protection.
We will just have to wait and see. as the future is hyperthetical because it has not happened yet.
So we can conclude things will be the same in the future as they are today.
So when or if three wheeled motorbikes are made law under the health and safty act, we will not be ridding a new format ,aching even though it may appear different in the fact it has three wheels . it will just be the equiverlent to what we have today. How on earth can YOU SAY THE VHS was not THE DVD. impossible it was the equiverlent in its day .. since there was no other comparrison on the market to dpsay that it was not and not the elite consumer home video entertainment format it certainly was, and still is because IT'S THE DVD.

I have a MP3 125 version because I am a slow coach, and I ride ot for sake of novalty, and that is the only reason.
It's a novalty because my old bike was the Piaggio X9 125 it cost the same as the MP3 and had the same weight. there is no difference between them apart from the X9 MAYBE TAKE OFF FASTER. so you can only conclude that the MP3 125 is not slower because of its heavy weight. This is called "Power to Weight rasio"
Meaning if the engine is also heavy like the bikes frame and wheels the power to weight rasio is equaled and the machine carry on at the same fast exseleration because the engines can kick in with more power. example:Every 20.kg extra weight on a motorbike equals 5mph extra speed in favour of the rider, because it's more convinient for the rider all that extra weight, so if you can carry it , it's your a faster machine. Well you just have to just look at cars that weigh much much more than a motorbike and go the same speed because it's heavier like a desktop compared to a laptop or tablet it's designed to longer .

To manufacture a standard motorbike (125.mph £6800) at only 50kg luxury weight . it would retail at £27000.

So maybe the 125 bike is restricted exseleration for other reasons to do with the health and safty act. and it may have a exemption from power to weight rasio and the engine is lighter delibratly to slow the bike down. But you will have to weigh the bikes engine against maybe a piaggio X9. but really i would say they would just restrict it instread of not making the engine heavy enough to carry the weight of the mot bikes new wheel and frame.
It's certain priced at the 25cc range of scooters, taking into consideration that all 125 scooters are 200cc bikes anyway, only geared bikes are 125s since the revised update in the health and safty act of 1983, espesialy looking at the leg gaurd law.
Scooters have leg gaurds geared bikes do not.
You may learner leagal ride a 125 bike and this means all levelsnow 125s with includes the racer. mam racer 125 is the equiverlent to a 200cc road bike. please note scooters cost 33% more in price than a geared 125 motorbike,
A 125cc is 45mph a 200cc is 60mph.
The bikes top speed is really it's average speed, top speed is hype manufactured garble.
To maintain a bike at a average speed of 60mph all day you need a engine caperble of at least 73mph.
Leg gaurds in the way that if the bike over ballance snap a rider miss judges a bend ,making it at 35 mph instead of the recommended 19mph , and as the bike is at a angle leaning and the rider then naturaly panicsnasnthe bend is to service the bike hades a habbit of falling on the rider, trapping there leg under the bike as the bike continues to travel on its side, sliding down the road trapping the riders leg causing bad leg injuries.

Over selling motorbikes in Britain in the latem7psnearly 80s highlighted new change shall arrive with the government's proposed new legislation in February 2982 after seeing the health and safty act almost non existant in the fact motorbikes was denounced as non passive and thus 355000 jew motorbikes was sold to people hitting a all time record in history of motorbikes sales in the UK, with nearly three times as many machines sold than in any year in history. motorbikes have always been sold at 140,000 new registrations per year since the days of the horses. there is no other time in history that motorbikes was sold in large numbers, it's mythology and a misconseption of the glory halsium days of motorbiking in the 50s and 1960s . this is untrue. Motorbikes sales in 2014 was 140, 000 the same as 2950 and the 19i0s.
just the same as a MP3 where it uses hydrolic round barral that lowers to the ground when the car stops.

These old 19i0s machines look like motorbikes(in descriptions of photos rare BUT ARE CARS.
ExamplemCurtis hit the land speed record for the first and only time on a motorbike in 180. claim to fame the first thing to heat the car to the train that had helps the land speed record since it beat the stage coach with the Fire Fly locomotive in 1838 (60mph)

The mersadies lost at 129mph the motorbike claimed then day at 137mph,mand this rwcord stood to 1930. when it was fin1mph beated by 1 mph

Conclusive evidence there was no record motorbike sales in the 19i0s to 1930. THEY WAS cars just look at that old taxi i talked about.
These are hyperthetical motorbike sales figures in the 1920s
They was not motorbikes but registerd as cars. even though they look the same as today's motorbikes they was seen as cars. it's called a ilusion of time.

METALROCK: Where did you buy the panoramic mirror?

GTR MAN: I enjoyed your video. By the way, Del Boy had a Reliant Regal Van, not a Robin. Have fun ! ☺

Christian Roche: thank so so much for the video i really enjoyed it. thanks

Fridouille 91: never seen this central mirror. where did u purchased it ? could be interesting for my channel daily observations.

Zed Tee: Hi Mate! You said you fancy doing your full bike test, and it seems you now have! How did you find the lessons & test? I'm the same age as you, and until buying the MP3 had very little motorcycle experience. I now fancy getting a full bike licence :)
Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review 5 out of 5

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Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review