1987 Dodge Power Ram W150

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
1987 Dodge Power Ram w150 #2
1987 Dodge Power Ram w150 #2
walk around of my 1987 dodge ram w150
walk around of my 1987 dodge ram w150
New exhaust system on a 1987 Dodge Ram W150
New exhaust system on a 1987 Dodge Ram W150

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dnglynn: What lift did you put in the 150, just bought one for 800 and looking to give her a little lift

Justin King: still for sale? if not where can i find one?

gerardote Glez. Otz.: Nice truck, I love Dodge Ram!!!

Matt Deweese: Nice truck but is the Metallica necessary? 

onthecuttingedge2005: I have the same truck, just not as pretty...... yet.....

onthecuttingedge2005: MORE!!!!

RichieD088: I would buy that truck today in a second!, that's no sht, I had one wth 440 bored to 472, shot bed wheelbase and all 1 ton!, and dearly miss it.. this is 2010, and I wonder how it looks now, cause it's nice here watchin.. don't even want to think about it the ol Dodge, but ya gotta stay up with the times and tech.,But as a 2nd I Don't even know if i have it in me to build another powerhouse!!hehehe!.. very cool,.. peace

David: How much for it?

Adam Larsen: nice truck man. come check out my lifted orange 1990 Dodge Ram W150 i nicknamed Monster

NaztyChicken: My dad has this truck same year and color his bed is longer though. I have the 86 Ramcharger looks exactly the same except it's a hatch

tonythetiger57: does the throttlebody smoke after you shut it off?

thomasmovesinc: Is this a 4 or 3 speed

Mari Jean Bell: Dude I love your truck.... I've got an old Dodge Ram myself. She just passed her sixteenth "birthday" and I look forward to many many more years with her. Ain't no truck like a Dodge Ram truck!!

1961mojo: Nice ride, I have a long box 1987 W150 that I bought new. Still has original paint and matching #'s still and it's my main and only ride! I changed the carb out last year to a 600 EB on a '68 340 intake, way better driveability than the 2bbl. Question about your dual exhaust, where did you run the pipes when you got to the transfer case, I have a skid plate on mine and if I put duals on I think I'd have to run them between the trans case and skid plates, any other suggestions? Old Dodges rule!

Dalton Riddle: It tells u 38 secs into the video lol i dont think 38 secs killed u man

klridener: WWOO!! im starting work on my 87 ram D100 this sunday im painting it hot rod black its got the 318 5.2L with a 4 speed on the floor catless glass packs out the back

Dalton Riddle: did u not watch the video? it says in the video..

Mari Jean Bell: Ohhhhh ..... gimme dat truck!!!! Nothin like an old Dodge!!!!

Joshua8336: nice truck. love the exhaust.

jahblah90: trucks awesome man. love its stance
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150 5 out of 5

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150