1987 Dodge Power Ram W150

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
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1984 Dodge W150 Power Ram Short Bed 4WD- One Owner. Spotless!!
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Detueftler: Why do you put music on this video ????

Evil Grunt 98: Harvester of sorrow!

Tanihcstuag: Just love this truck!!

dnglynn: What lift did you put in the 150, just bought one for 800 and looking to give her a little lift

Justin King: still for sale? if not where can i find one?

gerardote Glez. Otz.: Nice truck, I love Dodge Ram!!!

Matt Deweese: Nice truck but is the Metallica necessary? 

onthecuttingedge2005: I have the same truck, just not as pretty...... yet.....

onthecuttingedge2005: MORE!!!!

David: How much for it?

Adam Larsen: nice truck man. come check out my lifted orange 1990 Dodge Ram W150 i nicknamed Monster

NaztyChicken: My dad has this truck same year and color his bed is longer though. I have the 86 Ramcharger looks exactly the same except it's a hatch

tonythetiger57: does the throttlebody smoke after you shut it off?

thomasmovesinc: Is this a 4 or 3 speed

Mari Jean Bell: Dude I love your truck.... I've got an old Dodge Ram myself. She just passed her sixteenth "birthday" and I look forward to many many more years with her. Ain't no truck like a Dodge Ram truck!!

1961mojo: Nice ride, I have a long box 1987 W150 that I bought new. Still has original paint and matching #'s still and it's my main and only ride! I changed the carb out last year to a 600 EB on a '68 340 intake, way better driveability than the 2bbl. Question about your dual exhaust, where did you run the pipes when you got to the transfer case, I have a skid plate on mine and if I put duals on I think I'd have to run them between the trans case and skid plates, any other suggestions? Old Dodges rule!

Dalton Riddle: It tells u 38 secs into the video lol i dont think 38 secs killed u man

klridener: WWOO!! im starting work on my 87 ram D100 this sunday im painting it hot rod black its got the 318 5.2L with a 4 speed on the floor catless glass packs out the back

Dalton Riddle: did u not watch the video? it says in the video..

Mari Jean Bell: Ohhhhh ..... gimme dat truck!!!! Nothin like an old Dodge!!!!
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150 5 out of 5

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150