1987 Dodge Power Ram W150

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150
1986 Dodge Power Ram W150
1986 Dodge Power Ram W150
1st gen dodge ram W150 318 magnum SOLD!!! 3/11 i want it back.
1st gen dodge ram W150 318 magnum SOLD!!! 3/11 i want it back.

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onthecuttingedge2005: I have the same truck, just not as pretty...... yet.....

onthecuttingedge2005: MORE!!!!

RichieD088: I would buy that truck today in a second!, that's no sht, I had one wth 440 bored to 472, shot bed wheelbase and all 1 ton!, and dearly miss it.. this is 2010, and I wonder how it looks now, cause it's nice here watchin.. don't even want to think about it the ol Dodge, but ya gotta stay up with the times and tech.,But as a 2nd I Don't even know if i have it in me to build another powerhouse!!hehehe!.. very cool,.. peace

David: How much for it?

Adam Larsen: nice truck man. come check out my lifted orange 1990 Dodge Ram W150 i nicknamed Monster

Dalton Riddle: did u not watch the video? it says in the video..

CallofDutyChrist: This is my dream truck! can't wait till i get one

Jack Deaton: finally...a video where someones not beating the crap outta their dodge truck.thanks for taking care of it . and btw, i love that thing please tell me when it goes up for sale lol

TheFishingschool: rims are not stock i have this exact same truck.... red interior w/ bench seat?

krossfireband: @thethreeleftovers everything on the truck is stock the only thing I do id put gas in it and drive ha

muta157: There's something about the look of these older dodge's that still stand the test of time.

krossfireband: @Flattrack450r Thanks

takoma5: Is this one for sale?..looks and sounds GRRREAT!


krossfireband: @tsblair95 well its a 318 with a 321 gear so its not made to race by any means ha, she'll pull pretty good though but about 10-12 mpg

tsblair95: @krossfireband yeah man i just got myself a 84 dodge ram. they are good quallity and badass trucks.

Dalton Riddle: It tells u 38 secs into the video lol i dont think 38 secs killed u man

krossfireband: @CallofDutyChrist I just Put up a second video if u wanna check it out.

mopart600: Cool truck! Looks just like my 87.....my only suggestion to you and every other person posting stuff on their trucks. Stop with the damn music! We want to hear the engine not Metalica!

8997DODGERAMQUEEN: Dude I love your truck.... I've got an old Dodge Ram myself. She just passed her sixteenth "birthday" and I look forward to many many more years with her. Ain't no truck like a Dodge Ram truck!!

8997DODGERAMQUEEN: Ohhhhh ..... gimme dat truck!!!! Nothin like an old Dodge!!!!

Douglas w: hi i love your truck mine is identical other than mine is black and gold. my only question is what size exhaust pipe does it have and is it the original or something you put on?

Sea Shore: hey ur truck is just a good clean ass truck and im lookin for one almost like that except a long bed and did u do all the work ur self

Mr. Nationwide: I like that Metallica song.

Brewster Dennison: hey man what part of NC you from man. I grew up down there. awesome lookin truck man

troubles68: nice ram man! check out my old 91 w150 vids

thomasmovesinc: Is this a 4 or 3 speed

89poweram: ive got an 89 just like that but mine has got an edelbrock performer manifold and 4bbl tbi and flowmasters and 32's with 3.90 gears

muta157: I love the look of the truck. It looks tough but also not intimidating if that makes sense.

krossfireband: @wetbackwrangler 10 mpg city and bout 12 on hwy.

13chadman: @thethreeleftovers I have an 86 w150 longbed same color as in this vid 318 stock with the np435 4speed, long tube headers true duals with 3in tips, rebuilt heads, carb, gaskets, clutch kit, rear main, no smoke and leaks nothing, front end has a few hundred miles on it, tie rod, upper lower b-joints, drag link bearings and u-joints, it's a crawler i'll post pics on my channel, truck will be for sale after first of the year.

Brewster Dennison: @tbonerty93 93 was the last year the Ramcharger was sold in the US.

jahblah90: trucks awesome man. love its stance

mike anderson: haha this reminds me of the time me and like 7 kids lined our trucks up in the grass in a badass position at school….we want to do it with every truck in the school, we need a bigger yard.

krossfireband: @wetbackwrangler 10. 12 on a good day lol not to many of those im afraid hah

krossfireband: @TheSteelhead15 yep 727

krossfireband: @DieselPower055 ummm. i think they are cherry bombs, not sure. This was before I put headers on. the other video has the one with headers.

1961mojo: Nice ride, I have a long box 1987 W150 that I bought new. Still has original paint and matching #'s still and it's my main and only ride! I changed the carb out last year to a 600 EB on a '68 340 intake, way better driveability than the 2bbl. Question about your dual exhaust, where did you run the pipes when you got to the transfer case, I have a skid plate on mine and if I put duals on I think I'd have to run them between the trans case and skid plates, any other suggestions? Old Dodges rule!

liberalinajd: Hi ! it looks so clean. Is it for sale ? and how much ?

tsblair95: @krossfireband hey dude, whats the power and gas milage?

Flattrack450r: that is one badass lookin 87 im gettin an 86 but it dont look that good yet

iPOPSHUVIT: i swear my truck looks exactly like your its beutiful only mine dosent have the two tone paint its all grey

Joe Laith: She's a beauty!

krossfireband: @247airsoft 2" true duels. I just recently put long tube headers and 3" chrome tips on it. Made it a little louder. But still have 24" glasspacks.

krossfireband: @cadillacowboy1 Well they are 15x10 Pacer wheels i cant remember the exact name but its just the classic bullet hole style wheel. I think they look good on any old truck.

BigFootWitness: That is a nice truck you got there bud.

96wis: dude make another video your truck is sweet

mark442w30: have you ever had a problem with flooding ? and if so what fixed it. My 88 is identicel to yours and it floods and chokes out when you step on gas i have the TBI 318. thinking of going to carb if i cant get it fixed.

troubles68: you should put on a video of the exhaust without the music

Joshua8336: nice truck. love the exhaust.
1987 Dodge Power Ram W150 4.8 out of 5

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1987 Dodge Power Ram W150