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Riccardo Sartori: Lo sai che se un fucile da softair supera il joule di potenza è un pochino illegale?! -.-
Disident4Productions: what tactical gear is using this guy?
จอมยุทธ ไร้นาม: ผมเป็นแฟนคลับจ๊ะ ขอเอาใจช่วย จะติดตามผมงานตลอดไป
Metoroid0: This is how i learned numbers. I listened to this song once and i memorized numbers right away, and i know them till today. :)
expatriot04: Noob oc worked to 3.6 prime stable with the turbo turned off and all the energy saving crap disabled. IMO thats pretty cool for just bumping up the BCLOCK and setting the muliplyer. Left everything else to Auto. Buy local if you can. like microcenter. First board had dead pcie slot and both lose audio in game. Tried new drivers but still messed up. 50k CPU score on 3DMark Vantage
Nightbeat1203: this figure will scale and fit really well with my movie 1 leader megs and MP acid storm,I kind of prefer having a unique look to the seekers,not just the same body but different color,Loved the review,I will not tell you to keep up the good work because your work is everything but not disapinting,I just can´t stop watching your reviews

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