Coyote 20 Yards! Coyote Hunt Manitoba

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fatsoulrocksthehouse: Wow, awesome quick shot! And I like how the camera man was able to pick up on it and get in into the footage. Great job guys!

Marija Lekovic: nice kill aye.

YoteKillers: Thanks Pal

Robert Jensen: Great job, keep up the good work. Always be proud of the work we hunters do, never let anyone make you feel bad about this. Hunters are on the right side.

YoteKillers: what make of call? Fox Pro... the call being played is Jack Rabbit in Distress 

Sergio Ferreira: What call where you using?

YoteKillers: Thanks bud... it's nice when they come in that quick!

Road95: Good set up and awesome shot

Dog Hog Outdoors coyote hunting: Those Coyotes can pop out of no where can't they ? !! Good job YoteKillers !

kingrider75: He'll of a shot!!!

YoteKillers: Thanks bud! We had a "blast". ;O)

Kenneth Green: Great shot!! Nice hunt!! Congrats...

YoteKillers: thanks bud...

MrWildlifemanagement: Hell of a shot pal.

CritterShooter: nice love shooting yotes

Terminal Performance: Nice shot!

Lucian Marin: Too bad you'd just turned the camera away, EH?

YoteKillers: @colbster528 well thank you... ;O)

HawgNSonsTV2: Great show! You guys should monetize your videos. You'll get better placement by google/youtube so then you get more views and put a few bucks in your pocket! 

YoteKillers: @LPRNChannel Oh ya... good camera work!
Coyote 20 yards! Coyote Hunt Manitoba 5 out of 5

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Miguel Todd: sofia coppola is a genius
Zahra Safapour: How don you change your players to different teams?
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phil brown: Get a Silky Zubat saw and you could cut through that pole in a third of the time.
Damian TSA: Silnik D16z6 seryjnie 125 km Sohc - jeden wałek rozrządu 
stella g.: its perfect!! Really congratulations! You have methodic !
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Coyote 20 yards! Coyote Hunt Manitoba