Mimes Directing Traffic, Top Gear Stamps, Maserati Yacht, FBI Wrecked Ferrari F50

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Mimes Directing Traffic. Top Gear Stamps. Maserati Yacht. FBI Wrecked Ferrari F50
Mimes Directing Traffic. Top Gear Stamps. Maserati Yacht. FBI Wrecked Ferrari F50

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Tarek Torbey: اني احب هذا البرنامج كثيرا كثيرا، نحبكم هنا في بيروت

Blutwrx: FLD next best show to Top Gear UK....you guys need your own TV show

Miles Shields: yaaaa

memhisrocks45: i want to hang with Derek d

Fabrizio Riccardi: I have two great propositions for the next Hump day girl of the week Melissa Satta and Belen Rodrigues

Alexander Rex Evensen: This weekend I took Lake to the lake. After we arrived Lake went in the boat and we took a trip across the lake. Then I did Lake on the lake, and then later, Lake was cold, so we left the lake.

bullinaring: I wanna top gear stamp

boy638: Is that red pick-up truck behind the black CR-V at the picture at 1:40 the all new Isuzu D-Max?

FastLaneDaily: @TheDirtyGoatee Barely any news this week. It happens.

RTMRome: I had a mime flip me off once.

davidmac2007: What are those mimes going to do? They can't touch you behind that invisible wall.

matdamond: mofreakkaaaaaa

stigger91: I fear for those mimes' lives... they'll probably get run over or shot.

Drake Nazar: @ShockTech326 That would probably be the news today..

Napopeles101: To the people at FAST LANE DAILY: How can't you know about TOP GEAR?!?! It has been the most entertaining car show in the world for the past decade!!!! It has around 350 million viewers world-wide!! (I'm talking about the UK Version) There's no way you can be a car enthusiast, let alone have an online car news webcast, and not know about TOP GEAR!!! Everyone at FAST LANE DAILY should at least watch one random episode, its an awesome show!!!!

TECHGEEK2037: its heart breaking that drivers have become so careless to such an extent authorities have now run out of ideas.hey Derek how about introducing the show in "Mime", how would you say "This is Fast Lane Daily, and u're watchin it" LOL

Dalton Buys: Top gear usa needs to replace rutledge wood and adam ferrara with Derek D and Jay Leno

jfroh1992: elsa pataky for hump day girl of the week

William Zitser: I'm from Caracas Venezuela but I live in NY. I had to find out about this crap on FLD?! I guess nothing surprises Venezuelans anymore, no one thought clowns directing traffic was worth telling. Thank you Derek for keeping me up to date with all the crazy ass crap going on back home.

sgtcojonez: @Blutwrx who watches tv anymore.

MrJy93: FBI agents are always on the clock! SO that means don't let them EVER drive your supercar! just sayin.

ToxicDestroyify: @Napopeles101 you sir, are a dangus

Placeholder: fast...shipping lane daily. that boat is actually interesting.

robio17: Is Topanga in this episode?

BWX: WTF Youtube is so ****ing SLOW today!

leigh321f: @FastLaneDaily I think we've just found our commenter of the week

Sam Heidorn: We definitely needs mimes in the good old United States of Umerca! (wait...what happened to the A?) Remember in Drivers Ed when they would tell you that kids will be running into streets chasing after balls? Kids these days are scared crapless by mimes. These mimes will save lives!

DerekD: @TheDirtyGoatee sometimes the obscure is news too...i mean how many people would know there are top gear stamps? because of us, you know do :)

Kyle Surkovich: @Napopeles101 dude bro they were joking

Sam Heidorn: Hey FLD! Not surprised at all that the feds would't pay for that Ferrari. Maybe we can get some people in Asia to pay for repairing that carbon-fiber frame like we do for everything else! Communism is starting to sound pretty good these days...

farhaan farooq: i think hes being sarcastic about, 'who's top gear', if not WTF ! really..whos top gear ? come on fastlanedaily

Elements153: Next Humpday girl of the week: Natalie Martinez.. ???

nnahous: hump day girl of the week camille neviere

kgallagher341: Kinda no real car news but still awesome!

Janusha: Stamps and boats ? Come on... Surely there is a new special edition Lamborghini or something.

e. emison: I thought you guys were into cars. derek drives a VW CC? Lame! Maybe we could get a mime to do Leo's job. love the show thanks.

ivanzc11: CCs r waaaay gaaaay

nHeroGo: Mimes have limited authority over my actions, Your Honor.

DIINj27: HELLO from mauritius :) you guys rules .FLD is like drug

skyboom64: was ok.....i guess.

Arya Mousavi: wwwdotkubang-maseratidotcom check the website out for videos of maserati suv

BWX: @perro030894 Yup it was slow as hell a few hours ago, then at about 11pm EDT it sped up a lot.

TheDirtyGoatee: I was a little disappointed with this show today. Pretty slow news day in cars I suppose if all we get is a confiscated Ferrari, mime traffic, a boat, and the weekly HGotW. Not even a rumor mill? No spyshots? I'm a little bummed but still a fan. Keep up the good work.

AerogoatNZ: Damn, I can't imagine how pissed that Ferrari driver must be, I'd be pissed if someone else crashed my Skyline and it's not worth nearly as much! Btw FLD don't listen to the haters like that guy telling you to eat bear scat? Who says that? Anyway, news may be a bit slow but FLD is like my normal news lol keep it up!

elmedin music: Hey guys at FLD. Love the show i watch everyday. I know this is randok but Im just wondering what happened to royal purple commerical? I hated it lol so thanks for gettin rid of it :)

Zoids Xtwonine: @Napopeles101 Damn bruh, I have never seen FLD come down here and talk to someone like that lol

Yuvraj Prabhakar: what do you think of bmw x1 should i buy it or get bmw 3 series instead love the show btw :) 2 thumbs up

KrekerisT: @Crazybenjiwoo roosters

marksapollo: Hmmm... Mimes to distract me and make me crash into someone? On the insurance document.. I was distracted by a strange fellow dressed up as a clown with a white face and giant red lips flapping giant hands at me... I would rather put: I was distracted by the supple young 20 something girl as she flapped her hands around to direct me, the skimpy bikini she was wearing didn't help my distraction as her large natural breasts were also... flapping around!!!!! and hence I rear ended someone.....

Spyker88: @Napopeles101 Are you not familiar with Sarcasm?
Mimes Directing Traffic, Top Gear Stamps, Maserati Yacht, FBI Wrecked Ferrari F50 4.8 out of 5

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Mimes Directing Traffic, Top Gear Stamps, Maserati Yacht, FBI Wrecked Ferrari F50