1973 YAMAHA AT1 AT3 AT125 DT - 4 SALE ON EBAY 6/18/2009

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1973 YAMAHA AT1 AT3 AT125 DT - 4 SALE ON EBAY 6/18/2009
1973 YAMAHA AT1 AT3 AT125 DT - 4 SALE ON EBAY 6/18/2009
1973 Yamaha 125 AT3 Enduro   All original
1973 Yamaha 125 AT3 Enduro All original
1973 Yamaha AT 125 enduro bike for sale!
1973 Yamaha AT 125 enduro bike for sale!
1973 yamaha dt-3 250
1973 yamaha dt-3 250
1971 Yamaha AT1
1971 Yamaha AT1

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Mark G: I found this cause I just scored on a barn find.
 As I get to know my bike one of three in said barn find I was going nuts when you hit the magic button so I looked closer at mine and sure enough.:)
Send me an pm if you don't mind about a rough finale tally.

Cory O: I have a yellow 1970 AT1B that looks and sounds a lot like this (except mine is unbaffled) lol it's loud! gonna put a baffle or washer in the muffler to quiet it down for road use, just need a high-low beam switch and probably a throttle (mine doesnt return to idle, once its full throttle, it stays lol.)

aetlas5000: Ah that makes sense. These run at pretty high RPM too so I see what you mean.

aetlas5000: Not being a smart ass. What does it do to the bike when he neutral revs it?

Paul McConnell: not bearing, Back in the day we called that piston slap. I is a normal noise. All the two strokes sounded like that

Nathan Andrew: You wouldn't happen to have just the rubber piece in the petrooster per chance? Because in my 1973 Yamaha AT-3 125 cc Enduro, the petrooster will not stop leaking because the rubber piece has been eaten away and shrunk so that all the gas just flows through the gaps where the rubber piece has shrunken. So message me back if you have it or if you know where I can find one. Thanks

mamasboypowersports: No, Pennsylvania

newbernbears: Somone's knockin' at the door, check your lower unit bearings, otherwise nice bike.

CaptainNomura: @calsonicsky Hey, it looks like it has the pre-1972 5-port AT1 engine on the 1973 AT3 body. You can tell by the engine covers. Older covers had raised Yamaha logos, AT2 and AT3 models had sunk in letters painted in black. I guess the engine was swapped.

CaptainNomura: It really is a 1973 Yamaha AT3, 125cc two-stroke single. This one looks pretty stock and clean except it's missing the front fender, turn signals and part of the muffler guard. I have the 1971 AT1 and 1972 AT2 model, all stock. At2 was my very first motorcycle.

Venomrs4: I have the same bike. Bike mine is complete and has the AAA passanger seat on it.

marsh1998: 500
1973 YAMAHA AT1 AT3 AT125 DT - 4 SALE ON EBAY 6/18/2009 5 out of 5

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1973 YAMAHA AT1 AT3 AT125 DT - 4 SALE ON EBAY 6/18/2009