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TheKING1234: How do you make the national team?
TheDarkerSideOfMe100: I liked the first one,really liked the second one and really loved the third so i was excited to see this one but when i saw the trailer for the first time i was disappointed it doesn't look good to me at all. But i guess i'v seen to many horror and syfy movies. i'm not going to whatch it at all !
Stanley Bell: Looks like samus just gave captain falcon her " Booty Call" XD
Colby Harris: I used to watch this YEARS ago and just recently I was looking for it again, and finally found it by looking up ness/lucas/ganondorf machinima. I know this is one that I watched, but is this also the one with Lucario and the evil Lucario? If not - could somebody point me in the direction of that one?
Bret Cyrone: Help, i cant return my cursor anymore :(
Jeremy Rain: Camera sucks
fjellyo32: Why looks the screen of the Iphone 6 smaller than the galaxy alpha screen? 

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