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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Nate Blubaugh: You are shaking like a leaf! I can literally hear how much your shaking when your putting parts in :)
watcherman65: I'm torn between the kx1 or the k1.. any thoughts? ..thanks for sharing this video your radio looks FB...
Jaesung Kim: YOU SHOULD WARN PEOPLE NOT TO TRY THIS. It is common sense in Korea that using tong ah can injure an archer badly if the one is not experienced enough. Short arrows can slip off from it and hit your hand in any time, leaving permanant disability. Even the ones who mastered tong ah do get hurt if they are not cautious. I'm sincerely warning you to quit using it. It is not a skill you can learn by reading books or watching videos.
Queenbibey: einfach nur geil :D Alex I LOVE YOU =P
Sandi Putra: i'd like too see it draw something...
Gabby Christian: Where did you buy it at?
artsygirlify: WOW she talks - with an accent! im so used to seeing her on her instagram and fb pictures.

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