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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jerahmi Ronelle: That little movement between :35 and :36 was hilarious. It was like they threw a little at him or something lol
13Beaudoin: Yeah there is, only its frikkin 1200 dollars later and you still need to buy the ballasts....balls
Jakub Kalás: Amazing ! :) 
TallkAboutBeauty: skip to 1:58 if you don't want to here the long into, omg, lol:P
Theiven Games.: I just have one problem with this... Eventually metapod would run out of pp on it's harden attack and have to use struggle, which would probably faint pikachu, considering it's level 100, and whittle down metapod's health, eventually ending the battle... Geez I need to get a life XD
BogCiu: thank you :) will try this soon
darkkkk123: 天の道を往き、総てを司る男・・・天道総司 カッコイイ!

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