The Finished Home Made Cross Bow.

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Home made longbow finally finished
Home made longbow finally finished
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Home made compound bow 2
Home made compound bow
Home made compound bow
Homemade Compound Bow
Homemade Compound Bow
Shooting Review of a 35 Pound Scythian PVC Bow Made by Upshot Archery
Shooting Review of a 35 Pound Scythian PVC Bow Made by Upshot Archery

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nub survivor: nice!

On A Stick: CATS!! :/

chrisos takos: i dont know how to do the triger

Goofy Gupta: Nice bow. But I have a rock hard fat veiny black rooster that I can play with.

razzorbladz: spring steel bow would up the draw significantly

Seth afdfds: That zombie would have raped u by then

OMGmakeup5: Mines better because I'm Asian ha!

martin johnson: and you wouldnt want to rob his house or somehing

martin johnson: your a good whittler

Eric Cromwell: Bravo, I learned more about crossbow design in the first 23 seconds of your video than from most of the other videos I have seen . Nice job.

jinespartax: tio ponle el cargador chino adaptalo y no mates a los vesinos

максим корогодов: круто

Stefan Mitrovic: EPIC FAIL 0:46

Suwot: Awesome!

oOoSandwich247oOo: Any tips to make a repeater?

DeucEspaZzAlot perryman: yeah your right XD

gareth phillips: thumbs up if skyrim should have craftable crossbows

DeucEspaZzAlot perryman: damn xD arrow to the knee

animebrain132: but will it blend? lol jk jk its pretty awesome

applesweeter: during the test, you should wear some PPE for protection.
the finished home made cross bow. 5 out of 5

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the finished home made cross bow.