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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Paul Laso: the defender case sucks. it turns off my phone all the time Def. don't get...
Jason Flessner: I want to get that zippo an put that insert in my black zippo
Eric Wessner: great video man, love the green flames =)
6oodfella: Americans, your country is a joke, and an absolute laughing stock. I'm not saying that as a put down, just as a stone-cold fact, I mean, I am actually pissing myself laughing at how utterly stupid so many of you are. First we had thousands upon thousands of you voting for a man simply because he has dark skin, and now the world will watch and laugh as you once again vote someone in, not for their policies, but because of how they were born. You really truly are the idiots of the entire planet. Your country does not deserve any respect when your people vote in such high numbers for the most inane reasons. People talk about removing God from the pledge, well I say you should add the words "Duuhh, herpidy-derp, duuhh", as they would be more fitting, you freaking embarrassment, sort yourselves out.
Daniel Rivera: twelve
Cellis313: was it difficult to find that coat ive been looking but no luck.
zoltx23 Inc: I just bought a R4i gold pro, and its coming in 1week....im so excited!! I'll be able to play all the DS games i can imagine, and DSCraft!

the finished home made cross bow.