Fix Shutter Button On Canon 50D

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Fix shutter button on canon 50D
Fix shutter button on canon 50D
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Tim Garr: This is a great tip, but try changing the CMOS battery first. I changed the battery because my flash wasn't syncing with my camera as well, interestingly, that fixed both issues.

Trần Anh Vũ: It works perfect on my 40D, tks very much, I 'm from Viet Nam

Shuvhashis Paul: Hi, i am having some problem with my Canon 600d. suddenly my camera showing some error "Err 20 :Shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery." display working fine but live view is not working,sensor cleaning manually not working. can u suggest me any solution??

TheJacksnipe: Sorry, my English is not the best, but is this what I have to do if error 20 occurs?

imTheManBox Joseph Sanchez: i will try this! hope it works

PomKrub Ch.Sompop: Thank you very much. Works my 40d

Johani Primasatya: How about your camera now? is it stil working well n having no problem anymore??? I want try this metode but still doubt about the effect in the future. Thx

Patrick Pigula: Thank you very much!!!! I did this last night and it seems to be working but I will find out when I'm out on assignment. (I do carry extra cameras with me) Thanks again!!!!!

TheNearFantastica: My 40D has the shutter error so I will probably try this out. I brought my camera to the repair service, but they offered me to repair it at about it's current price. I am using film cameras now but I miss my old buddy so I'm gonna do it Macgyver style, just need to buy the spirit. I'll keep you posted of whether it worked.

pandu suryadiputra: Its proven to be pretty safe, mine stll works fine

trekkie2003: works perfect on my 40d! but you dont need the cam to dry overnight...half an hour is absolutely sufficient.

zane803: Is this the issue that causes error code 30?

taa vaj: Thank you man, you save me $200 dollars. My 50d back to life again, it work close to new I really happy. Thanks again for the video.

jose concepcion: Yes, it will work on 20D, 30D, 40D. I used denatured alcohol for my 30D and it is available at Lowe's or Home Depot in the USA. It's the same as "methylated spirit" in Europe. Thanks for this video by the way, saved me $200. My 30D is working just fine.

Oscar Calderon: Is 91% safe to use?

Javier Calleja: Worked for me (EOS 50D used in dusty enviroments). But i've used 10ml (repeated twice) of alcohol using a syringe (no needle). Thanks!

Matic Gabriel: Didn't work for me. I've tried twice..ok, it's better, but not much, so now i've tried one again with 3 spoons..i hope it's gonna work ;)

NSLAS Shore: awesome VID..thanks for posting..completly works!! so happy

canonistul74: thx a lot !! now works like new !!!

king1598753: How is the shutter working ?

ferny107: hey thanks ...I just has this problem yesterday..I thought it was the lens..

Cesar Hernandez: Does this fixes error 99

Barry Moore: I fixed it !! . An instant picture on the 2nd click. Thanks for your time to put this Video up. I worked the contacts as shown in your video about 200 times. I used paper towel to absorb the alcohol from around the switch whilst pressing it in an upside down position. My nose told me all the alcohol had dried after 3 hours. i put a link to your video on my efs 17-85 fix gallery on pbase.

Samir Gunic: What's the problem?.....

Peter Roffey: It worked for me, shutter on the camera was sticky, grip shutter worked fine. Therefore I knew it was the problem. Thanks for the tip.

Giorgi Shermazanashvili: I wonder if it will work on XSI (450D) Actually shutter button works but there is no click after half press of the button.

PeterTheOne: With the gas duster I blew onto the shutter button, also while clicking it. All from the outside..

Uriel Reyes: Does this work on a 40D?

chandrashekar shetty: Rorro: I had the error 99 issue the error 99 is due faulty connector inside lens. get the lens connector replaced and it will work great.

WeSnapple: howd u work it out?

Elmz Arcega: Thanks for this vid.. My canon 40D is back in action again.. But I used methylated spirit instead isopropyl alcohol..

pinupDJ: Thank you very much!!!!

Prajna Tanuwijaya: im too lazy to find alcohol and i happen to have zippo so i just use it. i put a drop or two on the gap around the shutter button, pressed it for few times until im happy, wiped the excess off. so happy the shutter is spot on, increasing my shutter count by a lot, lol

240life: How long did this fix the issue?

Barry Moore: Looks like an easy fix to try. My 50d just started needing a hard press to get it to work. My cable release works every time so it must be dirty or worn contacts in the shutter release button. I'll use ISOPROPANOL because it is purer. Metho has denaturing compounds present. Thanks for the Vid.

pandu suryadiputra: Since i made this video, my camera is still in tip top shape ;)

Marvin Pop: LOL No :D

PeterTheOne: I managed to fix my D50 (err30) with a gas duster (canned air) to the shutter button.
Fix shutter button on canon 50D 4.5 out of 5

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Fix shutter button on canon 50D