Black Ops New .177 Sniper Pellet Gun By Ignite Air Gun

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Merp Merpinson: Man too bad we can't bring in guns from the USA that are over 500fps. :(

the_only_cuber ._.: how much was it?

littlebabygamer: Do you know what it is based off of

Sam Foxall: is the gun all metal?

Tomahawk7670: I got one today, you can hunt small to medium pest. This rifle has not been designed for backyards its a perfect hunting air rifle with over 1000fps you cant get better. If you going to buy used one well then expect it will not work properly, I bought brand new for £200 UK.

Sal Lozano: Does it take bb's as well ?

jonathan contreras: How did you calibrate the scope to cero out

Dave Hall: Picked one up in bury air guns used it this morning for the money£195 uk it's good value
It's what it is bit fun great plinking in your garden

Lawrence Fitzgerald: This pellet rifle looks great, but it's performance is not so great. Every time I broke the rifle, the O ring would split. I replaced the O ring several times, but the problem continued to split. I got it at WalMart and returned it the next day. Not sure why it kept splitting, the man at the store stated he had the same problem. He gave me my money back and I got another make. I own several pellet and BB guns and never had this happen.

CipherJin: Man that things is nice! I've been looking for something with an H&K PSG-1 look to it, this is by far the closest thing in air gun style! I'll keep my eyes open for one

Andrew Land: For anyone stating that it could be used for airsoft, it CAN NOT without HEAVILY modifying it. First off, a hunter's pellet is about 7 1-2 times heavier than and airsofters. So one of all, you need a 6m mil. barrel, as opposed to the .177 barrel that's already integrated. A new spring and piston would be needed, along with a new set of trigger sears. A new bolt slide is needed. Trigger is a side-scroll design and would not be capable with any up-pull trigger boxes that airsoft rifles use. You would end up putting close to $1,150 into this gun to turn it into an airsoft rifle; as opposed to the price of a Well Warrior L96 would set you back around $175. This rifle in it's basic features, CAN NOT be modded in a useful fashion.

Richard Long: Co2?

SockDog: why would it shoot airsoft bbs if its a pellet gun?

fanvette: has it $148

loop hole: i cant find it any weres

HellaranzzOps: Even if it did, 1000 fps is way too hot for any field.

Martijn Heezik: great deal

telenurse2: cool guy buddy ;)

yellownp22541: Thanks for the video. I have been looking for this rifle for a while but my local stores run out. Will make the purchase for sure.

Eric E: well ive had the rifle for a bit now and just wanted to give an update glad to report its still shooting great and ive had no problems !my steel force is still my fav airgun .i just picked up the .177 uzi and will be doing the full auto mod ,
Black Ops new .177 Sniper pellet gun by ignite air gun 5 out of 5

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sameeha: 0:30 xD
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yvan1401: how do you managed to get a wide screen like that ? in the steam version on my full HD screen, because of the 4:3 format, it's in a box... :'(
Vish Mak: there is no exe file for unofficial oblivion patch
rick angelone: Bored to tears..............
Leighton Julye: EPA land grab? Agency claims authority over more streams, wetlands;
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Yutika chirlikar: I'd be hermoine

Black Ops new .177 Sniper pellet gun by ignite air gun