Concrete And Clay Tile Roofing Installation

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Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing Installation
Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing Installation
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tobasco316: Thanks for the video. I just bought a house with a tile roof. How do I determine if it is clay or concrete? It was built in 2008 in Houston, Texas.

s.manoranjith manoranjith: Roof Tiles working

hazrul nordin: talk to0 much. 

cipriano aquivaldo: Can u do this to a shingle type a roof?

Anthony Sandolo: Good video Eric. Wish these roofers in Florida would see your video. They got no clue !! So you get ma new roof every 8-10 years.....YEAH !!!

Rolf Joy: Cheers for the vid. Iam learning more all the time how some houses are built cheap by not using the protection layer bet. the tiles and roof. Whats it made of? Also the shaped air vent things beneath the first tiles. Also whats the secret to nailing tiles without cracking? lol I'd like an accurate account of how many tiles should be nailed. some say every 2nd one,every 5th & some are telling me just a couple per row. Also, what's the secret to nailing the tiles to the roof without cracking? lol

Thomas Williams: nice

Tomas Jujitsu: I guess , Its its oil based then its probably water proof , asphault , now how would I go about heating it up ?

The Roof Hospital: You're welcome! :)

The Roof Hospital: You bet ;) when installed properly, concrete tile will typically outlast most roof styles.

The Roof Hospital: You're very welcome!!!

The Roof Hospital: Hey Tomas, you know, from what I've seen, "yes", anything seems to go with roofing in general and specifically so with concrete tile. Depending on where you live and what your local by-laws are, roofing can be very regulated or not regulated at all. In my area, there is very little regulation, meaning that literally anyone can call themselves a pro, and this results in some bizarre problem solving ideas tested out on different roofs...c'est la vie!

The Roof Hospital: Well, the most common type of roofing product in my particular area (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), is an asphalt shingle. Since asphalt is oil based, and since oil is expensive, the best grades of oil are used for jet fuel etc, then vehicles, then all the way down to road construction. Typically, it is the same quality of oil used for road construction as is used for roofing. Does this answer your question?

The Roof Hospital: I understand your concern. Regarding weight load capacity, an engineer is the most qualified person to answer this. Typically, most homes can be built to sustain the weight of any roofing type, however the home would indeed need to be designed specifically for the weight, and this is where the engineer comes in handy. On another note, in my area, there are "light weight" tiles which are as the name states, much lighter. Check your local supplier to see if this is an option for you. :)

The Roof Hospital: You bet! There are little holes moulded into the tile during fabrication which have just enough room to fit a nail through. The trick is to ensure your hammer doesn't accidentally hit the tile while aiming for the nail! A circular head hammer (as opposed to a square head hammer) helps a lot with accuracy in this way.

Martyn Sawing: Yesterday night, I ask my husband how to stick the tile roof together. He said by nails. Then I laughed and said that the tile will crack if nailed. Eric, I saw nails on your tiles. U mean there are little holes on tiles for u to nail them in? I thought tiles are stick together with cement or some kind of silicon(cement).

Martyn Sawing: Hello Eric. Actually I am Martyn's wife. I am worried about my husband's construction as it is his first house. At first we wanted to use metal trusses with metal roofing but metal roofing cost much more, so now we thought of using metal trusses with clay tile roof, but then we are scared that the metal trusses might not carry the clay tile roof. Actually, I don't like the straight metal roofing, I prefer the curved type. (The straight metal roofing cost RM5,000 compare the curved RM8,000)

Tomas Jujitsu: have you ever heard of anyone using asphault with some of these hips and ridges ? Im not talking about shingles but the stuff you actually use in the road and drive ways ... im in south america at the moment

Tomas Jujitsu: im living in brazil now and im sorta scratching my head as in if anything really goes when working with these roofs ... I've seen concrete just slapped over the cracks , asphault , hot tar with flashing and more tar .... Im trying to find information on how to work with this asphault . It looks like they melted it some how when they capped off their hips and ridges ? I saw some videos on how to make your own clay roofing tiles .. You could call a store that sales ceramic products

The Roof Hospital: You're welcome, glad to help!
Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing Installation 5 out of 5

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tobasco316: Thanks for the video. I just bought a house with a tile roof. How do I determine if it is clay or concrete? It was built in 2008 in Houston, Texas.
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Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing Installation