How To Repair A Leaky Shower Or Tub Valve Faucet - Dual Stem Type

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How To Repair A Leaky Shower Or Tub Valve Faucet - Dual Stem Type
How To Repair A Leaky Shower Or Tub Valve Faucet - Dual Stem Type
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James Francis: Excellent video! Yes I can relate waiting for that last drop to stop. LOL. I never seem to get the help so I got my supplies online at Ebay

WeldingFiend: Oh man. I just paid $120 for a plumber to come fix a leaky faucet. 10 minutes and 2 gaskets changed... and 5 days later the leak is back and worse than ever. Found this video, removed the seat, and sure enough there is a good sized nick in the ring. Wish I had tackled it myself in the first placed and saved myself some money! Thanks for the help.

joe blow: great video

joe blow: a good phillips screw driver will sometimes remove a seat

Michael Anway: Just a suggestion for anyone trying this.This is a good simple repair video,however before installing the cover and knob you should have turned on the water and checked for leaks way in the back where (you put the teflon tape)the seat is before closing it up,once covered you would never see a leak inside the wall. Otherwise nice video.

gRosh08: Well done!

YnoT196: good video but valve seats do not come out that easy all the time. actually never.

John Sauls: I always replace both at the same time. If not, I am back at it replacing the other one. Thank you. Good video.

Charlie Zollo: Last note:  it was my valve handle screw head that had snapped I had to drill...but when I did get it off it was fused with mineral deposits. Price Pfister...not bad for 23 yrs....fixed hot water side, cold water side works fine but I bought the kit for both at ACE...about $40.  Saved over $300 on a plumber! I had individual shut off's in  basement.

Charlie Zollo: Whatever you do ,do not force the valve off...wd40 and heat, and go slow, eventually it will screw off.

Charlie Zollo: Thanks, this gave me enough info to fix my leaky shower myself...a few things for those who have 20 yr old valves though....the knob may be fused to the valve may need to drill it out..start with a 1/16th bit, move up to 1/4" will come of.f..but you will need a new valve as you will have destroyed it.   Also, if you can't unscrew the valve from the pipe....aside fromWD 40...use a heat gun or hair dryer....learned this trick taking shotguns apart...give is 30 secs high heat and it screws right off.

Cecil Fuentes: My gasket seat stripped . How do I get it out. ?

Jordan Samson: Quick and to the point, thanks for the info. 

Kurt “Youknow” Snow: I live in a older house made back in the 70s, I didn't have to cut the main water line to the house off to replace my shower valve stems, is that something only necessary for newer homes are did I just break a plumbing rule by not cutting the main water line off to the house? 

SANTA CLAUSE: Great Video But I would of Changed Both at the Same time Also you said around $2.00 for parts?? Plus unless your a Plumber Most People don't have the Tool Around your Home So that was over $10.00 So Just to let the people Know it is a Easy Fix if you have the right tools Also 99 out of 100 your not going to be able to use an adjustable tool you will need the Socket that fits the Stem to remove it from the wall area And make sure you Turn the Main water supply on the outside of the Home  

Erin R.: Thank you for the video! I was able to change my valve stem myself and stop that constant dripping. Do you have any videos in how to fix a bathroom plug that won't flip down? :)

Sylvia Crowhurst: thanks for the very detailed video.  Got both done in an hour including visit to hardware store!  

INJURYCOMP: I had never known what was behind a shower faucet or how to get it off.  Thanks to your video and another video I was able to fix the leak.  I am going to change the stem on all three knobs (hot/cold/shower-faucet knob).  Like Gomer Pyle said, THANK YA! THANK YA! THANK YA!

Richard HO: Looks like you had an easier time than I did.  On my first try I encountered some problems that you didn't have.  First off, I didn't have the pleasure of removing the faucet stem and taking it to the hardware store.  I live in a condo and needed to get permission from the resident manager to schedule a shut off date.  I only had a two hour window to repair my leaky faucet.  Once the water was shut off, I then had to remove the hot water stem with my locking pliers.  While I was able to remove it with the pliers, the surface area to remove the stem was very small. Once I had removed the stem, I had difficulty removing the seat.  I don't know if it was stuck or I wasn't using the seat removal tool correctly.  I probably should have tapped on it a little. Anyway, I replaced the stem with a new one and just utilized the original seat.  Luckily the seat wasn't too damaged and the leaking stopped. Thanks for the informative video though. 
How To Repair A Leaky Shower Or Tub Valve Faucet - Dual Stem Type 5 out of 5

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How To Repair A Leaky Shower Or Tub Valve Faucet - Dual Stem Type