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Morpheus: Hey Cutlerylover, my dad gave me a zippo imitation and that crap is really a crap... it doesn't work correctly, it does spark, is loaded, everything is on track ... but it does not light, and when light takes a long time ... what I do to fix it until I can buy a real zippo?
LetitiaLaura: New video just went live! <3
lyhthegreat: lol asassin creed fonts
Nate Hindman: for everyone trying to figure out my setup for my xbox in this video, go here How to Install Xbox Linux without FTP + Flash player + Screen fix + Connect to internet I tell how to do it at 10:12 in that video. I go through internet connection, and how I connected generic USB devices like my keyboard and mouse
S. Pilgrim: "MORE! More of that!"
titi tsixlofouska: xaxaxaxaxxaxaxaxa ksevrako8ikeeeee xaxaxax
Florian Azemi: Try gamegem on cydia its better

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