How To Use 25pp (No Jailbreak Crack Apps) WITH DEVICE PROOF

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How To Get FREE Apps without jailbreak (iHelper) IOS 6.1.3 iPhone 5/4s/4 iPod touch
How To Get FREE Apps without jailbreak (iHelper) IOS 6.1.3 iPhone 5/4s/4 iPod touch
25pp install apps games to iPad mini iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iOS (6.0.1) (6.0.2) without jailbreak
25pp install apps games to iPad mini iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iOS (6.0.1) (6.0.2) without jailbreak
Free Cracked Apps With - Guide For 25PP
Free Cracked Apps With - Guide For 25PP
Download paid apps for free for any iPhone/iPad/iPod [without jailbreaking]
Download paid apps for free for any iPhone/iPad/iPod [without jailbreaking]

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SHIXOFILMS 3: I already downloaded a game (GTA San Andreas) and after the download finished the game wasn't on my ipad, there's a Chinese handwriting written in red can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me? the sync logo didn't appear on the status bar and I don't know why?

hieurock: Does this file have any viruses?

evan simonenko: hmm it downloaded the app i wanted on my ipad but the icon is dim and when i click on it it goes back to installing..

Fachri Muhammad: Help me My Game ( Airfighters Pro ) can't open When i Install it it saying some chinese error after installing i get Apple id Error rebooting my iPad Won't Work And please reply

harujae201: so if you update your ipod/iphone, will the pirated apps' progress be lost and delete from your ipod? how do you backup the data for their the pirated apps? thank 

kenneth disuanco: Sir can you tell me what to do? 25pp cannot detect my itouch

uppilla kanji: it was working .. i had to sync itunes to get some books..after sync i again used 25pp to install apps..apps were installed..but when i try to start apps , they open for a second and then crashes..i dont get the apple id error screen.. all pirated apps open for a second and then to fix this??

Bmar084: im using iHelper program on my computer to install apps. But now my phone wont sync with my computer..any ideas?

MrCrazyman252: Help, my iPod won't connect to 25pp. I deleted all my pirated apps

492Utube: Ya Great app to break your phone un repairable Happened to many people I heard iPad to

TheTrollingBedoBear IL: Tongbu better than this crap

ShOkZ moddingcrew: I have a voice tutorial about every thing you need to know about pro25pp+ download so check it out its great

Muhammad Ali Adam: help please it is saying application verification error.

BlueStream the Elf Fox: Oh, and by the way.. Is it possible to transfer apps via 25pp to computer? And if it is, how? I don't want to tamper around with anything if I'm not sure what will happen..

Distribution Center on Steam: Reboot your device.

ihacker178: some apps just open and close instantly any way to fix it?

Distribution Center on Steam: You're f*cked. Hah, just kidding. Re-install them!

Prabhjyot Singh: How do I update my ios without losing my progress on the cracked app Plz can u make an video on how to backup ur app so that after updating your ios device ur progress in the game will be saved. Thanks

scott10135: just go to the download section onto where you downloaded the apps and on the upper right of it, there should be a blue button that has japanese letters and just click on that and the verifications wont happen. that's how i got mc.

Distribution Center on Steam: Sorry. Cracked apps. :D

محمد السعيد: He got iPad 6.1.3 Does the program works with him

BlueStream the Elf Fox: Nevermind, I found it myself already. But thanks for trying.

Brix Villanueva: once you install an app from 25pp , itunes causes syncs to fail


Blackzombie6000: ok i want scribblenauts SO BAD AND IS KEEP SAYING (applicationverificationfailed­)

Distribution Center on Steam: Whaa? Re-phrase please.

Distribution Center on Steam: iOS 7 Jesus! Can you wait until a more stable version? Apps tend to crash on betas. Tried it on my phone.

notserpify: When I try to download anything it gives me a red x. Any body have any solutions?

Distribution Center on Steam: What?

Rolenz Pangan: How to solve the apple id problem?

Samfordmustang PS4: when i try to install the application it says application verification failed? anyone know how to fix this? Please :)

adbieel12: thx

Mike Chappell: go to the little headphones icon in the column browser - thats the music section - u can use it just like the app section

Distribution Center on Steam: Again if you can't see them in the video the whole time or the description. DO NOT USE ITUNES (Having the window open is OK, but STOP IT FROM SNYCING) IF YOU HAVE CRACKED APPS INSTALLED It will screw up your pirated apps! Go with either your music or free apps! Resist! Also, on a completely UNRELATED note, please check your inbox instead of coming back again and again. Avoids the pile of mess. Come here only you have problems. Actually, I recommend PMing because you can attach videos and stuff


vanillapoodle: Well this worked for like 3 apps and then i closed it, and tried to open it again but it didn't open..?

Danny Man: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jouji Kassis: god how did u upgrade to ios 7 please tell me how

yahoo911emil: hey for example i want to to sync my downloaded pdf books do i have to delete all my pirated apps? pls reply fast!

Distribution Center on Steam: It's a connection problem. DNS lookup failed because there is no Internet connection.

JohnnyModzz1: There is. You needa sign up on b25 page thing

Christopher Le: So when I press the button on the right side to bypass the apple log in ID I always get an error message. Has anyone else had this problem ?

Distribution Center on Steam: Pause the video. You should see the tab with the Sync picture. Plug in your device and it will sync. It will restore your purchases, and let you do all kinds of stuff.

johnny112115: does it have a mac version

Andrey3261: Ok i have a problem here, im running iOS 6.1.3 and after i download the pp application, when i connect my phone to PC and download more the applications just flash in then closes.. any solutions? thanks guys

Distribution Center on Steam: Watch "Get iOS 7 for free" on my channel. Just sayin'.

asdhaskdasld akdlnadkasnlk: hi i followed the instructions, the icons pops already in my phone but when i run it, it closes again. what shall i do? it works for my iPad 2 but not in my iPhone 4s. my os is 6.1.3

Blackzombie6000: i want survialcraft but is saying (applicationverificationfailed) AND I HAVE 4.1 GB ON MY IPAD survualcraft 11.47

Jambo312: THANK YOU!

punKheartagram666: I tried downloading gangstar vegas for my idevice on this program but when I clicked download, it just gaves me a red x making me unable to download the the app instead of the green check that lets me download the app
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How to use 25pp (No Jailbreak Crack Apps) WITH DEVICE PROOF