SONY HDR-CX220 Review

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Ashes ToAshes: the good: 8,9mp photos? I dont understand... photos from this camera are terrible!

VikingAztec07: thanks for share, very good cam. another god is take photos while recording, and you can recharge it with ac power adaptor from previous sony handycam models

Quit_Youtube_Mate: Tsk, screw the camera! Where do you live! I want to move there! xD

wow amber: that was really helpful! thanks

Antonio Espeschit (Toni): Thanks!

david levine: it looked           for after all it is entry  level its not a cx900 you get what  you    pa y fior


I am proud that I am a Serb: Thanks for the video test.

Tyler Gibson: what did you edit with?

no noi: i think is not good ty

anna saunders: Very useful, concise information, thanks.

ThisIsCarloz: Can you turn the display around so i can see myself while filming?

Amm Toha:  i have camcorder HDR cx220 during recording movies most of the shoots became photos. how i fix it?

Kodie Russell: so it DOES record at 60 fps? i dont know what NTSC is...


Marcos Cápula: Hi, Record stereo or mono?

Luis García: Good Video. =')

With which you exported the video codec?

TechFreakTv13: looks like a really good camcorder great quality cool video

Nhan Co: Hi, can you please tell me which software editor you used? Is there a build in editor?  I use Window Maker and Camtasia Studio 8 but my video turns out a "black screen" instead. Everything is turning out right except the screen. We cannot see the screen at all (it's a black screen).

Danilo Tanghero: Is it real that recorded video from CX220E are splitted each 2 gb so after 17 minutes and 13 seconds ?
SONY HDR-CX220 Review 5 out of 5

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SONY HDR-CX220 Review