SONY HDR-CX220 Review

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VikingAztec07: thanks for share, very good cam. another god is take photos while recording, and you can recharge it with ac power adaptor from previous sony handycam models

Quit_Youtube_Mate: Tsk, screw the camera! Where do you live! I want to move there! xD

wow amber: that was really helpful! thanks

Antonio Espeschit (Toni): Thanks!

david levine: it looked           for after all it is entry  level its not a cx900 you get what  you    pa y fior


I am proud that I am a Serb: Thanks for the video test.

Tyler Gibson: what did you edit with?

no noi: i think is not good ty

anna saunders: Very useful, concise information, thanks.

Amm Toha:  i have camcorder HDR cx220 during recording movies most of the shoots became photos. how i fix it?

Kodie Russell: so it DOES record at 60 fps? i dont know what NTSC is...


Marcos Cápula: Hi, Record stereo or mono?

Luis García: Good Video. =')

With which you exported the video codec?

TechFreakTv13: looks like a really good camcorder great quality cool video

Nhan Co: Hi, can you please tell me which software editor you used? Is there a build in editor?  I use Window Maker and Camtasia Studio 8 but my video turns out a "black screen" instead. Everything is turning out right except the screen. We cannot see the screen at all (it's a black screen).

Danilo Tanghero: Is it real that recorded video from CX220E are splitted each 2 gb so after 17 minutes and 13 seconds ?

CeruleanSage: Great review. Very concise and helpful.

amusement420: Btw the ducks look good! : It's winter so there's not lot of fun stuff to shoot. I compiled my observations uploading SONY Pros & Cons and “SONY HDR-CX220 vs Canon HF R400 Video Comparisons.” SONY is brighter, sharper detail, cooler color. The Canon is smoother detail, natural indoor color, but yellowish outdoor color cast. Both nice comparable low-ends. The quick 2 min video comparison’s worth a look if any one’s interested in either cam. I took a look at both because Black Friday I couldn't decide. I'll let you be the judge though :
SONY HDR-CX220 Review 5 out of 5

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SONY HDR-CX220 Review