Janet Collection HW Scandal Wig

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Janet Collection HW Scandal wig
Janet Collection HW Scandal wig
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Full Lace HW Scandal Wig By The Janet Collection ~ Tutorial
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Janet Collection HW Scandal II Wig
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Wig Review - "HW Trina" by Janet Collection

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deborah tolbert: I ordered this wig and the lace was very hard! But wait there's more! The hair was very hard as well. I spent weeks trying to treat the hair to make it softer. Nothing worked. I ended up donating this wig to cancer patients and only wore it twice

deborah tolbert: the hair on this wig is stiff and itchy

deborah tolbert: I just got her and she is beautiful. The lace is hard but it's ok. I got 1B which was pretty dark. Wish I ordered a littler shade

chowder125: i liked it better before u put all that spray in...still cute tho

MSE. Dzirasa: OMG girl you rock that wig...gorgeous!!!

Apostle Rolanda Ross: georgus! love it!!

Brittany Green: you rocked this wig!!

Keith Barrett: i just orderd this wig i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NubianSuccess: @twinkeez2003 :: OMG!! I'm also going on a 7-day cruise next month and I was looking for the big sassy and gorgeous hair and I thought of you twinkeez!!! Definitely going to get this one!! 2 thumbs up!!! Luv ya!!

twinkeez2003: @MrSubzero70 Aww its nice of you to help your Wifey ;) Tell her she will love love love it I know my honey did. I appreciate your comment :) ~Miah

Cassie Mojica: girl i cannot stand you!! you are tooo pretty. ugh lolz. im a hater!!! lol weeerk

HumblyBeautiful: Do u ever wear your lace fronts without glue?

Ronna Field: Gorgeous...of course! How long do you think this wig will last before the ends start to get bushy? Thanks for the review!

Dr. Michelle McGriff: how cute!

La Nena: Can you glue her down, or can it be worn without the glue.. and by the way it looks gorgeous on you..

dezinediva: Me gusta mucha chica! Looks great on you!

Deborah Saddler: Great hair on you, it looks super natural sexy, and it looks like you own that bad boy. You go girl. Everybody I've seen in this wig looks great. It's definitely a thumbs up on this one. I've been watching you for a while, and I really like your vids, you are so funny, and informative. I am subing to you, please sub and friend me also. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.

newlifetoday: I have been wig creeping all week and I have looked at ALLLL of your videos and many many others. Out of every wig you have modeled this is my favorite--and I think this will be my very first lace front :) Now THAT"s a unit!!!

msbeautifulll68: Mstwinkee because of your delightful personality I subscribed to your site. You are just simply wondeful. Many blessings to you and yours...

iluveyeshadows: BEAUTIFUL IN ALL YOUR WIGS! :)
Janet Collection HW Scandal wig 5 out of 5

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Janet Collection HW Scandal wig