Janet Collection HW Scandal Wig

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Janet Collection HW Scandal wig
Janet Collection HW Scandal wig
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Janet Collection Scandal Lace Front Wig (Encore)
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deborah tolbert: I ordered this wig and the lace was very hard! But wait there's more! The hair was very hard as well. I spent weeks trying to treat the hair to make it softer. Nothing worked. I ended up donating this wig to cancer patients and only wore it twice

deborah tolbert: the hair on this wig is stiff and itchy

deborah tolbert: I just got her and she is beautiful. The lace is hard but it's ok. I got 1B which was pretty dark. Wish I ordered a littler shade

ebonniekins: Very pretty divalicious!

SunnyKisses83: LUV LUV LUV IT!!!! Its Gorgeous!!! It looks like something Aaliyah Would of rocked!!!! You did good girl!!! Thanks for sharing!!!.

Ronna Field: Gorgeous...of course! How long do you think this wig will last before the ends start to get bushy? Thanks for the review!

ajannasmom: Hey Twink-a-link (just made that up...ha!) Loving this wig...I'm sold!!! You do look like a glamour doll with it on, I LOVE messy updos and ponytails too!!!..wait...did u say the 'local' beauty supply...you talkin bout the one that 30 miles away??? LOL...xoxo...love your vids!!

lala240: wow i love this wig... must have it~!!

Trampth2260: I like she's hot on you very nice Thanks.

myzleelee: luv the e/s!!

tairkswife: ooh girl u look so cute just puttin it on lololol but seriously i love the look its very pretty might hav to getthis too

Simmax1: I love this wig on you Twinks, I ordered one. Can't wait to try it :o)

Kat R: you look like you about to hit the red carpet.

twinkeez2003: @miamocorrazon she does shed a little but not real bad :) I hope that this helped :)

Jammy3782: Your so pretty! Thanks for all the wig reviews! :-)

Berryflowers: love it!! I subscribed. :-)

2luvlikidz: I'm well thanks for asking! Love your eyes too! :D Such a beautiful wig and I love the color 1B.

summermonroe20: very sexy love the bounce

twinkeez2003: Thank you ybf09 for stoppin in :)

shaigirl26: thats a good look on you

hypnotique01: you know whats crazy is I just bought the wig Saturday so I am waitin on it to get in the mail look scute now im supa excited

Dr. Michelle McGriff: how cute!

2luvlikidz: Oh and you must be a great wifey! You got some AWESOME gifts from PAPA!! :D

er ed: why are u soo pretty lol .... love it again

twinkeez2003: Thank you krawls :):))

Cee Ivy: haaaa ya Jingleing baby...lol door knockers you are taking me back with the earings

twinkeez2003: Yes this wig is bomb! lol I love it and the bangs!! super cute!

Winter Allen: Thank you so much for posting this video, I missed you while you were off liveing life outside of youtube, lol. This wig well front lace is very nice. I do wonder what it would have looked like if you could have gotten it in the color shown. Keep up the great work.

msprettynurse83: OMG I LUV THIS WIG!!! I love big hair I am transitioning so all I have been rocking lately is wigs gonna have to check this one out! I luv long flowing hair with big curls great choice looks really pretty on you take care!

MoDiva38: Very pretty on you! it's YOU girl!

newport07: Girl 35? Stop playin u look 25! For real that wig looks great on you (now u made me mess up my bills - gonna get that wig RIGHT now! Clicked on ur link - thanks for the coupon codes + [Subscribed]

Alethia Aihtela: i love it very pretty :)

prisskitajoe: Ms. Lady, you be wearing those wigs!!! That is beautiful! I love your eye shadow in this video as well.

MissDoMiNiRICAN21: anyone know where i can purchase this wig? best hair worlds website apparently went out of business

dezinediva: Me gusta mucha chica! Looks great on you!

skinlikbutta: Beautiful Look

twinkeez2003: Yes... Khandi Alexander.. I love her so much :)

twinkeez2003: I used to but found that I didnt really have to glue it :) But if its windy I will use glue for sure.. lol

krawls80: How beautiful!! Hair and Makeup!!!

Tesha410: Luv the wig. Can you do ur eye look? Its sexy...

hwyblack: You look awesome in all your wigs but I have to say I really like this one on you..You are also so funny and you seem to have someone in your life that really loves you...

Saltayarocks: That is the best wig I have seen so far...extremely pretty :)

kccandy10650: love this wig!

Laina Jae: omg this wig is beautiful!!! u always get gud ones :)

Lisa Jett: That wig looks great on you! It makes me want one.

JoyAfterSorrow: OK was this 35 or 82.99

Deborah Saddler: Great hair on you, it looks super natural sexy, and it looks like you own that bad boy. You go girl. Everybody I've seen in this wig looks great. It's definitely a thumbs up on this one. I've been watching you for a while, and I really like your vids, you are so funny, and informative. I am subing to you, please sub and friend me also. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.

christina perez: does this wig shed alot?

twinkeez2003: 82.99 sorry about the confusion :)

Radiantsmiler: I had to watch this again because I love this wig. Also, Papa Bear seems so good to you...does he have a brother?Lol Actually, I'm not joking...lol
Janet Collection HW Scandal wig 5 out of 5

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Ze Doktor: One of Germany's last surviving war Veterans :)
Dave Sara: Love the video! Did you just have them play along with a studio recording of the song? It's a great video and love the music.
AA: Also everyone should know that the 14-45mm lens focuses much faster and better even in low light as compared to the 20mm pancake lens which battles its little heart out at focusing (it cant continuosly autofocus like the 14-42mm can ). I know because I used both, check out my channel for a test film
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James Maxwell: Cool stuff. Funny though how the gameplay footage in the intro is from the SNES version. I guess they used that because that version had the best graphics of the home versions, but it's odd they'd use SNES footage on an intro to a Sega CD game.

Janet Collection HW Scandal wig