Nook HD+ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean N2A Card Review

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Nook HD+ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean N2A Card Review
Nook HD+ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean N2A Card Review
Review - The N2A Card! Turn your Nook into a Real Android Tablet!
Review - The N2A Card! Turn your Nook into a Real Android Tablet!
Nook HD Review
Nook HD Review
REVIEW: Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
REVIEW: Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
Nook HD+ with Google Play Review + Tips
Nook HD+ with Google Play Review + Tips

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Cristiano Ronaldo Fanpage: I hate it how you can't get instagranm on nook

GhostsFootball: If you install another android, it WILL expire the warranty if you hand it to them like that. You can erase and unregister the device, and hand it back to them.

denny 77: bought my HD+ yesterday.. if i install another android in it, will it expire the warrenty? moreover, if i want to go back to the regular one, how to do it??

ikickss: I just bought HD+ less than 24 hours ago. The stock os was 2.0.5 or something, so I did two upgrade to 2.1. That one has google play built-in, and I have yet to experience any of the issues mentioned here. It pays to be a late adopter hahahah!

Lester Bullard: is bluetooth the only issue other people said that scrolling in one direction was clear and the other direction flickered. did they fix the volume control issues what else dont you like about it is it laggy thank you

Misterms Reason: The latest updates the volume control

berettany9: Bluetooth doesn't work on cm 10

raz0rx: Hmm, I was about to go in for Nook HD+ but then after watching this video I changed my mind.

Uttam Tirunagari: Are you able to connect bluetooth keyboard like logitech k810?

Tech Wiz Kid: That's because it's running off an SD card. I did this with my nook color and it was laggy as well. Eventually just installed CM7, then CM10.1, overclocked of course.

raz0rx: I notice that the OS is a bit laggy.

cybertec69: Does Google Now work, by the way your review was all over the place, without highlighting any of the JB features in 4.1 , like Google Now.

Cindy Sin: Is it worth getting the N2A card now that nook hd + has google play? Much difference?

patstar5: How does storage work?

Andrew Dominguez: Does this update like a regular nexus.

FahimMotoGP: So what things doesn't work or barely works? Wifi ,bluetooth? I want to know

episode013: Thanks for the discount code. I got my instant download a couple of weeks ago and installing it on my own Sandisk card was a piece of cake. So yeah, you can get this working on your own but for me saving the time and headaches is well worth $16.99

Juan Galan: Yes actually. It's annoying that people fall for this crap. All it takes is dd and thats it! You don't need to have any real computer knowledge to get a bootable sd card
Nook HD+ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean N2A Card Review 5 out of 5

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Nook HD+ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean N2A Card Review