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Evan-Patrick: Who DDOSed the site? Or do you not know
BlueonGoldZ: This video doesn't mean anything. In the game such as in a campaign, you're going to be facing far more enemy, armed with cannon and mortars as well as artillery, dragoons and heavy cavalry. Line infantry divisions will get over run and you have to keep in mind they take up a spot in your limited space army so there isn't too much room for light infantry. Maybe 2 regiments at most to harass and maybe defend flanks or weaken foot regiments before they reach your main line infantry.
beer keg: 43 dislikes they have dirty ugly nappy hair. lol
Katharine Marie: IN LOVE WITH HER// I think God made her perfect haha
MrBonami2: really that work if yes were can i buy one canadian tire
shottybeatssword: Why the dislikes? This was a great revie. Loads of gameplay and loads of interesting topics and information without spoiling anything major.
BallOfBread: at first i thought this wasn't impressive... then i freaking ate a piece of toblerone

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