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Tyler Greer: How much does it cost at rubber boats.com
BrianaBaby14: sure :) & i've never done a tinychat...no one else would come lol
After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey: Last day to enter my +aesweets giveaway!!!! Sweet Giveaway: AE Sweets for after effects Here is the competition page. goo.gl/Bya1B1 Just so you know, i'll probably post this a few times today, you know, just so everybody gets a chance to see it. apologizing in advanced. 
Nutsumi Hedasawa: ^0^ ดูกี่ครั้งก็ยังน่ารักเนอะนี่ ชอบขนาดดดด แดน เชิญฮา กะดหน่ง ชะชะช่า 55555+++
Omar Lopez: That's cm9. 
skyline44512: Excellent video. Would have been slightly better with a gorgeous blonde driving :)
dima6175: у меня не включаеться видео жаль очень хотелось бы поссмотреть

Bulletproof Toyota Tundra