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bg147: I am not sure about some of the decisions that were made by Italiano, Kassela, and Davies. The way Kassela played AK off was as if he didn't want to play after the flop. How could he not know how tight.. actually weak, Davies was playing. Kassela had control of the table and then he did that. He is a great player..... maybe he thought he had a read.
thejmac: sick board
Rasha Elmahdi: this is bad. I thought this was the real trailer. try to be smart jandsprod or whatever your name is. :)
VIVA LA PATRIA: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yo pensaba que después del 1 venia el dos después la hermandad, revelaciones y el 3 y así sucesivamente, no sabia que habían 3 assasin creed antes del dos, seguí como el culo la historia, alguien me puede responder si los dos assasin creed que le siguen al 1 se pueden jugar en pc o son solo para consolas?
jsxJeff: oh my f-nin god girl ... your vids get better and better!!!!! great story line, wonderful shoes/jeans/toes, I am so hooked! Plz plz plz keep them coming! Perfect
XBOXMOSTWANTD: Hey man is this your personal charger?? I was wondering if you culd help me with mine? Im suffering a power loss...I have 1 jl 13 w7 in a ported box...running a jl 1000/1 v1wit zero gauge wire...grounds are clean n 2 the chassis...I also have a 500w amp 4 my highs...the jl amp jumps in thermal mode if played like 15 mins...I added another battery but that made it worse it wuld go into thermal after just 1 song...so obviously a cap is useless n dsnt help wit rap songs anyway...I know i need 2 upgrade my alternator but in chargers the pcm regulates the voltage and wont allow more power out if I did did get say a 250 amp alt...so my question is what did you do or ur way around this problem?? I have an 07 charger v6 btw...
graeme leigh: Nice car - good sound - good action vid - NOT!

Bulletproof Toyota Tundra