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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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gabbate2011: Wow, I love your voice.
Jass Nijjer: good job and thks 
Darchiification: Tento notebook mám už rok a trištvrte a nemala so s nim žiadny problém, je to dobrý, výkonný notebook a to ho mám zapnutý skoro 24 hodín denné, hrávam na ňom hry a mám v ňom nainštalované náročné programy a fičí v pohode ...
Sam Gardner: The Fireteam leader sounds like he's readin a freakin weather report on TWC when he talks
kingerz: Why show a flushing agent? Should've just done a normal oil-change as flush can wreck them
Keri DeFran: I guess I'm old school, because I think this thing is absolutely stupid. Moved into a new house with these installed on every toilet. I hate them. No one ever uses the first flusher, and now one of them flushes every 30 minutes. Can we please just leave toilets alone? It's not saving anything when it flushes 20 times a day or you have to flush it 3 times to get waste down or the kids use the wrong button every time. 
thehuntvideo: Songs Review of Action Jackson

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