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Ethan Ritter: Know what else is moist? My BAWLZ!
Bluenote2020: I used the same wolf3d.wad that I used on wolfenstein 3d psp 3.0 which had choppy sound but ran fine otherwise and it doesn't work on the 6.0 version. Followed the direction's in read me but can't get it to play the full version game only the shareware that comes with it. I am also getting booted to the psp menu if I try to select the full game icon which I placed the .wad in. Running 6.60 pro b9 on a 3000. Any tips would be appreciated.
Keeper Oath: I will be ordering the STX 2.0 thanks to your video as well as other videos reviewing Garrett Holsters. It seems you get a lot of goodness for your dollar. Plus I love Mom and Pop businesses and Made in the USA. Thanks.
Carla Hall: Thar,s a glittch that's hard 
SomethingNewNow: @Effecto1234 yes you will i believe that... and so will i...
1solo9: Terrible roster. It looks like the same roster every year. They need to use current boxers and not the same old boxers that EA puts in every game. EA tries to shovel out the same crap with a new cover every year.
Pim Pols: id wanna do reviews, but by comparing certain games with eachother so people can figure out which game they would prefer of that genre. just seems fun talking about and being busy with games all the time

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