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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Eric Kim: What accent does she have? sounds like British accent.
Nafisa Ahmed: You had out offense on me because I'm Muslim. I, I hate you! Just kidding but still this sis made me pissed
buildmorefarms100: Quicker than an Si? Wow!
Blitzspeer: Fun video but ballistic gel reacts differently at different temperatures so this could never be too accurate,ballistic gel of course can't be 98 degrees but at below 50 it will harden and not be like flesh etc etc.
PARALAX's kunterbunte Videowelt: Hallöchen. *knuddel* :-)
Asianet: Ujala Asianet Film Awards 2014 Promo 10
Minecraft Stuff10001: people are running out of simulator games XD toilet simulator really?

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