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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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colnusca: how can i also add a black rectangle (at alpha 50%) 48px away from all units (solid black is unexplored, transparent black is out of sight, but explored)?
Milaescalante: Easy peasy.
knowledge lawrence: duck and cover is safe
RCIYAH: OMG!! Our hair texture is similar!! THE RESULTS ARE OFF DA HOOK! Wow i need to really look into buying more products lol WOWZER!! SUBBING!! Thanks so much for your help! :)) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
J. Max Orput: I remember being in the crowd at that game and everybody there was stunned lol some were screaming and some were absolutely silent because they were suprised here threw that down. Also remember waking up the next day and not seeing it on SC Top 10 like damn lmao
diecasttvchannel: Excellent information on the upcoming US K-Day event Mark. We're looking forward to seeing footage of everyone's finds. And what a great drawing from 8 year old Westyn = )
Gaurav Jain: Skincare companies want everyone to try their new products to demonstrate their effectiveness. Have you ever seen a cosmetics area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free samples? Well i just found a site that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Paste this in your browser bit.ly/1cNrD5R?v=zvqcm

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