Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE

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Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE
Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE
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WEIGHT GAIN JOURNEY Apetamin & Maca Root Review
Weight Gain with Maca Root: 2 Month Full Update + Smoothie Recipe!
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Weight Gain with Maca Root: Short Update

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Malcolm Marzo: Background noise detracts from video.

Keandre Dawson: l lee XP.zzm

Martina Cantarella: is better you take the fenugreek powder and must be just only 1 ingredients
{ trigonella foenum graecum } , is for be more like " fat " , you can use for the hair ( soft , grow ) like mask for the face , and for real for a best breast try the " hops " look on internet .... ( i don't' know if i write right , sorry )

Jazzy Kk: Lol pause on 4:19 bless

Jolie Powell: How fast does this work?

kingsaw4lyfe: that ass in the beginning tho

Bryant Bearden: How quickly gain muscle mass, see here +Gain Weight-F

Shannon Wagner: Femmenessence Macaharmony is also a good brand!

Pinky andthebrain: I can't hear you over the T.V.

KandiViXenKHAOS: if I stop taking these, will everything go back to the way it was? :C

Desani Ballislife: Your a very pretty girl..but when I was very small I drank ensure and that helped me gain weight fast..

069220: Background music KILLS this video!

arrietty blue: can you take this while on birth control? cause I got birth control for about 3 years.. its a little thing on my uper arm. please anyone answer

Tequila cook: Were u born a female?

Samantha Harrington: You can't turn fat into muscle that's a misconception, they are two different elements. Just like you can't turn an orange into an apple and vice versa... What you can do through working out and proper diet is build more muscle which helps you loose body fat because your muscles need more energy/calories in order to grow... 

Day Walker: Black women had everything.. now they are acting like they had nothing.   The "Look at Me" syndrome.. getting ripe for the pickings by Masta.  Come home soon or it will be too late.

You need to do more research.. I like the fact that you are doing research to begin with unlike some other folks just going in blind but I like to stress the fact that the info being put out must be screened as much as possible.  Listen to your words, if it can stress an individual hormones levels from left to right, how do you think a lot of men and women hormones are being twisted to feeling attractive to the same sex.  These manufactured drugs/supplements can do anything to you since you depending on how thoroughly you checked them.  Check them like folks do when watching their favorite shows.  Ready to find out who did what, when and how just to gossip about it with your friends.  That is your body and your mind that you are attempting to enhance.  Maca is good but for supportive reasons, not for exterior expressions.  That appearance affect was the by product.. as i said Maca can support you and may give greater look.  However. you can do that with your mind if you put forth the same energy into it.  Peace to you..

Jasmine Ashley: 107lbs?? How tall are you? I'm 115lbs and waaaay thinner than you and I'm not even tall, I'm like 5'3". >.>

PinkJordyns23: Are you watching KND?
Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE 5 out of 5

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Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE