Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE

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Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE
Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE
Weight Gain Journey w/ APETAMIN & MACA ROOT   WEEK 3
Weight Gain Journey w/ APETAMIN & MACA ROOT WEEK 3
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In-Depth 1 Month Review of Raw Maca Root
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APETAMIN 1 Week Review & Update
Maca Root Update! !!!!!!
Maca Root Update! !!!!!!

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Brianna Pena: this helped your booty grow a lot?

James Fulmer: why are you trying to gain weight? you look great as you are.

Laura Hill: Try Apetamin

Malcolm Marzo: Background noise detracts from video.

Keandre Dawson: l lee XP.zzm

Martina Cantarella: is better you take the fenugreek powder and must be just only 1 ingredients
{ trigonella foenum graecum } , is for be more like " fat " , you can use for the hair ( soft , grow ) like mask for the face , and for real for a best breast try the " hops " look on internet .... ( i don't' know if i write right , sorry )

Jazzy Kk: Lol pause on 4:19 bless

Jolie Powell: How fast does this work?

kingsaw4lyfe: that ass in the beginning tho

Bryant Bearden: How quickly gain muscle mass, see here +Gain Weight-F

Shannon Wagner: Femmenessence Macaharmony is also a good brand!

Pinky andthebrain: I can't hear you over the T.V.

KandiViXenKHAOS: if I stop taking these, will everything go back to the way it was? :C

Hex. OP: Your a very pretty girl..but when I was very small I drank ensure and that helped me gain weight fast..

069220: Background music KILLS this video!

arrietty blue: can you take this while on birth control? cause I got birth control for about 3 years.. its a little thing on my uper arm. please anyone answer

Tequila cook: Were u born a female?

Samantha Harrington: You can't turn fat into muscle that's a misconception, they are two different elements. Just like you can't turn an orange into an apple and vice versa... What you can do through working out and proper diet is build more muscle which helps you loose body fat because your muscles need more energy/calories in order to grow... 
Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE 5 out of 5

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Fleurdelys2525: I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  Great casting all around.
SpyderRios: this crap is insane :D
H & S Maniac: @Nia bison hi, yes this hair is very good to me not to much shedding barely any at all very easy to flat iron and can dye i tried it. Also i kept that hair in for about two months then i took it out washed,deep conditioned it and put it right back in. I can admit that after the second time and many washes it did start to lose its natural body wave style so i just decided to wear it straight. But i do recommend this hair.
D. Batt: I'm jealous!

Weight Gain Update ; MACA ROOT + MORE