How To Fix Snowblower

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Carson J. Productions: All you do for those Alan head bolts is put a Alan wrench on a vise grip

Chry300: just fixed mine today. it literally sat outside for 1 year, thought it was broke. I was about to go buy a new one and did some research on YouTube. Cleaned the spark plugs with a wire brush, carburetor spray, dumped the fuel put in trufuel + stabilizer fluid and oil, primed it. good to go. It was an amazing feeling. I did the same process for the lawn mower and leaf blower which I thought was junk and was just about to throw them away.

jetpack5: I need the model number so I can find a manual.  I don't know the oil/fuel mix ratio

Rick Uzubell: Great video. I have the same snowblower (in fact, I own three of them). The pull cord did not recoil today. I brought the snowblower into my basement and removed the top cover and noticed a lot of ice build-up -- do you think the cord might eventually return after it has thawed-out? It was -10F this afternoon while I was using it. I could always use one of the other snowblowers for parts. Your thoughts?

Al DeLago: Fun to watch you and your diagnostics....

Fred Humpal: Thanks for the video. I have the same snow blower. Didn't notice the jet holes on the bolt that holds the bowl on till I saw your video. Cleaned those out and put it back together. Wouldn't you know, it started on the first pull after that! Thanks again.

3DMachines: @marlszoe try carb intake cover, i dont think u really need it unless ur machine needs a lot of prime to start

3DMachines: @th19940305 thank u

Jumper: not bad not bad
how to fix snowblower 5 out of 5

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Carson J. Productions: All you do for those Alan head bolts is put a Alan wrench on a vise grip
KING TROLL: It's NOt code you idiot. Show me where it says. Outlet position is electrician preference or sometimes to indicated that it's a switched controlled outlet. NOTHING ELSE.
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Crazy Boi: Who's watching in 2017?
SneakerShopTalk: Great video! I didnt think the bags would work but releasing the pack just a week after the varsity was a clear cash grab and one that didnt even reflect upgraded quality or corrected coloring. I got the pack because, I don't have any infrareds.

how to fix snowblower