Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan

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Beast mode 84.: Terry, you truly are a dope head. Lmao

Benoit Martineau: Shut the music

Jerry Seinfeld: Is this true, about him being a dope head?

I don't believe it, his physique still looks amazing.

Maindrian Pace: Can we still follow the Warrior on Twitter?

FLORIDA GATOR: and has outlived more than half of his peers

stan smith: Even if everything he said is true, what was the point of still holding a grudge and ranting about Hogan 15 years after retiring? I liked Warrior's character but he sure was a sad, bitter man in real life.

jessejames77: Lmao. I could watch that all.day. wayyyyy better than watching actual wrestling. 😂😂😂

sandinyourshoes: Warrior was such a grouch. Then again, this was probably all just an act, anyway.

Motouyuu: Hogan, still a massive fraud.

peter oneil: Warrior is Legend !! And he's right about Hulk. Randy challenged Hulk to a real Fight. All $$ to sick children. And Hulk pussied out ! Wussy !!

Fev Ola: Rip warrior you absolute legend,in death your spirit lives on.🙏🏾

Fev Ola: Hogan biggest grub there is

AdoreYouInAshXI: Would have been so much better without that crapty over dramatic music playing throughout the entire video.

La gloria en el futbol: RIP The Ultimate Warrior, a former 1 time WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Ty Budd: Damn

Shazi Haseem: R.I.P 😇😇😇😇😇😇

Joseph Friedman: Arnold did so many steroids and he isnt dead warrior did a whole bunch and many others. hulk is tall as freak too usually big massive tall people dont live long. hellwig must of had some other things going on. Anyway I like most of the wrestler's from that era. 54 is way too young to die.

WhiplashGames: So, Hogan and his wife encouraged Elizabeth to take more control in her own life, and stand up for herself. And this makes it their fault that they got Divorced? If this is true, they did a good thing. Randy was far too controlling and paranoid. She DID need to take control of her life more and stand up for herself. If that drove them apart, that's not her fault. It's Randy's. It's like suggesting that someone should put up with physical abuse for the sake of keeping a marriage intact. They shouldn't.

YTWarrior100: At least they made amends at WM, right before Warrior died. And Hulk Hogan was the one who actually went to Warrior to do it.

JW: At first i thought! Well they are trying to get Randys wife out of a restrictive relationship. Then he says they had an open relationship Hulk and his wife! Plp with open relationships and a more expressive and whoring relationship for want of a better words are a pain to deal with. They dont get the fact that some people want and like loyalty etc They only see that as boring and greedy. I avoid such people now as they are like poison to couples.
Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan 5 out of 5

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Beast mode 84.: Terry, you truly are a dope head. Lmao
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Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan