Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan

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CHUNKYMILK GAMING: I've lost ALL respect for the warrior

Uncle Furball: 4:47 "It's hard to have sympathy for the spoiled brat...... when the audio tapes came out... that's YOU"

BradleyVolk3: You can go ahead and delete this stupid crap now.

Brandon Duarte: are u freaking guey fat ass

Uncle Furball: 3:51 "You were both whores who did slutty stuff on the side".

G36Jeff: What's with the music. Dude your just jealous of hulk hogan

oYeb 77: None of them tell the truth - they are both illuminati reptilians

mary safoora: hes scary

Edwin Rivera (KTF0): Jim Hellwig promo.

Jaymz Rolliendo: Where's the rest of this?

Vode: I just followed warrior on Twitter!

iTubeYourDadsMinge: Thank you Warrior, for finally being the man to expose such a self-absorbed, hypocritical train wreck - with authority.
RIP man, we miss you.

croplaya: what's that music in the beg?

Carsten Tilsgren: Really funny Warrior promo, as always. Even though both Hulk and Warrior are/were old dudes now, I still think this match would have been great. Such tension in the air! Too bad he got leg dropped by the big brother in the sky, before the match could have taken place.. Im not trying to be a douche, but this whole feud was obviously a build up for a Wrestlemania match. Hellwig knew he was going to WWE again.. He knew. Get real BROTHER!!!

Robert Boyles: A guy who looks like a little girls bicycle lol I don't even know where to start. The warrior was a cartoon

111voodoo: So are ultimate warrior and hulk friends? I can't really tell where he's going with this?

Muzak Pro: Warrior aint have to go that hard.... lmao

Trev Mac: In medical terms Hulk Hogan is a 110% sociopath in reality..his time is coming soon also to crash,not mention he's a racist which usually goes hand in hand with the first fore mentioned

Johnny Skinwalker: This is awesome comedy right there. Both Warrior and Macho were always a little too obsessed with Hulk.

Qwe Qwe: grown men sitting behind a camera crapting on each other, narcissistic much?

Oh well, warrior dead now, too many steroids, dumb freak
Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan 5 out of 5

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Sammy Sam: Good video but where's the link??

Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan