Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan

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Motouyuu: Hogan, still a massive fraud.

peter oneil: Warrior is Legend !! And he's right about Hulk. Randy challenged Hulk to a real Fight. All $$ to sick children. And Hulk pussied out ! Wussy !!

Fev Ola: Rip warrior you absolute legend,in death your spirit lives on.🙏🏾

Fev Ola: Hogan biggest grub there is

AdoreYouInAshXI: Would have been so much better without that crapty over dramatic music playing throughout the entire video.

La gloria en el futbol: RIP The Ultimate Warrior, a former 1 time WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Ty Budd: Damn

Shazi Haseem: R.I.P 😇😇😇😇😇😇

Joseph Friedman: Arnold did so many steroids and he isnt dead warrior did a whole bunch and many others. hulk is tall as freak too usually big massive tall people dont live long. hellwig must of had some other things going on. Anyway I like most of the wrestler's from that era. 54 is way too young to die.

WhiplashGames: So, Hogan and his wife encouraged Elizabeth to take more control in her own life, and stand up for herself. And this makes it their fault that they got Divorced? If this is true, they did a good thing. Randy was far too controlling and paranoid. She DID need to take control of her life more and stand up for herself. If that drove them apart, that's not her fault. It's Randy's. It's like suggesting that someone should put up with physical abuse for the sake of keeping a marriage intact. They shouldn't.

YTWarrior100: At least they made amends at WM, right before Warrior died. And Hulk Hogan was the one who actually went to Warrior to do it.

JWSoul: At first i thought! Well they are trying to get Randys wife out of a restrictive relationship. Then he says they had an open relationship Hulk and his wife! Plp with open relationships and a more expressive and whoring relationship for want of a better words are a pain to deal with. They dont get the fact that some people want and like loyalty etc They only see that as boring and greedy. I avoid such people now as they are like poison to couples.

bthvnyt: Drugs affect your brain and they were all on something. So what you expect. Lots BS. Well who knows. Wrestling is a brutal business in and out ring. None of them were angels. What about politicians?  Are there really any real heroes anymore? I mean in the bible even the greatest heroes there got exposed as murders and jerks of highest order. Sorry to say we human are not angels  :(

Night Train123: What is it with all these old guys they are so bitter and twisted?!

Jed Eckert: Hogan is a piece of crap. He was Vince's slave. Steroids were huge in WWE in the 80's.

Clowers Hiball: I was a fan of both as a kid and now realize how the business has effected both negatively. I will defend hulk on one point and one point only,there were horror stories of how Randy would lock Elizabeth in closets and hotel rooms because he was so paranoid and I believe hulk and his wife may have been trying to help her. As for the other stuff about hulk, it's probably true because the wrestling locker rooms were about two things...women and drugs which makes me think the warrior is full of it if he says he didn't do either. Other guys will tell you to not take the business home. And never take your wife on the road in wrestling

Junior 1992: kinda funny how two of hulk hogan worst enemies are dead now! Macho man and warrior were exposing hogan little by little! and why that fake old fart hulk hogan still alive??

Junior 1992: this is not the 1st time i hear bad things about this "American" man hulk hogan! his known to be a good liar and a real selfish/ jealous person and a back stabber don't believe me do your research!?!
Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan 5 out of 5

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Motouyuu: Hogan, still a massive fraud.
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Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan