Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan

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Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan
Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan
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digidgetnation: It's a shame. I tried to tell the Ultimate Warrior that he doesn't make himself look good by badmouthing others and he just wouldn't listen. Oh well... I can only hope God forgives him. I mean, first make certain there is nothing about yourself you are ashamed of then badmouth others.

Bazooka Ike: The Hulkster a dopehead? Yet you and Randy Savage are dead. Hulk will probably outlive most of his peers.

terminator360tm: Shoot interviews like this are more entertaining than today's raw because it has a real HEAT.

Sgt Slim: Needs to let her out more. LOL That was the beginning of the end? Wow. I need to get a cage for my wife too I guess. Damn!

nunya bidness: rip

Korelldinho7: Why is Ultimate Warrior bald?

rjm22nd: I wonder if Warrior & Hogan reconciled before Warrior's tragic death, especially after thinking about this video? . I heard that he reconciled with other past adversaries like Vince McMahon, Triple H, Jake "the Snake" & even Kevin Nash (their hatred was intense), But nothing yet about if he buried the hatchet with Hogan or not, unless I find out differently.

Ard Vark: Hogan is such a womanizer and still is on this day on!

jason vodka: RIP

MrFullDiaper: what a douchebag. good riddance, homophobic insane roid loony

eTemplarHunter: warrior owes his ENTIRE career to hulk hogan, both of them. warrior botched being the face of the wwf after wm6, he botched his return to wrestling in 98 with his disgraceful appearance in wcw and if not for Hogan none of the ultimate warriors moments would have even happened. warrior cant even sit in front of a web cam without cutting a promo on hulk hogan, really the saddest part of this video is the pathetic washed up loser who had his name legally changed to that of his pro wrestling persona. and he's gonna give hulk crap for wearing the bandana, hulk is still in the business dude, and what are you doing for wm 30? watching it on ppv no doubt.

Aaron Aageson: "Say your prayers and take your vitamins" .. Apparently the prayers were just backstabbing bullcrap and the vitamins was blow

derek chang: "THIS IS WARRIOR"

Tuco Ramirez: The music in the background ruins this.

jason soroko: Exposes Hogan ? Damn - I seen haters by the dozen but U W - Damn - Ultimate Hater for real. 

moneyjpro23: Anybody can get heart disease...yeah he took steroids but he hasn't been doing it for a long time...why would he

awesomekid904: Whaaaa

hbk2221: I LOL'd hard when he called Hogan a real piece of crap. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! #ripwarrior 

Attilio Angelone: RIP Warrior. You are missed. You always were a great champion. Fun too watch. I am so sorry that you have passed...too soon. I pray your wife and daughters find the peace too move on. Rest in peace Warrior. God Bless you champ.

Mark Lintner: 4:10 Warrior to Hogan.."I'm the only one to ever say "NO" to doing your wife!" I freaking laughed my ass off. God, I miss this guys YouTube channel already. RIP Warrior.

Redsky Metal: Rest in Power WARRIOR!

john weiht: no class from warrior. looks like he is angry with the world, and is a very bitter person. Blaming hulkster for all his problems. The real loser is yourself, u are suffering while they are happy. Is it worth it?

jackbox1971: Wow, Warrior almost suggests that pro wrestling might lack integrity. Next I'm going to find out that the fights are all works and that wrestlers carry razor blade with them. Warrior ensconced himself in a glass house of hypocrisy and sanctimony as though he were somehow better than the business. Layering on xenophobia and homophobia can't put a distance between the reality that he was a carny like all the rest. Maybe less talented, maybe more style over substance than the rest, maybe more informercial and self-help huckster than the the rest, but a carny nonetheless. 


Maciek Kusnierz: The days when he did nothing but sit around and snort cocaine were probably some of Hogan's best days. Also this video missed the epic quote 'a day without pot is like a day without sunshine'

macky Winters: The only thing this cunt exposes is his dong to little boys..............

EasyAttack: You even tried to get me to sample those thrills. 

VJ SWORD: Maybe his death was "to coincidental, to be accidental"? 

Cecina Niehof: But you're dead hahahhaha

Kevin Tignor: he's just being ruthless. Is this supposed to make me change my opinion of Hogan? What does it matter that he did cocaine in the 80s or that Linda has been around?

Melanie allen: it seemed like he was trying to get Hulk Hogan furious or somthing

Aguna A: Hulk is scum. The good go early to meet the big man upstairs. Hulk and his scum family will be going to hell. Karma is coming bitch!!!!!!

Terry Pie: He seemed like his mind was stuck in his best years and he was losing it. He didn't seem right in his last two appearances either. He won his law suit. God Bless his family..

Latoya Cummings: man that dude needs to shut up the ultimate warrior keeps running his mouth! god bless dat nigga

TheJmp187: Cant believe hes gone. Wrestling is done. He was so real. So real!!!!!!! Love you warrior. Im flabergasted youve passed away. I truly hope it was au natural causes thats my only wish at this point. Its terrible because i was looking forward to what you had in store for the future. And i love how you speak the way you did and told the truth. Credible man. And will be missed very bad. This ones gonna take a while. 

CM ONHITME: glad they did not sacrifice jake the snake. happy about that

Cheech Chong: Man, it seems like all wrestlers are cked up human beings....

typeonegative71203: Oh powned at 4:14

Wayne Perkins: hello boys

jorge neves: Ultimate warrior a falar do hulk hogan

ap s: truth be told warrior failed to be the franchise after wm6..

Blain Smith: Rip warrior

eduardo Terrazas: Wow iron shiek make you humble old country way freak the hulk hogan!

CopperBeechRow: all you pieces of crap talkin crap about how warrior Is dead now. yeah he is dead because the good ones always get taken first. so freak all you who disrespect the warrior. warrior will always be better than Hogan in life and death so get that up your freakin ass bitches ;)

Caleb Robertson: Mwahahahaha, yer dead you freak, and Hogan reigns supreme!

eTemplarHunter: warrior is a freaking bitter washed up should-a-been. if he blames hulk hogan for the disaster that was his career he is every bit as delusional as his promos would indicate.

CM ONHITME: this is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! good for him! never liked him until now.

Jesse Nays: Hogan prob sucked rooster for the title like cena :P

snakebandit: Warrior comes off as a jealous d-bag. How does the ground feel, Warrior?!

Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan 4.4 out of 5

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Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan