Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan

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Ultimate Warrior Shoot Interview - rips into Hulk Hogan - must watch
Ultimate Warrior Shoot Interview - rips into Hulk Hogan - must watch
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Hulk Hogan "Karma is coming to collect"
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Thunder in Paradise (Hulk Hogan)
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CommentatorDeluxe: homophobe vs racist
chose your heroes wisely

Valentine Faith: keep crap to yourself old ass man

enforcer89 jackson: karna sure did collect! like a motherfreaker!!

As he said was coming.


erikscrtmn777: god damn, ultimate warrior is pissed off at hulk hogan for some reason XD

erikscrtmn777: hulkamania forever! XD

Martin-G-Tattoos: No mention of Hogan's phrase "New World Order"... Or his support for it? BS high school drama among grown men. What a joke.

Sam Vimes: It's ironic how Ultimate Warrior says Hulk isn't right in the head. Anyone who's read his comic or seen his "motivational speeches" knows Hellwig was freaking insane. Hulk Hogan may be an asshole, but the Ultimate Warrior was completely unhinged.

vegabonzo73: I thought they made up before he died, thank God. 

John Menyhard: He was in great shape for his his age.i just don't buy it that he just fell down.i think he was poisoned by illuminati 

shockin vybez: Hulk hogan is a racist. Warrior warned us a long time ago about hogan

FlowWolf PsyTrance: Jim Warrior is laughing at PARTS UNKNOWN about Terry Bollea (a.k.a. Hulk Hogan). While they made up, I am sure there was some hate before Warrior died toward the Hulk insincere apologize. Of course in front of the cameras Warrior accepted Hogan apology.

Reva Nelson: So the the ultimate warrior is right about hulk hogan? 

Jonathan Guy: Why the freaking song

Jason Flanagan: Gotta say, if you listened to the late Savage and late Warrior, they both had a mutual hatred for Hogan. Bret Hart still does too. Funny how everyone says "they're all delusional" etc, but Hogan's pretty outnumbered when it comes to crap stirring and backstabbing. Personally, I love 'em all. Just interesting.

CitizenKane380: I honestly thought this guy was dead a  long time ago. I heard he died in the mid 90's.

Delvin Walton: warrior right about the phone call with his son

Delvin Walton: wow

sandinyourshoes: Was Warrior still upset because he was defeated by Hogan at Halloween Havoc?
Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan 5 out of 5

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Nick Gore: Do you have a full clip of this performance?
He's actually starting to get alot better compared to 2006-2013

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Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan