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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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LikeRem: ;-) estan bien lindas esas extenciones con rulos! ;-) besos hermanita bonita de youtube ;-)
Macey Hale: how long did it take to build?
BelgianEvo: We only have 3G over her And with speedtest i can get up to about 500kb/sec download and 170kb/sec upload. Not very fast compared to Home network, but not bad for a smartphone i think :) With Wifi it's ALLOT faster 2600kb/sec
hamza mahmood: when you do this can u stil send messages because it says when you delete it it wont let u send messages on it or receive
Kyle Mcdonald: @zorro0033 sweet tell me what you think of them =D
Rodrigo Fuentes: freak off all fifa fan
MustardBrain: Metabots Online =D

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