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Roman Novikov: Мужики, это ваша инициатива отснять этот материал, или вас ктото послал? Вы ж вообще не в теме, - сравниваете мото с авто! И ведете себя, как подростки, разглядывая спидо и тахо, - к репортажу нужно лучше готовиться!
Clemens S.: this looks and feels excactly like supreme commander
majin godzilla: How much was he
SassyHershsey SassyHershey: Blockade runners were businesses not interested in the Civil War, but in profits, therefore they did not smuggle rifles or other "war supplies" but luxury goods. They were not loyal to anyone but profits.
DraoMhaigh: House of Night is one my fav' series pleaaaseee try the next two books! You may like it =]
Terry68Firebird: @tom - really glad you got it working- probably a combination of the operatin system and the thumbdrive- when it works it's easy...yeah it'll play burnt games- I can post a tutorial on how To do this- it is not hard to do- I'd upgrade the HDD-one thing you would probably enjoy is coinops lite (like 700 games- arcades and consoles)- it'll fit on your stock HDD- do you have a seagate or a wd HDD -the seagate has an additional 2gb that you can access(I have a tutorial on this-it is easy and quick)-have fun
Roheena Bahram: U look so better with long hair

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