2014 Honda CRV Tips And Tricks Review

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2014 Honda CRV Tips and Tricks Review
2014 Honda CRV Tips and Tricks Review
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ashley thompson: Hi Jason I just discovered your tips Channel. I am based in the UK and purchased my CR-V EX in Jan 2015 I have a Question which none of my local dealers seem to able to answer. Via Bluetooth What has caused the CR-V to stop showing the Track information? I know this did work because it was a feature I wanted and checked during my test drive and When I received my own model it worked. and after a few months stopped. I have Tried various Model phones and IPOD"touch models with Bluetooth", IPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 6 although I have always owned a Samsung Android Device and Have Upgrade from S3 to S4 now using A Note 4 just to try and get this feature back. I can make calls Via the Bluetooth which does display Caller name. so it is just the track data not being display. My model CR-V EX does have the Hard drive, and music played from the Hard Drive does show the Track information but also flakes out occasionally and after a restart of the car mostly Fixes that i was also Advised to update the Radio Version I was Running 5455 and now running 7155. "http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqEurope-Site/en_GB/-/GBP/View-Static?&Page=PressCenter2"

Any Ideas to help ?

Carlos & Provy Rivera: Any plans for a 2015 CRV tips & tricks?

Giulia P: thanks!!

denakel16: Great video but you missed out on telling people that when you move the tourne cover, you can now pull it up and give you a hidden area right behind the hatch

Jim Scimonetti: Hi Jason, I hope you do one of these "Tips and Tricks" for the 2015 Honda CRV. Keep up the good work. Love your videos.

stogierogy: Hey Jason, got a question. I have a 2015 CRV EX and while i love the fact I can see text messages on the touch screen is there a way to disable SENT messages? Every message that I MYSELF send pops up? I don't need that and its a nuisance. 

DeadGear: How do you change the girls voice for the car to a guys voice (example: the phone has been connected message is a girls voice) how do you change it?

MotoPedia - UAE Car Review Show: I really liked your video.

Adelina Zee: I am unable to load from contact list from my Samsung Note 3 to the Bluetooth upload. Apparently it works with i-phone but not Samsung. The same phone was able to load into Odessey according to someone else who had same problem. So Honda, please fix this bug real soon as I cannot use my blue tooth. It only loads 200 contacts only apparently. We need more than 200 contacts, more like 1,000 at least as most have more than 200 on Contact list which should be editable with name in manual load. We cannot even put names in there. Just not good enough.

MrFreakUK: Hi Jason,

I am taking delivery of the CRV in April and I just had a question. I am getting the SR Navi version which apparently deletes the AUX input and replaces it with a Video jack. Does that mean that music will only stream from my iphone via Bluetooth ? What about things like Podcasts etc ? Also are the functions you show above for customization done via the large Nav screen or are there two screens in the vehicle ? I test drove the car last June and can’t really remember.

hameed shaw: Thanks Mr. Jason, for your wonderful presentation, it was indeed  informative.

Kaled Ahmed: boo

Chrissie Purcell: You are saying 2013 but the video says 2014. Are they the same? Thanks

FelipeAlfaro: Hi see my channel please

Kathleen Carter Steeves: I want a car so you can leave the dam computer home give me a break!!!!

NimbusKhan NK: Nice tips :)
...but what I REALLY need to know is:
How do I Fast Track Search the musics on my iPod Touch when connected through "AUX", on the CRV?
It takes AGES going through the tracks in regular search mode.
Maybe there's no tip or trick for it...maybe it's a "product characteristic" :(

HondaPro Jason: 330k views? Thanks for all the Honda Love :-D

L9K1C2: good video - very informative  But its pronounced 20 13 (twenty thirteen) not two thousand and thirteen. 100 years ago they didn't say one thousand, nine hundred and thirteen. 

Now Boarding Pet Hotels: In the UK, CRV stands for Compact Recreational Vehicle
2014 Honda CRV Tips and Tricks Review 5 out of 5

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2014 Honda CRV Tips and Tricks Review