DDM HID Lights 55w And 35w 6k And 8k Review

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DDM HID Lights 55w and 35w 6k and 8k Review
DDM HID Lights 55w and 35w 6k and 8k Review
Ordering HID Lights from DDM Tuning
Ordering HID Lights from DDM Tuning
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IsmokeTouch: Why? So you can see better? Yet blind all oncoming traffic! You sir are a pickle!

turbobenx: blinds other pplz huh? ...and that's funny?

Nelson Stirling: If you're blinding other road users, is because you haven't adjusted you beams properly... In some cases, upgrading your system, requires you to adjust your headlights... Don't be a pickle and go around blinding other road users... What an amateur...

Rod B: Stop Whining

XxJimmieVegasxX: +reaj2010 your an idiot, actually anything but halogen light is illegal to have, cops just let it go just like tinted or smoked headlights or taillights are also illegal. 

XxJimmieVegasxX: Stfu about o come to NY and try this your soooo cool bro, I also order from DDM and have 8k on my lifted H3 and I just adjusted the lights down more then usual to not blind drivers and I have never been flashed for my hid lights. Don't be a pickle and blind people for no reason, with mine down still can see the road really well and far. 

Jeramie Harris: Guy sounds like a punk bitch yet he says he dont care about blinding other people by putting these in his stock light housings...this little maggot must have never got his ass beat or followed home for blinding oncoming drivers. Come to NY and try that crap lol.

sergeyhome: Most of the time its the ballasts tnat go out I tryed to put in 2 different sets of the 3000k in the fog lights in my mdx and they keeped on going out the ballasts

Joshua moore: Where did you order the top lights from the 55w ebay ? If so what was the name of them . Ive been looking for the old style bulky hid ballasts they are well build and better quality. 

Deezy Beats: Come on man, please tell me you have the right projectors now. I'm all for hid and I'm installing a new 55w kit myself but I retrofitted my Mazda 6 with new projectors...do it right or not at all. The cheap way can end up blinding somebody and off the road they go...or head on into you.

mtpola1: Spend some money on some projectors.

reaj2010: There just mad the can't afford hid lights haha get with the times idiots almost all new models have hids installed from the factory! You gonna beat up all the drivers? Haha

mitmaks: That could end up real bad for you and idiots like yourself. I carry baseball bat just for morons.

NikKast1981: another ignorant driver who got his license by paying.....

reaj2010: not legal to have bright lights? your a idiot! I hope i can blind you tonight on the road!

reaj2010: we do it just for guys like you! cant wait to come up behind you when your going 55 in the fast lane with 4 55 watt beams!

Joe Doe: quit your bitching.

Mateo Villarreal: For 600k would you recommend the 55watt or 35watt?

MoreLikeCappuccino: Blinding other drivers. Because its a good idea to have a 55MPH blind person heading straight towards you

mitmaks: I;ll run your ass over with my truck, knock you over in a ditch.
DDM HID Lights 55w and 35w 6k and 8k Review 5 out of 5

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DDM HID Lights 55w and 35w 6k and 8k Review