Lenovo K900 Camera Review

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Lenovo K900 Camera Review
Lenovo K900 Camera Review
Lenovo K900 Review
Lenovo K900 Review
Lenovo K900 Review. Unboxing.  Camera. Gaming. Benchmarks. Price and Value For Money
Lenovo K900 Review. Unboxing. Camera. Gaming. Benchmarks. Price and Value For Money
Lenovo K900 Gaming Performance Review
Lenovo K900 Gaming Performance Review
Lenovo K900 Full Review!
Lenovo K900 Full Review!

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Meena Pandey: brand new out of the box. charged but the wont come on.. any idea ?

silver: thanks for the review i like it

Jeffrey Thomas: my sister's lenovo k900 takes a long time to capture images, 3-5 seconds using the front camera... Is this normal? 

Budiono Zhang: my girlfriend's k900 front facing camera.... takes bad image... what is the problem?

Ahmad Amar: why did my switch camera button disappeared? 

grifoxxx1: The phone has HDR?!

Biswadeep Banerjee: The k900 is quite an amazing phone. But I have quite a few questions about rooting, custom ROM for the k900, backing up pf data ,etc. I stay in Hyderabad n if there was some way that you could solve my queries it would be great

Alex Firdaus: Great review. I don't have the phone but I'm using the software on my sgs2 and it works.

Roberto Barros: HDMI out?

Bharadwaj Chandramouli: Yes, the interpolation happens in the special modes alone and there's no way to control it.. Sensor size was taken from Sony's publicly available of data of the EXMOR RS 13 MP unit, on which the K900's camera is based on.

Manoj Dhandore: I bought this phone.. this phone is amazing for speed and gaming and camera is just awesome i just got to know about camera deeply after watching this video.. thanks for this video man. Peace ;)

Han Chien Leow: lenovo k900 for the price... if u are rich buy a note 3 / s4 / z1 / htc one others dont think about it

Israel ben david: you mantions in the video that are an interpolation and downsample the images to 5MP. is there any way to bypass that? and about the sensor is that 1/3.06" ?? how did you measure that?

Giang Nguyễn Hoàng: The great camera!

pamfil vasile: did you root your device in order to get market play?

Bara Ilmika: Ugly? Well, I guess this phone is just not for you. Business people would say the design is simple yet elegant. I would really love to get one.

Kenneth Almario: Specs are good but the design is quite ugly

Reza Elborneo: Hey.. in the video you said it has sony exmor RS, but in description sony exmor BSI.

Reza Elborneo: for the price reason you can choose k900, it powered by sony exmor RS, high megapixel also, good design than galaxy s3, high spec than xperia zr. in other word k900 is the best part of xperia and galaxy blend it together as one. damn..!!! my sound like lenovo sales officer.. lol

Konstantin Lobanov: Thanks for video. Can you compare with Lumia 920, Galaxy S4, Iphone 5 or something like this?
Lenovo K900 Camera Review 5 out of 5

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Lenovo K900 Camera Review