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Edward Choe: My car is 1993 Ford F150 I need Mileage Correction Here in the United States is California What is the price?
LPS ayah: Why douse Tom have a girl voice
Richard Rodriguez: is it the same problem when the whining sound also happens when accelerating the car? I have a 2005 honda civic lx and it has the bubble problems but it doesn't only sound when steering, but also when accelerating. Thanks
Maximumbatspeed: Hey Billy. It is not as simple as saying " throwing the knob at the ball ". It is very important to elaborate on what must occur, and when, if this is being taught. You are right, this should occur, but it happens in a specific way and time in the sequence of a swing. Many instructors will say "throw the knob to the ball", but fail to elaborate beyond that. I have seen coaches teach this and the player/student literally take the knob to the ball, therefore creating a linear swing, and at times, with horrible bat drag. At any specific time in the swing, the knob is pointing in many directions due to the rotation of the body at heel-plant. I understand your point, but again, it can be misinterpreted. Thanks for sharing.
Danil Bogdanov: got one of that :) my grandpa bouth it just after the ww2 :) got it on my 16 birhday driveing it evry day :)
Jim Stone: Since this is several years old, is there anything you'd do differently today?
Amaury junior: Cara muuito obrigado... eu coloquei e deu certo valew =)

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