Surface Electric Oven Range Stop Working - Repair Replace GE Glass Top Haliant Heating Element

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Surface Electric Oven Range stop working - Repair Replace GE Glass top Haliant Heating Element
Surface Electric Oven Range stop working - Repair Replace GE Glass top Haliant Heating Element
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Jah B Nyandoro: Very helpful video BUT anyone who is doing this PLEASE turn off on the wall/mains for safety reasons. We still want you to cook.

Kristine Cayne: Super helpful!

Habiba Naz: Thank u so much

Paj Dawb Lis: Thanks! Very helpful!

Võ Toàn: Thank you, you helped me to save money from call someone in for repair

buster916: Got a quote and it was $200-$300 for parts and labor. Thanks for taking the time to show how doable this repair is for just about anyone.

CheeryToes: GREAT!!! I'd read the steps, but actually seeing someone do it makes it look super easy, thanks for taking the time to film it for us! And thanks for the links!

Duy Nguyen: great video! thank you!!!! 

DIY Tinker: i dont think so. if they do, then it might be a special order. let me know if you do ask HD. But local applicance repair stores do sell these. else, you can always buy online.

Mine- Craftors: does home depot sell it|?

Fe69Man: Thank you for posting this video. It was really helpful!

jeff dahmer: My oven coil burned out my glass top is cracked and I have 2 burners out .

Peperonata Pasta: love repair, this video is very good and clear, good idea. Thanks

DIY Tinker: you can replace the glass and both burners. Just check the store and see if its worth replacing.

DJ Daniels: Was trying to figure out how to open this up to make sure it was clean , thanks so much .

DIY Tinker: @peperonatapasta thx :) u made my day

Keith Otis Edwards: Thank you for presenting the simple instructions for removing the screws to lift the glass top and burners. This is my first electric range, and I strained my back trying to lift the top without removing the screws. All the other videos show the burner tray simply being lifted.

richard domingo: is it okay for the electric oven's heating elements to get grease or wet sort wet from food drops?

seleness75: Thanks for your post, It helped a lot, did it in a breeze. ;-)

smhicks30: I have a GE glass top oven. Starting with one and over time now all burners won't maintain the proper temp setting. If I put it on low, the burner will end up on high and not go back down until I jiggle the knob. This happens on the two front burners. Thanks for any insight.

miamiricangirl: This is a very nice video. Thanks for sharing. What kind of drill it that? It has a light. That cool!

l33tr3t: Try this tip - instead of buying a replacement element we used a tweezer to reconnect the burnt out coil to each other (the coil is very thin, careful). It actually worked! I hope it lasts, thanks to this video for showing how to do the repair.

ophotcake: Just got my new one in the mail but the top clayish part has a few cracks. Think it's still worthy?

ari flores: mine just went out yesterday, now ill show my hubby this video so he can try and fix it. Thank You For Your Help :)

0501victoria: Thanks for posting

DIY Tinker: ya, the few i worked with had a few cracks on the edge. i think its fine as long as its not a structural issue (e.g. major crack down the element). thats just my 2 cents. hope that helps.

DIY Tinker: thats wonderful!

Donna Dorman: I came down in the morning to make breakfast and the clock was flashing, so I adjusted the clock and turned on the burner and it didn't come on so I tried the 3 burners and none of them would come on, then I tried the oven and it wouldn't come on. I have had this appliance for about 2-3 years, is it burned out already? I checked my circuit breaker everything was on, so what's wrong with my stove?

frenchysdynasty: My Daughter told me to google how to change element ..looks easy and I am off to try myself..

MrNicholg: This would have been a lot more fun if you stripped the screws, dropped the burner, burned yourself, knocked the board off when you took the connectors out and slammed the hood on your fingers, an then shocked yourself when you plugged it back in, but overall nice vid anyway.

Indigo Blue: Great video and spot on. Thanks for the help.

DIY Tinker: With the info you present, i would say: Since the clock was flashing means the stove went out of power at one point. Now the clock is the only thing that turns on and the rest are not working. Meaning you might have 120VAC but not 240VAC. Check your breaker or a fuse somewhere. check the voltage at the wall etc... hope that helps.

nayyar: Today suddenly our glasstop one burner doesn't stop. Even after turning the nob burner is still on...don't know whats happening our house was full of smoke because we thought gas is off but it was still on. Luckily my husband was at home. Can you help me what is the reason for that or we have to replace the whole stop now ???????? PLEASE REPLY !!

B B: tips is really helpful. Thanks

IowaCowboy: Good video, I just bought a new Kenmore range with a cooktop. I hope it does not need repair in the near future but I think the steps are the same. Kenmore ranges are made by Frigidaire.

DIY Tinker: sounds like a knob/switch issue. search youtube on "How to replace an oven switch"

DIY Tinker: Nice! happy to know it worked so well :)

DIY Tinker: wow. i never thought about that! i hope it last, and please keep me posted.

mainard dinglasan: I have the same one and im glad I found ypur video one of my elements went out to

DIY Tinker: you are more than welcome! happy to know it worked for ya.

DIY Tinker: it will decrees the life of the element.

fike301: I just installed a main top on a Whirlpool stove, slightly different, but saved me almost $400 in service call and labor from Ace Appliance Repair in Swanton Md! Took me 35 mins or so taking my time. Ace quoted me $100 over Repair Clinics parts price, plus labor estimate $150, also show up charge $99, total job Ace's price total was $650! Plus wait 3 weeks! Instead chose to order part from Repair Clinic for $267 and put in myself! Thanks for the vid and thumbs up to RepairClinic for parts.

SuzieG1957: I am so glad I came across this video. One of our back elements went out on our six year old stove. We nearly purchased a new one just because of this. We came across this video, ordered a new element from a local appliance repair store, and my husband had it fixed in no time. It truly is as simple as the video shows. Thank you for posting the video.

Kush Patel: Very helpful, thank you.

Angela Anderson: Awesome! One of ours just went out and I was really worried this was going to be a lot more difficult! Now I just have to find the replacement coil! LOL! Thanks!!

Dana Adams: Awesome!!! Thanks! Gotta do one this afternoon! :-)

nekesha clayton: Thank you so much. I thought I had to go get a new stove. Again thank you.

kkimberly2004: Cool! ...even I can do this!

EMODANCEHI: Aoha, Thank you so much for posting this video. I'm thankful I saw it before trashing my stove.It's worth a try :)

MsMayflower1620: Thanks for the help!
Surface Electric Oven Range stop working - Repair Replace GE Glass top Haliant Heating Element 4.7 out of 5

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Surface Electric Oven Range stop working - Repair Replace GE Glass top Haliant Heating Element