Bauer .25 Acp Pocket Pistol

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Tamiwik: This is my most favorite mini hand gun my grand father gave it to me right before he passed..... I must say here in VA it is really hard to find 25. bullets

GunWebsites: thanks

mojofish1: looks like your extractor retaining pin is working is way loose up top.

Dom b: is htis one super loud?

Michael McGee: Oh, n BTW, nice "Weenie" shooting:)

Michael McGee: Cute lil Boogers...I dont trust a 25.acp, but got one for my Mama, and it gives her piece of mind. Nice lil review brother.MIKE

Shane42011: Most worthless caliber.

DataSlam: @ 2:36 O.O

anticannoneer: do they make 30 round assault magazines for it? hehe (:

10713412: that recoil is massive

MoThePug: that was my first gun, but it was the colt 1908 pocket model looks like it tho :P my grand father found it in a sock in his closet, said it belong to his mother old gun still worked and was loaded i just needed to make a spring for the magazine tho, either way cute little gun :P

J Wilson: Nvm

J Wilson: Is 25 a center fire cartridge?

Tyler Pickersgill: the only thing i dont like is the safety

THE13EARJEW: I love Michigan made stuff

gunz-n-gadgets: @2:12 it looks like a few rounds key holed.

D33Lux: A real ball busting beauty of a pistol.

Teamvalkyrietv: I live in mi and I don't know how many they made but there's almost one in every gunshop in mi

TheYankeeMarshal: Those are better than the browning in as they are all stainless.

DrunkPisces: .380 ACP (automatic colt pistol), 9mm Kratak, 9mm short, .380 AUTO, 9mm Browning, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz or 9x17mm. same deal as 10mm and .40 S&W.
Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol 5 out of 5

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Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol