Bauer .25 Acp Pocket Pistol

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Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol
Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol

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Beretta Jetfire 950 .25 ACP Pocket Pistol Review
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Shooting the Lignose Einhand 2A in 25acp
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Overview: Intratec Protec-25 .25 ACP Pistol (CZ 45 Clone)

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ThomasPaine3: if you use a chronograph, You will see that a .22LR will still get about 1200 Fps from a 2 inch barrel pistol but a .25Acp will only get about 550 Fps. Dont take my word for it. Do the test yourself.

MrZonacat1: Thanks for showing us something a little different.

TheYankeeMarshal: Those are better than the browning in as they are all stainless.

ThePoorMansButter: Wright in duh willahe!

J Wilson: Nvm

MrGermansheppard: i have shot one f these before ... it hurt like hell the slide was grinding up against my thumb

therealcarbine15: I thought everyone spoke sarcasm.

powerbagle: automatic colt pistol

sssshhhh101: What is 'ACP' an accronym for?

powerbagle: i have never heard of .380 ACP being called 9mm short even though it is shorter. I'm not really sure ACP means its shorter just a cartrdge designed for use in a colt pistol such as 45 ACP.

TheDendrew: That is a cool pistol but now that you can get a pocket .380 or a .38 snubbie I'd rather have one of those. Still a good looking pistol though.

Keith Larsen: 22's may have twice the velocity, but that is out of a rifle or full sized hand gun... not a pocket gun.

David Pyzik: Rep Michigan. I didn't know.

kenny johnson: in the crotch omg

spud chucker: cuz that's how he rolls yo

Guns & Gears: Tiny... should fit nicely on your key ring.

sssshhhh101: Thanks you

Jim Weaver: Watch your hands, if it's just like the Baby Browning it can bite the crap out of you.

clangerbasher: The variety of your collection knows no bounds. :)

Lord Bear: someone there shooting chickens?

Jacob Norman: The finish and the handles remind me of LifeSizePotato's Whitney Wolverine.

DrunkPisces: .380 ACP (automatic colt pistol), 9mm Kratak, 9mm short, .380 AUTO, 9mm Browning, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz or 9x17mm. same deal as 10mm and .40 S&W.

mrjonny blaze: I miss my little .25 thanks for the video sir.

pcnightmare52: Cool gun and good vid. Considering the cost of ammo, I've enjoyed shooting my .25 ACP more than I would have expected. Neat little cartridge.

HiCapMag2012: Love your vids man, but why do you always shoot slanted like that? Is it just camera angle?

THE13EARJEW: I love Michigan made stuff

1957Shep: Used to see these for sale all the time. But have not seen one lately.

Teamvalkyrietv: I live in mi and I don't know how many they made but there's almost one in every gunshop in mi

sssshhhh101: Thank you. If I may ask you another question, are most ACP rounds are smaller? Like the 9mm short is called a .380 ACP, right?

MoThePug: that was my first gun, but it was the colt 1908 pocket model looks like it tho :P my grand father found it in a sock in his closet, said it belong to his mother old gun still worked and was loaded i just needed to make a spring for the magazine tho, either way cute little gun :P

luis angel cuevas: its free ajajajja

23mrcowboys: WHO CARES ABOUT performance when its so dang cute! id carry it lol

Rawls03: It is so tiny!

Jesse Sisolack: I have been looking for that exact pistol for my collection. If you are interested in selling it, send me a message. I have a spot reserved just for it.

Zotzy: very cute! Great little back-up.

MustBeNoodly: Surely when a pistol gets that small it becomes less effective as a weapon. It looks really awkward to use.

Michael McGee: Oh, n BTW, nice "Weenie" shooting:)

ManwaMasterPlan: I want a Colt vest pocket, this gun shop has had one collecting dust in the case for a year+ market at $400. Dont know if I want to part with $400 tho

realybigguns: Actually you probably survive 2 to the chest . As lons as you got to a hospital . As slow as its moving it be hard for them to get through your chest plate. But no one wants to get shot with anything. Lol

John Wizeman: I have a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket model .25, I love to shoot it, it feels like I'm shooting a sewing machine, it's so smooth.

munkirinch: i like the weapon's finish.

TheWanskiz: Thing is sweet

hoshnasi: I like that! Does that rear sight drag on the pocket at all?

glockerbob: Fit and finish on those are great,,,,,,

David Pyzik: Are the bullets key-holing at that distance?

D33Lux: A real ball busting beauty of a pistol.

alien bob: cool gun I want one gold plated

becker9192: How much did it cost you?

1200pro: Nice. I have one of these. I was wondering when you would get to the Bauer. Awesome little gun.

BUCKrub91: I know a guy who caught a woodchuck in a trap and shot it in the back of the head with a .25 acp.. the woodchuck spit the bullet out
Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol 5 out of 5

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Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol