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ReviewZoneHD: heh, thats the first request someone has tossed out for a sick commentary in a couple months :P but ya i doubt thats gonna happen, he loves these types of games tho
SKdominator: Para que funcione el "chis" hay que decirlo con dos i (Chiis)
kirkland davis: @HMSITH i use crosman premier magnum for my gamo but for ALL around 1 good pellet i would have to say the crosman premier hollow point are the best in my opinion
TheArchingMarvel: He is awesome! It makes since that he is in a box because he is well worth more than 5000 fractals in my opinion. Maybe not quite worth 15,000 fractals though. Lol I think I'm gonna take a break from boxes and start saving for Star-Lord.
jiulianhuan: …after I finish and post the article, I'll send you the link. Finally, I should thank you one more thing , which is very interesting, and also has arisen my curiosity. Because I am still wondering how much time you can spend teaching me the obvious?(The term "obvious" is the one you first used.) I would not mind your continuous teaching, which I consider VERY meaningful to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!... Thanks for the inspiration and interesting ideas you have given me,
Gary Ronan: Check out the vid's from Muggyweld. They use A flux on all there ALU. welds and it looks like it works unless it's trick photography they use. Call your local welding supply and ask about ALU. flux. They might carry something like that or can order it. Good luck!
Renzsu: Nice work, tastefully done and practical as well.

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