Bauer .25 Acp Pocket Pistol

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History of Bauer
History of Bauer
Auto belandt in weide langs de Brakelsesteenweg.
Auto belandt in weide langs de Brakelsesteenweg.
Sterling Black Divisional Russell Wilson auto to 25
Sterling Black Divisional Russell Wilson auto to 25

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GLOCK ThirtyFive: i wanted one of these but the pasnshop where i seen it was selling it for $399... and im not paying 400 dollars for any .25, never mind a bauer

funshootin1: carry a colt 1908 25acp .. Essentially a baby browning with a grip safety. . EVERY DAY is the operative phrase. how many people who we know claim to carry every day. ."I carry a 45 commander " "I always have my glock 19 and spare mag" ect.ect. but when you see them and ask the excuses begin. for whatever reason they aren't carrying. . not just the cannon they claim but anything at all..good luck winning a gunfight with no gun . my 1908 is always on me , every day all seasons. . when it's summer and clothing is not ideal I can still carry at least the little 25. . sure I carry a midsized auto most of the year and the 25 becomes my backup but some times and most isn't always. . the always is that 1908.

vac reviews: This is my most favorite mini hand gun my grand father gave it to me right before he passed..... I must say here in VA it is really hard to find 25. bullets

GunWebsites: thanks

mojofish1: looks like your extractor retaining pin is working is way loose up top.

Dom b: is htis one super loud?

Michael McGee: Oh, n BTW, nice "Weenie" shooting:)

Michael McGee: Cute lil Boogers...I dont trust a 25.acp, but got one for my Mama, and it gives her piece of mind. Nice lil review brother.MIKE

Shane42011: Most worthless caliber.

DataSlam: @ 2:36 O.O

anticannoneer: do they make 30 round assault magazines for it? hehe (:

MoThePug: that was my first gun, but it was the colt 1908 pocket model looks like it tho :P my grand father found it in a sock in his closet, said it belong to his mother old gun still worked and was loaded i just needed to make a spring for the magazine tho, either way cute little gun :P

J Wilson: Nvm

J Wilson: Is 25 a center fire cartridge?

Tyler Pickersgill: the only thing i dont like is the safety

Tyler: I love Michigan made stuff

gunz-n-gadgets: @2:12 it looks like a few rounds key holed.

D33Lux: A real ball busting beauty of a pistol.

Teamvalkyrietv: I live in mi and I don't know how many they made but there's almost one in every gunshop in mi

TheYankeeMarshal: Those are better than the browning in as they are all stainless.
Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol 5 out of 5

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Bauer .25 acp Pocket Pistol