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Murilo sena: daora
Jemil Ourimi: Astro A50's or Logitech G930?
Puma 4452: GOOFS: * Shelburne appears, but he isn't introduced until Hank's New Name. * At 1.46 Theodore is at the repair dock, but in the scenes after and before this scene, Theodore was beside Shelburne. * Taking Shelburne to the other side of the Ocean would take days, but when Theodore arrives back to The Big Harbour at night, George is seen back at the dock. * The Harbour Master said that this was Theodore's first trip outside The Big Harbour, but Theodore has been outside The Big Harbour many times. 
Sarz93: Does anyone have any ideas what to substitute the odeng with cause i cant find anywhere here in brisbane that sells it :\ I read one person used frozen prawns instead and i wanna give that a go but any other ideas would be great also cooking seafood freaks me out lol 
JAAmongo: dat acid line at 0:44
Slave2PaperWithInkOn: CHECKOUT the 2min52 "Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?" by Positive Money and the 4min11 "RISE UP [Official Video]." Peace
ahmad 745: Hey RazrGuy, saw this video quite a while back. Used my xt910 like a champ, but somehow completely bricked it, unresponsive, with no Moto logo and no boot to speak of. When I plug it into the charger a white LED comes on, and that is about it. (It was purchased in the Middle East.) Any ideas on how to flash it with any ROM that will bring it back to life?

civic flex lxs automatico 2009/2010 venda