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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Darwin Hawke: This game packs so much macho and testosterone it's almost homoerotic. I really miss Michael Ironside's voice, but hopefully I'll get used to this new voice. Planning on getting this a bit later after I finish a few other titles, including Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us.
RealationGames: Mostly false tutorial. You don't solder wires like that. The tin itself only barely hold stuff together. Wrap those wires in hooks(there's 200 page NASA article about this) around each other so that you can pull them while they stay together and have most contact are as possible. Same goes with that potentiometer. Any joint that is only held by solder is going to break in time. Also, if that is not possible(e.g. wire to flat PCB plane) you cannot possibly hold them steady enough. It will always create poor solder structure. You got that helping hand there, just put both components to each of those clamps, have them rest on each other without any force, and then tin them.
androidwinner: Cooool
bigclivedotcom: Keep in mind that the power supply in that lamp is not necessarily isolated from the mains side since it's normally enclosed in the lamp. Connecting open strip like that may pose an electrocution risk in a non isolated version. It's also probably current limited since the LED panel itself doesn't have any form of current limiting on it. That will affect how the RGB strip lights.
Sean mac gabhann: A great FILM thank you very much AND God BLESS you all .
Kingston Brice: i want one!
SterretjeDj: Jwah

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