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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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tiggysquirrel: Thanks for this video Wayne. If we use the stipple brush, do we apply product to the face and swirl? Could you do a video the showing best way to use this product? Also, could you recommend which uplight product/number works with what foundation range/numbers. Sometimes its hard to pick the right illuminator for my skintone. I use HD foundation in 117. Thanks from a "mature" fan in Canada.
Gabriel Alcala: Parece muñequita...
luis garca: hola, como te contacto? eres agencia y donde te encuentras?
CineDigitalTV: Hola Darío, la XA10 es muy buena cámara, nosotros tenemos 2 de ellas y las seguimos y seguiremos usando. En cuanto a como manejarla, los principios y varias de las cosas que tocaremos en el curso el jueves también te pueden servir, te invito a que te inscribas y lo tomes. Saludos.
Johneymute supergd: the only thing that bothers me is,like many companny's doing, why the hell they only sold the motherboard,why they tell you to buy a saperate cartride case and forcing you to drill/mill holes to fit the board inside,is it so hard,expansive for the companny to put a cartride case on it,besides,what if you accidantally put the board incorrectly in the snes,you may couse shortings,just shame on it!!!!!!
Shon9tilR: Never put anything on weave except shampoo and conditioner.
Anthony Bonfiglio: just a new comment passing through