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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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BeaverHill: @flyfish1995 ANOTHER whiny sniveling bastard! I hate Nascar too, but I can't help the fact you can't fish at night. Get over yourself.
The gamers dwarf: Mal ne frage: Wenn ich oft ein duell mache steht da ich habe sternenchip erhalten was bringen sternenchips
Phizich: that is so clean and sick.. and the Canon 550D camera is nice also :)
cerebrix: did you seriously just say microsoft doesnt understand the pc mmo market? they funded most of the development of the following mmos...... vanguard, true fantasy online (unreleased), Allegiance, mythica (unreleased), marvel universe online (partnership with marvel, microsoft, and cryptic studios. later became champions online), asheron's call, & asheron's call 2. yes, they bailed out of some games. but they understand, you cant polish a turd. they get that market far better than most..
MARTIN UKRAINA: what car ?
MrTroubleSnake: Silva's a monster, look at his chin! That craps bigger than Fedor's head.
Jack Drescher: nice vid