DIY Ombre Hair Using Loreal Ombre Kit

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DIY Ombre Hair using Loreal Ombre Kit
DIY Ombre Hair using Loreal Ombre Kit

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Sabrina Ferrigno: is your hair dyed black or is it natural

Kevin Jusman: I'm from Indonesia , all of the people here only have black hair , my hair is black , the first time I dye my hair dark , the colour will not come , ur colour still come out , mine is not , so I try it 3 times , and still the colour is not showing , so my friend tell me about a bleach product , and I bleach my hair , and once I bleach it , my hair turn yellow lol ,after it turn yellow , I dye it dark brown , this time the colour work , I saw my hair turn dark brown and I love it , last time I bleach my hair again and dye it blue , I love it , I already dye my hair like dark brown , light brown , copper brown , red , pink , green , blue lol . And every time I want to dye my hair again , I'm always bleach it first lol or the colour will not come out 😆👍🏻

Patricia Maldonado: boo waste of time..dont watch..nothing changed

Maryam Alam: Does this include a bleaching kit

Xiomara Viayrada Videos: caυѕe ι wanт тo вυy тнaт ĸιnd

Xiomara Viayrada Videos: wнere dιd υ вυy тнaт нaιr dye

georlysa14: this product works she just didn't put nearly enough on her hair...that's not how you dye it lol

Yadira Arias: You could've just bleached it 😛😛😛

Angel Tube: You look so cute

Palestine freedom: you needed to get the lightest shade of blonde first, and use that as many times until the color lifted to an orange tinted yellow shade after that you use the toner u used.

Haroon Ali: good

Jada Willison: i think you didnt use enough


Latisha Lawrence: If I wanted my hair to be lighter at the bottom I would of plastered the whole thing on my hair

Ebini Adigra: You did highlight ( few touch on your hair ) not ombre

Layla Lutz: Hey! I just wanted to know if anyone has done what I plan to do with this hair dye. I'm a natural brunette, but I've been dyeing my hair ginger since almost 2 years. The last time I dyed was two months ago, but now I want to dye it darker (to resemble my natural hair color) but at the same time I wanted to also add a little bit of color and I also bought a
box of this product (but the one that is for darker hair since I'm going to dye it darker). So my question is.... does this product dry you hair horrible? and also how many weeks you think I should leave in between from dyeing it darker to actually doing the ombre? I've been
watching videos but none of the girls say if they dye their hair darker or if it is their natural color. If anyone can please answer me I would really appreciated it!!!!!

Elizabeth Armenteros: you have to use a lot of product on the brush it brings. I have very dark hair and it came out blonde

Zainomite: i did this on my ultra dark hair.....let me tell u one thing...the brush is useles...u have to soak your hair in the dye xD then it works AMAZING

unholy ascension: looks more like u tried to highlight your hair no ombre proberly needed more of it and some foil paper

Claudia Aguilar: The first time i ever did ombre was with this colour, my hair is black and it turned my hair almost White at the bottom (i loved it). The trick is to actually get in there, use your hands, i didn't really use the brush, at least not at the ends. If you wanted it lighter then you should've put mor colour on your hair, but i actually liked the out come, it's not ombre, but i liked it!! :)
DIY Ombre Hair using Loreal Ombre Kit 5 out of 5

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DIY Ombre Hair using Loreal Ombre Kit