Accuracy International AX338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle Made In England

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alolipa: Video sucks

Shawn Gunnison: Advertisement every minute? Thumbs down!

Jim p: As an ex sniper,i used L96A1 in my time (early 90s). And looking at this and meny modern weapon's I'm just not convinced they would work in the field. Yes they may be great for shooting, but when you are out in the field for meny days trying to stay undiscovered there seems too meny bits on these rifles to catch on scrub or to adjust for certain fireing position's. obviously I only used older models while I was in the forces or or private work so I may be wrong, but it's just an observation.

Andreas Werner Reiske: Heißes Gerät! Aber wehe wehe, wenn es
in die falschen Hände gerät ...

Alexander Evans: Mate......You sell guns. You work for Accuracy International. And you STILL called a supressor a silencer.......I don't care about ads, I don't care about the fact that you stumble over your delivery of the presentation in every sentence. What I do care about is one such as you mistaking the vernacular of the firearm industry. smh

RIDWAN SHADHON: hahahaha i have 50 cal

Richard Hall: I owned one of these for 18 months and used it extensively it just got better and better the more I shot 1500 yards it was frighteningly accurate.

Chris England: How does such an inarticulate bloke get a job as a salesman?    
He can hardly speak a whole sentence without drawling "ERRR'" every few seconds, This was more irritating than all the bloody ad's...

Jesus von Nazaret: I wonder why you were not able to stuff more advertisement for your DVD into this 3 minute video.

anon: i think its so dumb when people put keymod on then put picatinny rail section on it.

Zachary Tunnell: Why does this have so many dislikes?

Roliee95: how much is it?

Thi Tran: $10,000 setup? Damn! I can buy a Smartcar with that money :-(

John Nordic: Meh. I would take Sako M10 over this one.

sidney scott: they are not illegal in England there just not very easy to get you can get a 50. cal on your FAC if you can think of a good reason to have it . I know there is a 50. cal club in England somewhere just cant remember what its called . I have a ruger 10/22  2 rem700's in 223 and 308 parker hale in 308 and a Mossberg 590 would have move if I had the cash

Gareth: The guy said 'silencer' and he works for an arms manufacturer... lol

Khusairi Atan: Give me..

SN1P3rMAST3r303: We're do you get it?

احمد جاف:

Accuracy International AX338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle Made in England 5 out of 5

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alolipa: Video sucks
Grant Howard: Do you think I'll need any specialty tools to remove the door panel in my '03 Durango for the front, driver's side door?
Charnichka_beauty: какой бред, эта щётка вращается , а кларисоник нет !! а вот насчёт Орифлейм и тд да
John [The Omega/Renaissance Man] Williams: What a classy woman. GOD bless her.
Matthew Roe: I have been looking for a good pick set I am just starting out do u have any more to giveaway please
redphone243: Great everything speed test.
Sel Ka: Deiner Review kann ich absolut gar nicht zustimmen! Das ist keinesfalls eine stark deckende Foundation, die man strecken muss. Sie deckt leicht bis mittel und lässt sich super leicht einarbeiten, sei es mit der Hand oder einem Make-Up Ei. Die Foundation ist auch nicht aus England, sondern Frankreich und hat 6 Farben (nicht 4, wie du behauptest) Alles in allem ist deine Review wirklich nicht hilfreich und teilweise sogar falsch. Zum Glück gibt es noch viele andere Reviews zu dieser Foundation, die treffender sind :)

Accuracy International AX338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle Made in England