Fake IPhone, IPod Touch Made In China.

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Fake iPhone. iPod Touch Made in China.
Fake iPhone. iPod Touch Made in China.
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What is inside a fake chinese Iphone ?

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johancollyns: 육 년....

Erection Protection: IPod touch was made in China '~'

Monica: ew

Brandon Bohn: Apple designed in cupertino (yeaaaaah hometown) but will be officially assembled in United States most likely cupertino its what i been hearing for awhile now...i guess apple is getting tired of the illegal imports of fake ipod products....i say great move

Bradley Grindell: Its made in California I think, at least that's what it said when I set up mine.

amadeothesin: I respect china but unless they have permission from the creators (if there still alive) they cant copy everything we make. I respect china thow but, yeah.

madsientist1: Ask Siri where are you make it will say Florida or some thing like that so I know for certain it's not make in china

PokeLegoCuber: or just freak this product.

Phoebe Ann: 0:53-gims

o2.thinkr: They make their own fake sopies of what we pay them to make...

JOE VDA: Like an ipod on stairoids

Rolando Barone: It is so kewl to white messashe weeu fingoo han

Z Lei: organe?

Serkero: jh4dc5s freakYourself !!!

Jai Rajasekaran: Fake products

Delontae Richardson: crap at least cheap whos give

karimn97: 1:10 Cracking up...

Cathexis256: funny the real ones are also made there!

SunnySunKansas: How much for a fake apple iphone? It is a nice video.

roman0811: @jh4dc5s Odds are, that 90% of the stuff in your basement is being produced in China so shush.
Fake iPhone, iPod Touch Made in China. 5 out of 5

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johancollyns: 육 년....
Jasmine O'Connor: you mean to say at the end> "peace out fullers".
where do you get that game??

williamg2552: From Wikipedia:
For the 1955 model year, the Imperial was launched and registered as a
separate marque (make), apart from the Chrysler brand. It was a product
of the new Imperial Division of Chrysler Corporation, meaning that the Imperial would be a make and division unto itself, and NOT bear the Chrysler name.
Chrysler Corporation sent notices to all state licensing agencies in
the then-48 states that the Imperial, beginning in 1955, would no longer
be registered as a Chrysler, but as a SEPARATE MAKE .

MA CZ: :)
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Rosa Casey: he said he came out to his parents just a few months prior but something tells me they had known he was gay long before that.
Вікторія Гарасимішин: потрібно розповідати про свій досвід, а не рекламувати продукт, по-іншому  такі блоги немають сенсу!!!!!

Fake iPhone, iPod Touch Made in China.