Dillon Reloading Press XL 650

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Michael Foxworthy: Makes you want to play Money from Pink Floyd! Great video. Mine is in the mail. Can't wait to get started.

c1ggylol: Hi. Thanks for posting this video. I want to start reloading however was worried about the price. I saw a 650 xl for around 570$, however you said your setup was 1200$.. Were there extras in your setup, did I miss something. Thanks again!

SmurfnPurple: Also because of you, I bought a 650, built a nice bench from plans of the National Reloaders Manufacturing Assn. i didn't have any problems getting it assembled, and have reloaded 300+ rounds of .45acp. I had about 6 rounds that wouldn't quite go all the way in the case gauge. I Los had 3 rounds where the primer wasn't fully seated. Guess my downstroke is not smooth enough.

Nokia 179: Thanks for the video. So initially what was your cost on the re loader and was it easy to find primers and powder?

Miguel Jose: Love this video I love it is so informative

Amiga3000: Did you notice the 2 proud primers? (First row 2nd to the right, Second row center).

joe blow: Because of you I bought one from Brian Enoes. Now just can not find any powder anywhere.....

216PapaBravo: On the XL 650 you get the press set up for one caliber (less die set) for $577 all of the accessories are extra. My setup for one caliber totaled $1290 (Oct 2012 pricing)

KemoSabe: When ordering the xl650 what actually comes with it? Do you have to order the case feeder and all of those things separately?

216PapaBravo: After the machine was assembled, I measured the base and my son-in-law cut it out of 1/16" steel plate. We then measured floor to the top of the bench and cut a lenght of 1" square tubing, welded it up and painted. The machine is bolted to the plate, work bench and floor if we ever have to move it. Thanks for the question and comment.

thethirdsealpatriot: Thank you for making this video. Where did you get the support leg for the strongmount? I am looking at getting 650 but would need to do something similar. Did you weld the left to the steel plate? Thank you in advance.

216PapaBravo: Thanks for the comment! I agree the 'no B.S.' warranty make this a great choice!

abukamoon: Dillon makes a beautiful machine. The "no B.S." warranty is what sold me. They stand behind their products!

mdlanoll: Thanks, I enjoy your videos.

216PapaBravo: I am not sure about the depth required. I have my 650 on a 1/16" sheet steel with a leg to support the unit. I had to do this for two reasons. I also had some issue with the depth and with a weaker desktop to hold the machine properly. If you notice in the video the clearance for the back of the case feeder is VERY close to the shelving I had in place. I do not think that the 15" you have will be enough. What might work for you is to get the machine assembled and trial fit on your bench. Thanks!

mdlanoll: How much free space do you need on your bench for this setup with the case feeder? I ordered a 650 but am concerned that some shelving above my bench will need to be removed. I have 26" of depth on my bench but shelving above starts at 15" from the bench's front edge. In other words, can the whole setup fit in 15"of depth?

216PapaBravo: Shotgun requires a different press no matter which metallic press company you buy from. Good Luck!

brian wheway: I was looking to buy a Dillon 650 press for my 357, just as a thought, will it reload slugs in shot gun cartridges or will it require a different machine ? thanks

216PapaBravo: Thanks! I watched a video from SoCalPreppers on the subject. He ran into the same problem on his Dillon 1050. On that press the primer just exploded in the stage and did not get to the primer tube. Since watching that video I check all of my cases and found no small primer 45ACP's in my lot.

216PapaBravo: Just been busy with work and family! Plan to get some vids out as soon as the weather gets good! Yep, kids are great, right! Totally get it when you get the chance, you will enjoy the machine and the ammo you put out! Thanks for the comment!
Dillon Reloading Press XL 650 5 out of 5

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Dillon Reloading Press XL 650