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MrCrazyboydancer: My cousin has beats and when I hear it like 10'00000 speakers in my ear
Terncote: The battery life on this mouse is NOT good. I measured battery life in DAYS. I got less than a week on two new batteries. It is supposed to go into standby but I am pretty sure the battery drained even when my computer was off. That and the elimination of the middle mouse button means a thumbs down. Darkfield is brilliant though. Should be standard on ALL Logitech mice. I got the M705 Marathon instead. Won't track on glass but is fine on opaque surfaces. Better buttons and more comfortable too.
swampthing401: good install video. i personally don't like a fore grip that extends past the trigger grip. but to each his own . keltec is being sued right now because of a vfg that fell off and the guy blew his hand off so keep in mind you may want to locktite your fore grip for safety!!
Robert Jurković: it's too shame for real car to not looks even close like this one.... i wonder why they change concept, looking so fresh and good? Who and why make decision to build whole diferent car than the concept???!!!!
Ryan Dirajlal: I love your Xbox One! The fact that every Xbox One is a dev kit is really astonishing!!! Forza 5 is really fun and the graphics are fantastic. I like how it supports 4K tv's and I can't wait for TitanFall!!!! I love how you can snap apps and I also can't wait for project spark for the Xbox. There is no way you can make the controller even better (touch screen on a controller is like touch screen on a car... You can't be looking at the controller and the tv at the same time, but you have to with touch screen because you can't feel the buttons.) I am really impressed with Bing and the Windows Phone and Windows itself!! I really enjoy looking up to such a great company such as you. Thanks for being awesome :)
dmun501: Man i wish i had those
Redneck Sniper: I Have A QUESTION!!! When you showed the pictures of the symbols I went and looked at my receiver and I have the triangle and arrow for Iveshk or how ever you spell it but there is also a hammer on top of it very visible on both what the hell does that mean and also the bottom of my receiver has a different serial number so what's up with that. 

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