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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Brad Watson: Hi Eric, I am having a pond built and I wanted to have it rocked in like in your videos, unfortunately I am disabled and have to rely on uk benefits so I am unable to purchase that amount of stone so could you tell me if I would be able to use faux rocks made of cement or concrete. Thanks
Skylightatdusk: I get clipping mask to work perfectly only sometimes. Unfortunately, I do not know the reason for this inconsistency. When it is not working, the result of attempting to get a clipping mask is that I just see outlines. If the outlines are not highlighted, the whole screen looks white and blank. I have 2 questions: 1- Why is this happening? 2 - How can I consistently avoid this problem? Thanks in advance.
Torão mais pica do RJ: ojn
armykidz122: that was really useful I akways had problems with my lip liner!
JackksonED: That moment when you're a massive Whovian who just watched the entire seasons of Buffy and you wake up at 5am on the dot because you remember Giles looked and sounded a lot like the Principal in Doctor Who's "School Reunion" episode making me rush to IMDB to check and come to the point where I'm writing this message to all the other whovians and maybe some unfortunate souls who dare come across this mind blowing discovery which in fact nearly every older generation and the really big Whovians shun me with shame because it's old and the fact that it's been 15 minutes and I still haven't even full stopped. Jokes I just did. Dedication. I'm done.
Christina Platt: and there is no counter im hoping to do something about that but this still actually helped a lot
Taylor Onassis: no sabia que Taylor había sacado perfume xDD

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