Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!

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Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!
Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!
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Derek Dickerson: this distro is way to far out of date

Christian Schmidt: Hey, I'm almost sold for this distribution but I have a few questions: Can I start up my old WinXP partition in VirtualBox? How much hard drive space is required for the default install?

A. Lawrence: Sadly IRC for Linux Lite is 'Lite' on help. I like LL and use it but new Linux users should get used too using Google for problems. 

MasterControl90: still based on ubuntu, still too hardware hungry for old PCs

FoxeoGames: Is that the Seinfeld poofy pirate shirt?

ImTheDaveman: Awesome review monsieur Spatry! I like the fact its all crammed into a CD

Kenny Ackerson: Lol people use linux on the desktop? lmfao.

DJ Never eNd: A few question: 1. Can I remove things from the menu, like the Steam homepage link and some install scripts? 2. Is this operating system recommended for an Atom-based netbook with 1GB of RAM, or is there a better XFCE alternative (I'm considering Zorin OS too)?

Steven Spivey: how do u change linux lite to look like windows 7

FORMETOKNOWONLY: Please, HELP!!!! I am a newbie to linux and loaded Linux Light and attempted to the dual boot installation with XP. Only problem is when I boot the machine it says there are resolution problems and goes straight to Linux. I am really wishing I hadn't decided to load Linux Lite 1.0.08 I have no idea how to get back into XP. Please. I need help.

Commodorefan64: I've tried this distro, and it's decent enough, but as others have stated I've also ran into issues with video drivers, so I just use LinuxMint XFCE which seems to do a bit better on video drivers for the time being. AMD APU's however still seem to suck no matter what distro I use. 

Steven Spivey: I went back to windows cuz I cant find a distro that fit my needs maybe you cold help I love to theme and do some gaming browse the web go on Facebook play Facebook games and my laptop is amd e 300 apu with Radeon graphics dual core 2 gb of ram 300 gb hdd

IvCastilla: Very good Spatry, I have tested Linux MINT 16 in my old laptop and works very fast and stable. I have my Linux Lite CD ready for replace Windows XP next crash. I will make you some donation during next week, thank you. Ivan

Raul Girao: Great video Spatry! Thanks a lot!! Be safe !!

Derek Dickerson: mullets and rock bands are out fyi I looked at the date of this video.. other than that good video.

FORMETOKNOWONLY: My suggestion to people if you are not very tech savvy to think twice before using this for dual boot purposes.

Steven Spivey: yes

Richard Blanton: Do you know of an easy way to upgrade from 1.0.6 version ... ? Would be great to see a Vid on this subject - Thanks !!!

Alpha Lion: I hear that this linux lite is fast. Would it be ideal for gaming?

Pazma: Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help choosing a new OS. My laptop needs new RAM so until I can get the money to fix that I'm forced to use my old PC. It's pretty old and has an AMD Sempron Processor 3000+, 1.81GHz, and 512MB RAM, currently running Win XP. All I use it for is web browsing, torrenting, listening to music and watching video files (up to 720p). I've never used anything other than Windows XP and Windows 7 so I'm used to their GUI. I'm semi-computer literate, I can usually identify and fix a problem after some research online. I'm really keen to try Linux but don't want to be bogged down with too much to learn. I don't care much about customisation or how it looks so long as I can perform the tasks I usually do with Windows, which are listed above. What would be the easiest transition for me considering my very limited hardware? I'm very grateful for any help I can get on this, there's so many distros out there and it can be very confusing for a beginner.

Anormalus: Does Dekorator run on this distribution ? 

J Scott Upton: I finally moved away from XFCE desktop because it uses too much memory. LXDE desktop doesn't have as much eye candy but it is lighter and better for old equipment. Lubuntu, Peppermint, and others use it.

javi ramirez: Helloo friends, I'm from Colombia and I have installed this great OS, but I have too much problems about the wifi. My laptop, when i'm in the linux lite session, doesn't find the wireless networks. My laptop is a COMPAQ CQ40-621 , and the wl card is REALTEK RTL8101E/RTL8102E. Could somebody help me?. Iḿ a begginer in the GNU/Linux OS... Thank u very much

marc1bb: WHY would anyone replace XP? It is better and and runs faster, and is smaller than 7 and 8 and has all needed applications built in. Billions of programs and applications for free and compatibility with ALL hardware and peripherals. Linux is unfamiliar and cumbersome and calls for installation of the most elementary applications that people take for grant in XP. In Linux one has to be searching hard for ONE needed program and XP has tens of that same kind of program, mostly free. The only problem here is Microsoft that has to keep the money machine in motion and for that they have to kill the compatibility of XP, pressing software makers to create programs to not to be compatible with it. Even though there is no end in sight for the use of XP. C'mon nobody needs the Linux aggravation!

Alex K: I'll be honest, what is the point of another Xfce ubuntu respin? Just download Xubuntu 12.04. Same result but better aesthetics in my opinion of course.

DRALHSR GBC: Will this work on my laptop tablet running Windows Tablet XP? Thank you

Peter Snizek: I recently installed 1.0.6 on an eight years old Acer notebook replacing XP. By the way, the only distro out of 5 that I tried where everything worked seamlessly, without any hickups during and after installation. The OS is so fast, that one could get the impression of sitting in front of a brand new computer. However, like with Mint I dont like the fact that there is no version upgrade procedure. This is a big no go which actually made me leave Mint 13 (in favour of the better looking Elementary OS) on my daughter's computer. Also Lite OS lacks a software center. Well yeah one could use aptitude or the package manager... But this notebook is actually used by my mom who is in her late sixties. She is running Ubuntu with Unity on her other, newer laptop and therefore used to the software center. From my point of view Lite OS is a solid alternative for old computers to extend their lifespan one more time before getting scrapped. But it is probably not the most user friendly distro in the area of system maintenance and specifically software installation. Me personally I dont like the XPish start (Menu) button because it is a kind of old fashioned and boring. Also, why should I do 3 mouse clicks to start an app (XFCE) if it can be done with 1 (Unity)? Leaving XP is also a great opportunity to look into modern, more sophisticated GUI concepts :-)

Aloan Moreira: can the menu be at the bottom? why is it up there? me no likes!

Josh White: Exclent! Can't wait to try it. Does it use the. Deb package manager? That would be great as I am familiar with spt-get commands 

Dennis Conners: Thanks. I am rudimentary at best. I am a 67 year old point and click guy. I am totally pissed at windows 8. 7 was ok. I am wondering if going to Linux Lite would be much of a hassle. Do you have a tutorial on it? If I get it I will definitely need some help learning and adapting. Thanks again!

crthell: Linux Lite fanboyism strikes again. I mean this with no disrespect to Spatry, as he's a heck of a guy and my favorite Linux reviewer. However, there's very few things that separate Linux Lite from the other Ubuntu based distros out there. It's all been done before. Even the name is generic...Linux Lite. It doesn't suck at all, but it doesn't seem to offer much to the table either (besides the new user scripts, which are superb.) While I'm not a fan of the limiting design aesthetic of Elementary OS, it was able to unify quite a few different elements into one cohesive OS that fits together. This is just generic XFCE *buntu. Can somebody prove me wrong, please? I'd love to feel the enthusiasm for this distro.

icenesINC: Yes, but who still uses Windows XP?

Joe lowrider: windows xp it going dead no more it end so it still older old computer then put in in there Linux???` but any gb mebory stink mean ram it ok fine hard drive nothing wrong but one thing xp windows need remove thow out how it going work it sthere still there how yu do that????

Peter Snizek: @Neocasco: Thanks for the hints! will try :-)

Dennis Conners: Does this work with the 64 bit system?

Yamil Montes: Were you born in 1969

Richard LeBlanc: Have U tried to use extended monitors on linux lite you know where u move mouse from 1 monitor to another and looks like it jumped from laptop monitor to desktop monitor i asked someome on another of our buddies who does reviews and a viewer told me to use RandR but when i did i couldnt get it to work as my laptop goes now i used both monitors show same thing any videos on my problem be appreciated i am fairly new to linux been using it a while but not steady 

Jake Duggan: lol Spaz for usr name

Shane L: Great video, Spatry! I might give this distro a go, I've been looking for a good one for my older laptop I have lying around.

Johnny Valdes: Hi spatry.... can I pod cast and stream music with this distro?

Brandon Griffin: I'm diggin the vids I'm rocking zorin os and let me tell you it's fast sleek and sexy plus bitwig studio is coming out with a release date and a price next week so producers and band jammers look out for it. Linux is finally getting supported. Keep up the good work spatry 

Krzysztof Blazejewicz: so far it is very well design os. hope they only use lts.

fahad mahbub: Can u plz give me your XFCE tutorial video link, I can`t find that. 

Domin Goens: BULLcrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NativePrairie WolfTwo: What about adding mySQL (if its not included in the distro) and mono? I use software that requires both mySQL and mono to run- ideally the newer mono, seems Ubuntu 12.04 is stuck at mono 2.10 and they warn not to update mono because it might break things Ubuntu depends on, not a good thing!

DarkPhex24: Your hair got longer and there is a metal track running in the background. Did you became a metalhead? I mean, Linux and metal fits perfectly...

Oscar Wolfzrat: great review Spatry

Camoweasel: Another good choice to replace XP on my brother's netbook and a friend's desktop. Trying to do that before support expires on their machines. I was considering Linux Mint XFCE since I have LM 16 Mate dual booted with Windows 7 on my desktop.

TRENCH Lara: Good job ! I installed on two of my 7 Computers and they are Operating Great so Far ; I love it !

daniel germán rodríguez fernández: Okey that is great..! I will dwonload it! Thanks. Daniel.
Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP! 4.9 out of 5

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Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!