Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!

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Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!
Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!
Replace WindowsXP/Vista with Linux Lite 1.0.8
Replace WindowsXP/Vista with Linux Lite 1.0.8
Linux Lite Review - Linux Distro Reviews
Linux Lite Review - Linux Distro Reviews
Replace WindowsXP/Vista with Linux 1.0.8 Lite
Replace WindowsXP/Vista with Linux 1.0.8 Lite
Linux Lite 1.0.8 | بديل جيد عن ويندوز xp
Linux Lite 1.0.8 | بديل جيد عن ويندوز xp

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fds: Hey, Spatry. How do you access touchpad settings in xfce?

Laurence Thornber: i like the mac like login screen on linux lite 2.0 but i think Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS is best for XP users.

Albert Zhang: +waswestkan I said DOWNLOAD the ISO

waswestkan:  The distro I downloaded had the whisker menu  already operating after I installed the OS. However I prefer do things how I have always done them with Windows.. Create folders on the desktop to sort and organize my shortcuts to.  The only time Use the windows menu is to copy the properties of  a newly installed application to paste into a desktop short cut, if one was made automatically.

waswestkan:  I have decided to use Linux Lite on my dell mini 9 as a XP replacement. Since the SSD in the mini has problems, Installed LL on a USB drive.  Worked well last night with dell wife card, but today when I tried it out today it doesn't.. So I shut the computer down, and booted off the LL live USB, and confirm that the card is working as I used it to connect to the web. Just put in the OS USB stick booted it up, no WiFi.  The mini 9 doesn't have anything that lights up to confirm that the card is turned on , and the computer has always booted up  with the card in the state it was when last shut down with other versions of Linux. I have been able to place a Linux OS on a USB stick, by booting the computer from live stick, and  clicking on the install icon on the desktop for sever other versions of Linux with no problems.  Work worked for Mint , but mint is my second choice.

Everything is botnet: What music do you use as background audio in your videos?

marktupper1959: I'm using  win xp sp3. I use photoshop 6.1, office 97, firefox, free anti virus and skype and it all works and I can watch and do anything I want........I'm guessing  the later windows and Linux are great... but xp does it all...

Devin Hepburn: Some of the newer xp computers shiped with a 64 bit vsrsion due to the core 2 processor inside there computer.

Jack Yelland: Hey, so I've recently downloaded Linux 1.0.8, but I have no sound? I've checked the TV / HDMI Cable / Master Volume - But there's still nothing? Can anyone tell me why this is? This is the first time I've used Linux, and I'd really appreciate the help :)

christian nrx: how do i disable password function for getting new programs/applications? i'm considering linux but i don't want to do this every time.

Bgtracker Group: Nice video. You look like the character Ace Ventura lol :D

Richey Goolsby: Thank you for the for the video. I installed Linux Lite on an old XP machine that got a virus and destroyed the OS. The computer was sitting in my closet for the last four years before I got around to figuring out how to fix it. Linux Lite is awesome! It gave new new life to an old machine.

Miguel T: Getting my new Linux Lite install all settled in, software setup, etc. I gotta say, it's awesome. So far, it's rock solid. I'm a bit more knowledgable about Linux, but I find the more "lean and stable" nature of it to be very desirable.

Still a few more milestones to pass, but it looks like I might be able to finally say goodbye to Windows for good!

marc1bb: WHY would anyone replace XP? It is better and  and runs faster, and is smaller than 7 and 8  and has all needed applications built in. Billions of programs and applications for free and compatibility with ALL hardware and peripherals.
Linux is unfamiliar and cumbersome and calls for installation of the most elementary applications that people take for grant in XP. In Linux one has to be searching hard for ONE needed program and XP has tens of that same kind of program, mostly free.
The only problem here is Microsoft that has to keep the money machine in motion and for that they have to kill the compatibility of XP, pressing software makers to create programs to not to be compatible with it.
Even though there is no end in sight for the use of XP.
C'mon  nobody needs the Linux aggravation!

Yamil Montes: Were you born in 1969

zeppy13131: If they want Windows users to be comfortable with it, shouldn't they put the taskbar at the bottom rather than the top?

MrKick-them-out: Linux Lite best linux os.

Grizzly907LA: How would this distro run on a 4 year old netbook with 4 gb of ram?

Ovi Matis: please tell me how to install linux lite on a usb flash, i`d tried UNetbootin but it does sin have this distribution of linux so i selected another distribution and that didn`t go so well,  i own an Emachines em350, and i think this OS would be the best for my netbook, please help me. thank you
Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP! 5 out of 5

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Ronald's World and Opinions: I had that product. It was slow for video editing. I also had hardware issues with that too. I did everything else well though. I shouldn't use a surface anymore for video editing work. I should use a mac for that and I finally did get one. I do have the new Surface Pro 4 though.
N. Walthery: what texture packs work cause i cant get kawaii world to work,
B redwhiteblue: I would just start out on a set of 2 metal "D" shaped rings. And when I was done, I could just weave the belt through the 2 metal "D" rings, to wear the belt. Any extra length would be encircled around the belt. This way, you don't have to worry about exact measurement, and the metal "D" rings are there for other uses, if necessary.
With all the colors that the cord comes in, you could make attractive belts, to wear regularly. Thank You for these directions.

fds: Hey, Spatry. How do you access touchpad settings in xfce?
Adrian Skowron: only clowns like latino kittys can buy crap like that
DreamWarrior: Is this FREE ? i mean if i download the program can i keep it forever ? no key or such thing ?
Ian D. Jacobsen: Is there a mathematical formula to calculate set and drift?

Linux Lite 1.0.8 The BEST Replacement For Windows XP!