Chinese Mosin Nagant Type 53 M53

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Trisha Niemi: It's Russian dumbass not Chinese 

tom smyth: You need bigger trousers

Juicerock574: Why did you buy so many of the Chinese? Different type mosins would be better

Steven S.: I'm envious of your collection. Nice.

SKS Mosin: You are right. The Russians realized that the 91/30 was to big.So they replaced it with the M44.M44 was in full production in 1944

SKS Mosin: Nice Rifles....I wish I had 4 Type 53s..Got 1 and getting more soon,

Geeks With Games: That is a super clean carpet. Also, nice rifles!

Scott Bollinger: ..nice rifles !

101stairborne506pir: You're so lucky I'd love to own, just one Mosin. It's such an awesome rifle! ;) Btw, I subbed. You have a good channel, and some good vids! Can you also maybe check out my channel, and perhaps sub back? (Only if you want to) ;)

garandthumb1941: @Jorgen Dovahkin please enlighten they made in 1943- 50,000 for testing, 1944- 3,620,00 full production not many 91-30s in production. 1945- 3,472,244 from those numbers i would guess they would be a little more than a "trench rifle" it was meant to replace the 91-30 production wise. But of course 91-30s were still in service so you and your little pals can go freak yourselves until you come up with another story you made up in your mind thats sounds good. very respectfully, Kyle

Chevy Man: Actually you are quite wrong. The front line soldiers of the Soviet Army were carrying 91/30s through the entire war, and some were carrying m38s. The m44 barely saw any use in the war on the front lines, it was more of a trench rifle. Army Ranger guy is right.

Sting3733: Hahaha

garandthumb1941: please check your inbox =)

ArmyRangers1983: no I was being serious

Sting3733: I thought the same thing....

JJ Willis: Just got a Model 53 for my birthday. Do you know if i can get a mosin nagant scope mount for it? I really want to take this rifle hog hunting and I need to put a scope on it. Please reply.

garandthumb1941: @shoup2882 Oh do we have a hardass now. Congrats i made this when i was like my 15. If you can do any better please be my guest. Also you are pretty stupid the m44 replaced the 9130 as a frontline weapon by about mid to late 1944 the 9130 was barely being produced except in the sniper pu and some plain 9130s but they are RARE. So please next time you comment on someones video please make sure you are right. Have a great day and dont forget. NEVER COMMENT ON MY VIDEOS YOU PILE OF crap.

shoup2882: The Model 44 was not developed to replace the Model 1891, they were developed to replace the Model 38 because the Model 38 did not have the ability to mount a bayonet. The Model 38 and 44 were derived from the Model 91-30, not the Model 1891. You should check your facts before you start spouting "Knowledge"

garandthumb1941: @ArmyRangers1983 are you trying to be funny? If so that was a pretty pathetic attempt.

fatthunder8: Love the SVT, that is freaking awesome! I wish they were cheaper; a semi-auto in 7.62X54r would be sweet. I've just received a type 53 from AIM myself. Stocks beat, bolt is from every part of the Soviet block, but the barrel and receiver are great and the thing busts clays @ 100 yards off-hand like a laser, and isn't 200 yards isn't bad either. For 100 bucks it's hard to do better these days. Great video, great rifles, and thanks for the info!
Chinese Mosin Nagant Type 53 M53 5 out of 5

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Chinese Mosin Nagant Type 53 M53