How To Remove Glued PVC Pipe..

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How to Remove Glued PVC pipe..
How to Remove Glued PVC pipe..
How to Glue PVC Pipe
How to Glue PVC Pipe
How to glue PVC pipe & fittings
How to glue PVC pipe & fittings
Gluing PVC Pipe and Fittings With Weld On - BRStv
Gluing PVC Pipe and Fittings With Weld On - BRStv
Plumbing - Gluing PVC Pipes Video
Plumbing - Gluing PVC Pipes Video

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MormonAll: Very Helpful! Thank you .

The Headless Horseman: 1:54 "and unpeel it off"

andy bull: Just saved my bacon................had to replace wax seal on toilet waste outlet. Nightmare job made easier

Diane Bell: Can the same be done on ABS pipe? Has anyone tried it?.....

juan6810: Just repaired a pvc pipe on a shower drain I used a heat gun instead worked great 


Bowtie Thirteentwenty: Very helpful information, thanks! :)

Peter Rogan: Yes I've used the this method many times, simply paste the pipe with pvc cement and light it for ten or 15 seconds then remove with pointy nose pliers in the same way ! 

Anil Philip: I need to remove the pvc pipe attached to the wall from below the kitchen sink - I am installing a new sink with one bowl - had two before. How can I do this without burning down the house or releasing poisonous fumes? Any other ways?

firebat128: Thank you so much.   These idiots put a metal hose pipe on pvc without supporting it so when I dragged the hose out after dark the pvc broke right at the T joint.  This was also the main supply to the house so I need to get it done today.

Travis Griffith: Works fine for small at-home jobs. Pros who need to unglue BIG pipe or higher volumes of smaller PVC:

Nicholas Hoffenpiper: Can this be safely done to a home's sewer vent piping?  Will the sewer gases catch fire/explode?

binnsh: Amazing! Will try this next time I'm desperate.

Luc Brousseau: I does work, I've done it a few times when there is no other solutions but instead of a knife, I use a metal blade (I tape half of it to act as an handle), it's easy to see how deep the groove is and it provides a gap to start the peel off.

San Diego SWOT: Equally worked fantastic for me as well- thanks for sharing!

Donald Easterling: Totally worked for me!  Thanks man.

Douglas Gubbe: You are a Rock Star!! Thank you so much. You saved hours of frustration. I had the glued fitting off in minutes after watching your video!

johnDEEjones: This worked awesome for me!!! I had to remove an outer coupling and was able to employ this method......worked like a charm!! Thank you very much!

Jo Bland: Thankyou so much Karl.
It's helped me immensely in replacing a bathroom vanity where the pipes had to be moved around.
How to Remove Glued PVC pipe.. 5 out of 5

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How to Remove Glued PVC pipe..