Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm Case Fan Review

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Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm Case Fan Review
Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm Case Fan Review
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Cooler Master Sickleflow 120 LED Fan Review
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Rory Healy: please someone help me. why do the crews that come with this fan not really fit in the fan or do I have to force them really hard? I have been trying and can't fit them onto the holes on the corner of the fan:(

doubleshok: I have a question it says 2000 rpm but my fan xpert says it's running around 2600' is that normal? please help

Filip Pozar: How would this one work on a heat sink?

Gabe Hendlin: I ordered 5 of these for my case on my first build and 2 of them ended up making motorboat noises after a few months of playing, most of them are alright but it makes a sound similar to a cord in it but there is nothing coming in contact to the blades. This sucks and now I find myself asking friends for used fans they dont want anymore.

Nick V: I have 6 of these fans in my PC. They're loud as freak, and they barely push air. I'm getting me some SP120's.

tenacious1884: good quality, got one still alive from 3 years ago, but if you're looking for a more bright led fan, get Antec Tricool, don't know about Corsair AF yet. But Sickleflows turn into hurricanes if you install them on the side panel of your case.

DB Tech Vlog: I have 3 of these on an EK 240mm radiator. Barely pushes any air through even at 100%. And they are LOUD even at 40%. Really wish I would have bought something else.

Bryan G.: Currently using one of these and I swear it makes no sound at all.

Thecritic2013: i just go one but when i plug it in it runs at full speed even when i connect it to the 4 pin adapter that comes with it it runs at full speed  and sounds like a jet  how do i slow it down?

Natural Gamer: Now I regret not ordering two of these. :(

Pallab Das (EvilShadow): I am about to replace all my case fans with cm  SickleFlow 120mm Case Fans / Corsair SP 120s, so what u think will cm sklflow helps me to cool down total pc? plz advice

black crow1234: you cannot use the mobo to control a 3 pin fan only a 4 pin can be control by using the mobo

Aleksanteri “Snadi” Skaniakos: I just got my sickleflow today and it spins 3500rpm instead of 2000rpm and is like 40db

Rogue Games: Yeah gonna get these fans in green LED, Building a Razer PC!

Happy person: I have used this in a retro fit case i built and it worked awesome for a while but once i mounted it to the front the case going in it made a wind tunnel effect. I recommend a fan controller of some type so when your in game mode you could spool it up 

anoori9000: Mine is noisy as heck...

TheHorizonNL: it is noisy as hell also got one :/

craig855s: I've got two of these and even when run at 40% speed there is a noise (bearing) so I'll be getting rid of them soon in favour of some noctuas or corsair AF120s

Jack Ferriola: I was having a problem where the holes for the included screws weren't threaded and when I tried to install them I wasn't sure whether to force them in or what. She screws seem too big for the holes too. What do I do?

MrElAmpi: When I tried to install them onto my case for a new build, I realized that the fan's screw holes were not threaded and wayyyy to small for the included screws. I'm just wondering what's the best way to install these. Find smaller screws? Try and force the screws in? Use an electronics screwdriver/drill and drill the screws in? Is there a chance of breaking the plastic screw holes on the fans?
Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm Case Fan Review 5 out of 5

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Cindy Bowman: Having issues where the thread loops back over the tension spring when running, eventually breaks thread.  Stitches are skipping when I go sideways (maybe a user issue), and that's when the thread loops back over in the tension spring, leaving 2 loops of thread in the spring instead of one.  Sometimes jumps out of thread guide above the tension spring also.  I moved the thread guide over some (note:  this was a demo model, and these pieces were already installed on the machine when I got it), helped a bit.  Still not quite there, can't seem to keep those stitches from skipping now and then.  I am an experienced machine quilter on a small machine, and used to moving quilt through to meander/stipple without such issues.  Would love to have the ability to do "needle down" mode when stopping with this machine, don't think it does have the option.  
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Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm Case Fan Review