American Idol Audition For Paula Goodspeed

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Rabinowitz Shekelstein: Now she's in Hell burning in pain and getting raped by the Devil. RIP

Brianna Gordy: It's not cool, all the comments about this girl. She obviously had a mental illness. It's not funny. Anyone who is so obsessed with someone, enough to kill themselves outside their house, has an issue, and it was made clear by her family she suffered from delusions and fixations, due to mental health issues. This girls dead now, and all people want to do is laugh like its a big joke. I feel bad for her. 

Tom B: psychological abuse... making her feel bad about her braces... no wonder she killed herself...

lisa fedef: This shows that american idol is real

Shes not faking being a bad singer. Shes actually crazy because of the suicide and stalking thing too. 

JoeyN: Simon went way off topic, talking about braces the whole time.  its not an Orthodontia comptetition

Leslye Porras: I think she is gorgeous and kind she is so much prettier than me

Sand Vich: She goes on and on about how people love her outfits, but all she did was dress like an 8 year old.

Shawna Graham: Oh come on she sounded like crap. She is pathetic any way for killing herself because of this. At least she died BEFORE she had kids, we don't need any more of this DNA running around.

Tamara Megginson: Poor girl killed herself...damn

Mary Sunday: rip

John Irvine: that poor woman, at least she had the balls to go up there on tv and sing but then Simon has to be an asshole like usual. RIP Paula Goodspeed

Ashanti “AshantiXOXO” Ovahness: RIP

Therandr Petservices: She killed herself right?

Julia Reynolds: Did you notice how stressed Paula Abdul looked at the end if the video.

D Lindsey: she's much prettier than abdul

DanusMax: oh but when its an ugly girl its all game huh? Fk no i love the indifference

Sperki: anyone else get an eery feeling, as if she killed herself in front of you or something..cant explain it. But just knowing she committed suicide a few months after this is weird

Anthony Caymen: It is not Paulas fault. It is not American Idols fault. People like her should be locked up. She isn't. So whoever had the responsibility to care for her mental health is the guilty person. Let's face it. A lot of people are walking around that should be in a mental home.

rhythm2007mc: She commited suicide out side paula abduls house.

Papamonday: It wasn't just this audition alone that drove her over the edge, but also the comments she read about herself from other people on social media sites. The combination of all this crap broke broke an already unstable girl. And if it's true that they knew about her obsession with Paula beforehand and knew that she wasn't all there, then you could almost say they set her up to break in a big way, and unfortunately this poor girl delivers.
American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed 5 out of 5

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Jonathan Eloisa: I don't know if he's noticed or not but that while screaming like an idiot thing isn't catching on. This 17 yr old roided up kid needs to calm the freak down.

American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed