American Idol Audition For Paula Goodspeed

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American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed
American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed

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John Irvine: that poor woman, at least she had the balls to go up there on tv and sing but then Simon has to be an asshole like usual. RIP Paula Goodspeed

Ashanti Ovahness: RIP

ShelliKittens: Exactly, Simon thought the drama would be great for TV and ratings. Only after she killed herself did he say, if he'd only known of the severity of her mental health problems THEY would have done something to help her... Riiiiiiiiiiight

rbhgirl: simon always senses things correctly first.

PurplePolkaKitty: D: shes not THAT bad at singing....she has a really good personality she cud have been like a tv personality or a host or something. aimon is REALLY mean..there just braces..gosh >.>

Sneak Ahead: Simon is a pickle. How are you gonna bring your British ass to America and tell people they can't sing. I could see if YOU could sing, Simon. But you freaking can't so shut your British ass up.

jugg2000: I don't know why her family and friends let her believe she was ready for this. Somebody had to intervene... I mean, come on... she couldn't sing a lick. Simon shouldn't have said that, though. That was a direct insult which had nothing to do with the performance. Pitiful.

Cuishi10: I do agree Simon had no reason to make fun of her braces. This audition is about singing, not if have braces or not. Poor girl. R.I.P =(

n8tivguitar: this girl killed herself out side abduls home

fahad salem: she is died

MBGamingLegends: she was freaked in the head she stalked paula abdul and then killed herself in front of her house know i do feel sorry for her but she was mental

leapingfury: I actually liked Paula Godspeed. She seems kooky and funny although you can tell she has that suicidal optimism that comes from deep pain.

watchintvnow: Goodspeed had nice jugs

ccm800: I would not have thought she particularly unstable from that exchange and I DON'T think they were particularly cruel. So sad her end but no sign that she had that going on.

noeleal: @CanadianChronic2121 I do not own a tv.

Tasha G: If she loved Paula.. Shouldn't be like crying and stuff like I love you paula

Princess DeepThroat of California: Old ass cheezin' in those braces, crazy get-up....she was just all over the place. She really thought she looked good! I wouldn't be shocked if she was doped up on some dope!

CanadianChronic2121: clever enough to afford a tv lol

sandy hatfield: Lol she was so cute tho, in a little girl kinda way. , but then, the real deal came forward. When you see immaturity, all you have to do is offend and the punk in you comes out. Whew

LoveSetGo: Another example of obsession.

Nicholas Mele: i met her in person.... and she really was crazy!!!! sad that she took her life though....

stroodlegas: Cowell shouldn't have said that about having braces that's just messed up.

Geometric805: Psychotic bitch, she sucked, and she was delusional not to see it.

mushu144: @ebradahusla he was just honest

Anthony Caymen: It is not Paulas fault. It is not American Idols fault. People like her should be locked up. She isn't. So whoever had the responsibility to care for her mental health is the guilty person. Let's face it. A lot of people are walking around that should be in a mental home.

D Lindsey: she's much prettier than abdul

IceGuyProd: Rest in peace

Sickness1987: i did

shahbahranks: something tells me you're not perfect either. I'm not sad about this, but damn you are heartless, which I feel is far worse than being arrogant and roostery. she's dead, why say anything more? what a looser

EpicMeep: ...I don't wanna be mean, but...she isn't really that good at singing :s Her obsession was kinda scary too - It doesn't really seem like that bad of an obsession on this audition, but she killed herself on Paula's lawn - that's messed up...

PlayTheShanen: 27 club member

lautnerbaby4: I think she(abdul) might have known. Goodspeed had been stalking her for 17 years and notice how Paula was very reluctant to comment then looked stressed at the end. Poor Abdul :(

CounterManager11: why should we blame the judges? simon was more mean to others who neva thought of suicide. I think she was just weak cos Paula and American Idol was def not worth dying over

imlicious: r.i.p

riplie83: I think with some practice and lessons she could have had a good voice. She just started out too strong & confused yelling with singing.

jormando: She was cute and had a smoking hot body. What a shame that she killed herself. I would have loved to be her man and lover.

MissMammaStar: Simon Looks like the shape of pickle

dumplingshakes22: hehehe idc if shes dead she still cant

jogiff: Why is everyone so sad about this? I know that people are way to sensitive about suicides, but she was so arrogant and roostery, when she gets put in her place, she takes it way too hard. She was arrogant and pathetic, but everyone is acting like she should have been given a record deal to stop her from killing herself. Screw her.

kittenbut1: @pimpsonparade SHE SUCKED! He deserves to criticize because he's been in this industry long enough, and knows how to do what he does! She sucked! End of the story. Suicide is pathetic.

hookinhardho: I think she sacrificed herself for paula, yall. You know famous ppl need sacrifices to become more famous or stay famous. They even go as far as to get other famous ppl to sacrifice themselves.

preetiboitrey: gosh simon is such a bastard i wished he killed him self

Tiffany Chan: The braces insult was insensitive and douchey, but that girl is just.. laughable. She thinks she's such a great singer, and gets mad when other people don't. When she says everyone says she's a popstar, I think they're probably making fun of her. The last straw was when she said: 'I got pitchy at some notes... but a lot of people they sent to hollywood can't even hold a note.' Bitchy much? I wouldn't say she deserved to die, but if someone had to I'd rather it be her anyway.

scruffnutz: What a psycho

C.S. Bailey: I did as well, and she did have a decent bod.

cheekypants321: Ok, you can bitch and moan about her death all you want, but let's face facts here. She was a crap singer.

Boozs: @njlacrosse9 I did

StirItUP1973: I'll keep it real. She sucked. Big time. It's still sad that she took the critisizm to heart though, she should have been expecting that. Even though Simon was a bit over harsh, but I believe it's mostly because her idol Paula Abdul said no.

Mark Fay: did she commit suicide?

Lance Lorenzo: This is So very sad... She was very attractive and sexy, except the braces, but i cant imagine why Simon would sit there and berate her over braces. loser. Anyone can sing with vocal coaching, it's too bad she didn't invest in it. But she was obviously mental, and I'm sure Simon's very public abuse didnt help. This dream was all she had... but instead of obsessing over paula, she should've done what she was suited for... either Art, fashion design or stripping. hot body.
American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed 3.6 out of 5

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American Idol Audition for Paula Goodspeed