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DIY Air Lift Koi Pond Vacuum (Part 2/3)
DIY Air Lift Koi Pond Vacuum (Part 2/3)
002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
Koi pond box filter setup and a murky pond
Koi pond box filter setup and a murky pond

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Pricilla Christoper: You can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Rafael caceres: like your system i have a question for you i have almost the same system as you have but i only use 1 55 gal. with a pool pump i have 1 1/2 inch pipe going in and 2 inch pipe going out to the waterfall but for some reason my waterfall doesn't work and the 2 inch pipe gets low of water any ideas why is it doing that??
it should work fine since is the some system as a pool system .

Victor Koons: I have the same filter and my fines sit on top of the ouster shells. And recently they dont stop there they keep floating up and back into the pond. Any suggestions

Gunnar Visser: Hi rghill100, I just want to find out what is the volume of your pond more or less?

Pt Nguyen: Awesome filtration system! Im definitely going to build something similar to this as soon the weather get warmer!

Carol Scott: Do you get any leaves in your pond ?  I see you have in pond skimmer but is it sufficient if you get leaves

Matt “SwedeAquaponics” Olsson: How long has this filter been running and how much do you feed your fish per day (weight of feed)? Have you ever been forced to empty out the media to clean it out?

Robert Van Den Berg: Hi
Do you perhaps have a diagram of your skimmer in your pond?

techtiptricks: The uv clarifier has been the very best investment we have made with our pond. In 2 days it took our pond from pea green to crystal clear. now we run the clarifier one day a week to maintain clear water. Koi Pond build UV Clarifier and filtration
UV Clarifier here

Thoong Tran: This is a great simple bio filter and very efficient and less to maintain, I have being doing my research for DIY and I think this is the best easy one to build, thanks for the video.

BROWERPOWER 2010: love your pond setup..however you lost me at the beginning with the pump in the milk crate and then going to the 55 gallon barrel buried in ground with the bird there another video covering that? and where do you find the milk crates?   

Leslie Dyal: I have the system all hooked up and the light on my UV light is not working. I was wondering if there was something I had to have besides plugging it in to a 110 light socket.

Ray Creighton: Very Nice job. Like the other person do you have a diagram we could use?

Ethan Lim: About how much do you think the whole setup cost? (Just filter). Not including waterfall and skimmer.
Where did you get all those bio balls?

Jonathan Anthony: very cool filter set-up!! I want to know do you have the same water in the pond from day 1 or have changed topped up the water or completed changed the water ever if so, how often have done so. please let me know

rghill100: @ Cory. UV is after all filtration because you want the cleanest water traveling through it as its more effective.  Its there to prevent green water.

Cory GFYS: I am super new to ponds other than having a catfish pond when I was a kid. I was just wondering why a uv light is after then bioballs? Wouldn't it be better at the beginning of the filtration? I was just wondering before I built a bunch of stuff

charlie hagan: How much did it cost?

Devon Pillay: how long do you run your pump

civicekhatch9: thank you.. i will try that

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